Chapter 188 Pretending

Wind Spirit Captain listened to Shan's words and almost bit his teeth into pieces, and said, "Yes, it is indeed my stupidity that killed Xuan Zhen. Now that you have won, let go of Xuan Zhen. How about a fight? Xuan Zhen, you give up, let me fight this asshole! "
"Admit defeat? Why should I admit defeat?" Su Yu heard, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth: "You want me to admit defeat for this injury? Impossible!"
"Oh, I didn't expect you to be so hard-hearted that you were already dead. How dare you say that? Heh, you are really looking for death, let alone, I will send you a ride!" Shane said, and he was going to take back the spear. Continue to attack Su Yu.
However, Shan frowned the next moment, feeling that the spear was stuck in Su Yu's body.
Shan saw that at some point, Su Yu's palm had grabbed his silver gun.
"What are you doing?" Shan changed his face slightly.
"What? Oh, you really should have a good chat with the One-Eyed Spirit Captain. After talking, you will know, don't mess with me with a knife and a gun. The One-Eyed Spirit Captain hit me like this. One-shot, then he died! "Su Yu sneer, the blue halo on his body became fiery.
"What do you mean?" Shan frowned and then sneer: "What tricks can you play now? You stuck my silver gun and thought you would save yourself from death? You are so naive!"
"It's you!" Su Yu shouted at this moment, and the shock power suddenly burst from his body, using the One-Eyed Spirit Captain to perform again.
"Not good!" Su Yu's voice hadn't dropped yet, and Shan felt the crisis, decisively released his palm and pulled back a little under his feet.
"I want to run late!" Su Yu laughed loudly at this moment, banging, Su Yu broke the ground at this moment and bumped his body towards Shan.
With a bang, the two crashed into each other fiercely.
And when the two hit each other, Su Yu's shock power broke out completely from his body.
Clicking and clicking, the sound of glass shattering constantly sounded and cracks spread densely with Su Yu as the center, and in a short time, it shrouded more than half of the martial arts field.
Kara ~ With a crisp sound, the air broke apart.
The sky of the rumbling earth began to shake, and huge cracks appeared on the ground, and large chunks of earth and stones flew to the sky.
This huge shock shook everyone on the scene, and some stood unstable.
Many people are stunned, how the earthquake was formed three days ago tomorrow.
"Damn, Xuan Zhen, you sneak attack me, you approached me deliberately. You didn't believe what the wind said, damn it!" Shan flew out of the shock power, sprayed blood all the way, and shouted with indignation after landing.
"Oh, are you and the One-Eyed the brother who has been separated for many years? What they say is almost the same!
Haha, it's so ridiculous, can't I just yin if you only allow you to yin? I'll do your acting.
Still, want to provoke alienation?
Haha, you have a lot of careful thinking.
If the wind, I naturally believe.
But what I don't believe is you.
The wind said, there is nothing good about squinting, why can't I beware of you?
It is so obvious that you expose your weaknesses! "Su Yu sneer said.
While talking about Su Yu, he pulled the spear out of his body with pain, and held it tightly in his hand to prevent Shan from taking it back!
At the same time, Su Yu lamented that although Shan looked a little embarrassed, he didn't actually get multiple injuries.
At the moment when shock power broke out, Shan still defended a lot.
Unlike the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, he ate his shock power in an all-out burst.
Shan's combat experience is very high and cannot be treated like a single eye-Su Yu thought so.
After hearing that, Shan's face changed, and he wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth: "So it seems that I've played a little too much. I almost believe that my own attack has a scope of attack!
Xuan Zhen, you gave me a good lesson today, so in order to thank you, I will use all my strength to kill you! "
Then, a fist-sized space hole appeared in front of Shan.
Shan's hand poke inside, then drew a new silver spear.
He said: "I have prepared a lot of this kind of spear, and you want me to give you a few more shots.
Have you been deliberately thinking about it for so long that you didn't hesitate to get hurt, not to take the silver gun from my hand?
Do you think that if I do n't have a silver gun in my hand, my strength will drop a lot?
Hehe, your idea is right, but who told you I can only have one gun.
Don't compare me with the one-eyed guy, he is not qualified to compare with me! "
Su Yu heard that he twitched at the corner of his mouth, feeling a bit lossy. If Shan had no other spare silver gun, his plan can be said to be perfect. At the same time that he won the silver gun, he could also use the shock power to damage Shan.
However, at this moment, his plan can only be considered to be achieved for less than half, at most, it is to give Shan a little trauma, which can slightly affect Shan's combat effectiveness.
Su Yu took a deep breath, controlled the muscles to seal the wound, shook the silver gun in his handshake, and rushed towards Shan. Since the plan was not realized, he would waste his energy to kill.
"Huh, you can't help it!" Seeing this, Shan snorted coldly, and the spear in his hand pierced sharply into space. Most of the gun body disappeared in the eyes of everyone.
Then the disappeared spear suddenly appeared from behind Su Yu, piercing Su Yu's vest.
Ouch ~ Su Yu's body moved quickly, avoiding Shan's blow. At the same time, the spear in his hand smashed at Shan's spear, and you can see that the spear in Su Yu's hand was wrapped in a layer of the blue halo.
The two shots collided, making a sound of golden iron clashes.
At the same time, Su Yu's shock power wrapped around the spear violently surged during the collision.
With a click, the air shattered while Su Yu's rifle swept as if space had strayed there.
At that moment, Su Yu's pistol and Shan's pistol broke into pieces.
Su Yu said, "As many silver guns as you have, I will destroy as many silver guns as you have. If you have ten handles, I will destroy ten handles. If you have one hundred handles, I will destroy one hundred handles. I will not believe your long gun. It's endless! "
"Abominable!" At the moment the silver gun shattered, Shan noticed Su Yu's thoughts, and he was convinced when he heard Su Yu's words. Although he prepared a lot of silver guns, it was only a few dozen.
Reaching out and grabbing, another silver gun appeared in Shan's hand, and stabbed again with a shot, saying, "Okay, then try it, are you to destroy all my rifles first, or I will kill you first! "
"Okay, let's try it!" Su Yu yelled, punched out, and banged on the spear that stabbed at the eyebrow. The shock of shock power on his fist, the sound of Karat, and another piece of air crashed. Also shattered is Shan's silver gun.