Chapter 186 Fighting with Shan Again

"Xuan Zhen, Spirit Captain's ability may not be suitable for long-range attacks. He has to choose to closely combat!" Xuan Dian knows that Su Yu's ability is suitable for melee combat, but at the moment, he is pretending to explain that he does not know Su Yu's ability.
Upon hearing that, Wind Spirit Captain said suddenly: "So it is!"
Other Civilian Spirit Captains nodded suddenly when they heard the words, and then noticed the battle between Su Yu and Shan.
"Huh? It's dual abilities. This guy still had a hand when he fought with me? Hey, Feng, do you look down on me?" Dao also came, but he didn't stand outside the martial arts field like everyone Instead, sit with Feng on a big tree and watch the martial court.
Dao was a little bit upset. Su Yu even hid a hand when fighting with him, and Dao felt he was underestimated.
"Yes, yes!" Feng continued: "The newcomer may think that guns are better than Dao."
"Abominable, this guy thinks that? Especially, do I look better than a guy with closed eyes? What a look! Damn, I shouldn't keep my hand that day and just chop him hard!" Dao slammed the big tree hard, and with a bang, the big tree shook straight.
"Yes, cut him, cut him, Dao cut him soon!" Feng said so.
Not to mention the dialogue between Dao and Feng on the big tree, Su Yu and Shan are already in short arms.
A few hundred meters away, the two arrived instantly, and a bang collided together. A powerful shock wave was generated between the two, spreading out in all directions, and the playing field under the feet of the two broke apart instantly.
Shan said: "The strength is increasing very fast. No wonder there is the courage to come out and accept my challenge. I really didn't expect it."
Then, the spear in his hand trembled, like a silver dragon piercing Su Yu's throat.
"You didn't think so much, did you think you would be defeated in my hands?" Su Yu laughed, punching out with a sudden punch, slamming into Shan's spear, sending out a shocking golden iron the sound of fighting.
Huge power exploded between the two, and both could not help but take a step back.
But stopped for a moment, and then the two made a fierce attack on each other.
Su Yu's fist shadows spread over the sky, and he chose to fight close to him so that close combat can give play to his own advantages. Shan's silver gun is a long weapon and has a natural weakness in close combat. Under the sum of the two, Su Yu You've made up your mind and fight with Shan.
Moreover, Su Yu also listened to the opinions of the Wind Spirit Captain. As long as he is within two meters and four meters of Shan, his winning percentage will greatly increase.
A little bit of cold flashed, the silver gun in Shan's hand continued to pierce towards Su Yu, and the guns were aimed at Su Yu's key.
If Shan knew his weakness, would he let Su Yu get closer?
He stepped on his feet and distanced himself from Su Yu, keeping the distance between him and Su Yu more than 2.4 meters, and always maintained.
"Gun flashes!" Shan shouted, and a small space portal was opened by Shan. His attack penetrated the space and attacked Su Yu from all directions.
Su Yu exploded at a rapid speed to see Shan's intensive attack on Shan's intensive attacks. At the same time, all parts of his body were turned into weapons, either scratching or blocking, or kicking or bumping, and stabbing at his attacks.
Outside the martial court, Xuan Huo and others frowned, Su Yu is now falling behind.
Shan always kept the distance between him and Su Yu within two meters and four meters.
This range is exactly what many people know, Shan's attack range.
Xuan Huo said: "Xuan Zhen's no long-range attack is very detrimental to him. Although the melee selection is correct, Shan will not easily let him close. It is really difficult to defeat Shan. I should have played for him just now!"
"Trust Xuan Zhen. Since Xuan Zhen chooses to play, naturally he has his grasp. Xuan Zhen knows what he is doing now!" Xuan Dian patted Xuan Huo's shoulder and said
Xuan Dian didn't say too much, but Xuan Huo knew Xuan Dian's meaning, and nodded: "Well, I also believe in Xuan Zhen, he will definitely become The King's Guard."
"Ah, Xuan Zhen's ability feels restrained by Shan's ability. This guy is really shameless, is this Xuan Zhen deliberately chosen? Damn, Shan has the ability to fight you close to Xuan Zhen! This bastard's ability It's really annoying. "Wind Spirit Captain looked at Shan a little bit against Su Yu, anxiously.
Although Shan's ability is not strong or even weak, the combination of Shan's spear attack is really disgusting, because I don't know which direction Shan's attack will come from.
Anyone who has fought with Shan can appreciate this.
Wind Spirit Captain and Shan have played a lot of times, and I understand this very deeply.
Therefore, every time he battles with Shan, he will choose to distance himself far from Shan for a long-range attack.
Just now he told Su Yu these are Shan's weaknesses; the purpose is for Su Yu to attack Shan against Shan's weaknesses.
But now it seems that Shan knows more about his weaknesses, and instead takes advantage of Xuan Zhen's desire to play in close combat, forming the current situation!
The other Civilian Spirit Captain didn't speak, they all frowned. Although they were unfamiliar with Su Yu and hadn't known each other for two days, they all belonged to the Civilian Spirit Captain. Naturally, they didn't want to see Su Yu being oppressed by the nobles. hit.
Compared with the serious look on the Civilian Spirit Captain side, the people on the Noble Spirit Captain side are much more relaxed, and Shan pressed Su Yu to take them for granted.
Although Shan is not very advanced in the Noble Spirit Captain, his strength is high. Hitting a newcomer to civilians is natural.
The difference is how long Shan can beat Su Yu.
Seeing that Shan was beating Su Yu at the beginning, Padma Higanbana sitting on the Scarlet Lotus had a smile on his mouth.
This is what Padma Higanbana wants to see.
According to Padma Higanbana, Civilian Spirit Captain is not eligible to become The King's Guard.
If the King's Guard's selection is just his own choice, he will not let Civilian Spirit Captain participate in the selection!
But it doesn't matter. Until now, under his arrangement, none of the Civilian Spirit Captains could be selected by The King's Guard, and this time there will not be.
In fact, this is the real reason why no Spirit Captain became The King's Guard since the start of The King's Guard's selection.
Those in the Civilian Spirit Captain who are eligible to become The King's Guard have let him send a sniper during the selection process, making it unsuccessful.
As for why there is no Spirit Captain over Wang Noble Spirit Captain, it is also because of the operation of Padma Higanbana.
The aristocratic faction is headed by him. Naturally, what Padma Higanbana said, he did not let this Noble Spirit Captains become The King's Guard. Those Noble Spirit Captains will not become The King's Guard, even if they have passed the selection, they will not choose to become The King's Guard.
Even in the view of Padma Higanbana, it is enough for The King's Guard to have the Patriarch of their four royal families together, and no need from The King's Guard

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