Chapter 187 Injuries

"Xuan Zhen, you can't win, a fact you promised to play with me is your biggest mistake. Come on, Surrender! maybe I can consider not taking your life, haha!" Shan kept attacking, watching only defending in his own attack Su Yu sneer said.
Su Yu snorted. "You're so sure you won?"
"Isn't it? Do you still want to come back? How can you come back and not let you come close, you can't even attack me, you can only do defense, but how long can you defend?" Shan said, at the same time There was no pause in the attack, and the speed of the attack was even increased by one layer.
"You're right, I really can't defend all the time!" Su Yu straightened, a slap of his hand slapped Shan's attack.
At the same time, Su Yu's feet were wrong again, and his body obliquely avoided another attack, and then said, "What about you, I don't believe you can continue to attack like this. And, you really think that besides my defense, I Just Can't fight back? "
"Huh?" Shan said for a moment, then looked gloomy. "Okay, I'll see how you fight back-the gun flashes, extremely!"
As soon as Shan tried to eat all over the sky, his voice attacked Su Yu at a faster rate when his voice dropped. Immediately, Su Yu saw red, sharp silver guns, and left a wound on Su Yu's body from time to time.
Although Shan slightly despised Su Yu in his words, he didn't have any contempt.
Shan is different from the normal Noble Spirit Captain.
Because of his weak ability, Shan's process of becoming Spirit Captain is more difficult than all Noble Spirit Captains and even most Civilian Spirit Captains. He has experienced more battles than most people.
Therefore, Shan knows a lot more than most Noble Spirit Captain, so don't underestimate any enemy.
When Shan played against his enemies, it looked as though he looked down on his opponent, but he was actually very cautious.
Shan did not underestimate Su Yu when he played against Su Yu, especially after Su Yu spoke.
Shan didn't want to be surprised, so the attack became fiercer.
A number of scars appeared on Su Yu's body.
Although Su Yu has tried his best to avoid and defend, Shan's attack speed is very fast, and he attacks from all directions, Su Yu always has missed attacks and cannot defend.
With a slap, Su Yu finally caught a chance and hit Shan's silver gun body with a punch. The powerful force applied to Shan's body through the spear, making Shan's attack fierce.
Suddenly, Shan's attack showed a loophole.
Su Yu seized this opportunity momentarily, and the figure rushed towards Shan in a flash. The distance between the two sides was less than half a meter, and Shan Shan's long-range gun attack was invalid unless Shan gave up the long-gun.
"how come!"
Seeing this scene, Noble Spirit Captain couldn't help but exclaim, wondering how Shan would make Su Yu close.
On the side of Civilian Spirit Captain, seeing this, everyone couldn't help but have joy on their faces and already saw the hope of victory.
Wind Spirit Captain even shook his fist fiercely: "Good Xuan Zhen, in this way, close me, kill him!"
Su Yu punched at this moment.
Shan saw Su Yu who had arrived in front of him and couldn't help but be a little surprised, but the next moment sneer yelled, "Xuan Zhen, do you think you can beat me when you're close to me? Don't daydream.
Do you think I'm really afraid of melee? Give me death! "
With a bang, a silver spear emerged from Shan's chest, directly stabbing Su Yu and penetrating Su Yu!
Uh ~
Immediately Su Yu couldn't help spitting blood, and his raised arm was stiff in the air.
Everyone couldn't help but be shocked at this moment, shocked by this sudden change, even Padma Higanbana couldn't help showing a surprised expression-how could the silver gun appear from Shan's chest?
"What the hell is this?" Xuan HuoXuan Dian couldn't help changing their faces and shouted, "How did Shan's silver gun appear from there? His attack range was not two meters, four meters, twenty meters. Between? How could this be? "
"Damn it, damn it, Shan's bastard is lying to us, he's been lying to us!" Wind Spirit Captain gritted his teeth, and at this moment he understood something.
"Are you surprised why my silver gun appeared from my chest? Hehe!" Shan looked at Su Yu with a smile, with confident confidence on his face.
"Puff ~" Su Yu spit out blood: "Your ability doesn't have the restrictions that the wind says, at least there is not saying that you can't open a space hole within two meters and four, right!"
"Oh, it 's really smart, yes, I do n't have the so-called attack range, but I have always shown an attack range. Everyone over time thinks that my attack has a range, including the wind. Hehe, You need to thank him, otherwise, how could you come to me easily without any precaution?
Oh, look, the guy in Feng seems to have reacted now, alas, he seems very angry and guilty! "
Shan gently turned the spear, exacerbating Su Yu's trauma, and blood continued to flow out of Su Yu's wound.
'Asshole, Shan, this asshole has lied to me, it 's all Xuan Zhen I killed, damn it, if I did n't tell Xuan Zhen those things, Xuan Zhen would not be so close to Shan without any precaution! '
Wind Spirit Captain looked at Su Yu, who was penetrated by Shan's spear. His face was constantly changing, and his heart was full of guilt. He believed that Su Yu broke into Shan's two-meter-four-meter range and was attacked by Shan because of his words.
The next moment Wind Spirit Captain had a strong wind blowing on it, and it was about to rush into the field, but just as soon as some action was taken, huge coercion rose up, pressed on Wind Spirit Captain's body, and raised Wind Spirit Captain directly. The squall was suppressed.
Padma Higanbana stared coldly at Wind Spirit Captain and said, "The King's Guard is selected and must not be troubled. Worn once and die next time!"
"Abominable!" Feeling the murderous power of Padma Higanbana, Wind Spirit Captain secretly cursed, and his raised foot fell back. He knew that if he dared to take that foot, he would receive Padma Higanbana immediately. Deadly attack.
Although Wind Spirit Captain wanted to save Su Yu from Shan's hands, he did not dare to save Su Yu.
In the end, Wind Spirit Captain only shouted back to Shan: "Shan, you bastard, you took advantage of me, okay, okay, I wrote this down and will return it to you."
"Using you? Uh, ~ Wind, you think a great deal of yourself, but I never said that my attack was scoped, everything is from your mouth, those things you told Xuan Zhen yourself, You're just a bit stupid. How could be that I make use of you? "Shan said with a sneer.