Chapter 185 The Selection Begins

Padma Higanbana, the name is spoken from Wind Spirit Captain's mouth, Su Yu and frothiness faces are dignified.
In this dimensional world, these are four royal families, one of which is the Padma family.
The patriarch of the Padma HiganbanaPadma family is also one of the top powers under the Spirit King.
Padma Higanbana is a complete aristocracy, and it cracks down on the Civilian Spirit Captain faction the hardest.
Padma Higanbana was in charge of this The King's Guard selection, which is not good news for the Civilian Spirit Captain.
This time The King's Guard's selection has not started, it has been very unfavorable to them.
Om ~ At this time, terrible coercion rose from the direction of the palace, and a bloody meteor flew towards this side at a rapid speed.
In a blink of an eye, the bloody meteor landed in the martial arts field, and the monstrous coercion spread out, and everyone couldn't help breathing.
It was a handsome man in a scarlet robe with a scarlet lotus mark on his brows.
"my Lord Higanbana!" Noble Spirit Captain roared in unison.
The Civilian Spirit Captain faction is also very welcome. No matter what kind of contradiction between the two parties, at this moment Wind Spirit Captain and this have also given great respect to him, who is respect for the strong.
Su Yu is also saluting, while secretly looking at Padma Higanbana, one word to describe him is 'strong', two words should be 'so strong'.
"No need to be so courteous!" Padma Higanbana waved without any nonsense: "the selection begins, those who want to play can compete, and those who have reached the strength will become The King's Guard!"
Su Yu raised his eyebrows, and the concept of "strong enough" was a vague word. He didn't say at all that the level of competence was the standard.
In other words, whether they can achieve or not depends on exactly what Padma Higanbana said.
Padma Higanbana said over, a bloody flame lotus stand appeared under him and dragged him into the air.
The people on the Noble Spirit Captain moved first, and Shan emerged from the crowd. The figure flashed on the other side of the performance martial arts court. The silver gun in his hand pointed at Su Yu and said, "Xuan Zhen, dare to come out and compete?"
Without any concealment, Shan went directly to Su Yu, and even Su Yu's code name was clear. Obviously, Su Yu hasn't investigated and paid much attention to these days.
The Spirit Captain on the noble side saw that sneer looked at Su Yu on this face. This was no accident at all. They had already discussed it. Today is the day of revenge.
The death of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, although Bin said nothing on the surface, they have long remembered it in their hearts.
Shan and Su Yu have grudges. It is most suitable for Shan to solve Su Yu. No one will grab Shan at this time.
Civilian Spirit Captain's brow frowned when he heard the words, Wind Spirit Captain even cursed: "Shan, you guy is really shameless, picking up newcomers and bullying, that 's all for that day, today. Come, do you want to lose face? "
Shan was unmoved, sneer said: "Since he's here, it means that he has the intention to participate in the selection. The King's Guard can only be elected as a strong one, but there is no newcomer or old person.
If he doesn't dare to fight, then he retreats honestly.
Be quiet by the side, just be a quiet kitten!
What? Wind, you are not convinced, if you are not convinced, you can come and fight with me, you and he are no different to me. "
"I ... come here, when I'm afraid of you, I'm not Wind Spirit Captain without messing you up with meat today!" Wind Spirit Captain was ready to play when he heard his arms and sleeves.
But it was held by one hand. It was Su Yu. Su Yu pressed on the shoulder of Wind Spirit Captain: "I'll do it myself!"
"Huh?" Wind Spirit Captain turned back and said what he was about to say, but hit Su Yu's eyes, and immediately swallowed what he wanted to say. He saw the burning fighting in Su Yu's eyes, silent. After a while, "OK!"
Then Wind Spirit Captain again said, "Xuan Zhen, please be careful with this guy, Shan. He's overcast, nothing narrow is good!"
"Huh? Is he squinting? Fuck, I always thought he was closing his eyes!" Su Yu said in surprise, couldn't help but look at Shan, and really couldn't tell that it was open eyes!
"No ..." Hearing Su Yu's words, Wind Spirit Captain froze. Was he concerned about whether Shan opened or closed his eyes?
Well, although he has been very interested in this issue for some time, it is really not the time now.
Wind Spirit Captain pulled Su Yu and said: "Apart from that, you may not know this guy. His ability is space. Although weak, he can only open a fist-sized hole, but don't underestimate him.
With the spear in his hand, Shan is very difficult to deal with. The space hole he opened allows his spear to attack from all directions.
However, his attack also has weaknesses. There is an attack range. The farthest attack distance is twenty meters, and the shortest distance is two meters four, which is exactly the length of the silver gun in his hand.
If he wants to defeat him, he must stand away from a range of more than 20 meters for a long-range attack, or approach him within a range of two meters and four for close-range combat! "
Su Yu nodded, again and again, this is a valuable experience, Su Yu remembered in his heart.
Then Su Yu walked towards the other side of the Martial court, staring at Shan firmly.
Su Yu has said that he will verge into a meatloaf after he has advanced, but he has not forgotten the scene of being chased by Shan.
Even if Shan didn't come out to challenge him, Su Yu would take the initiative to challenge Shan.
"Xuan Zhen, are you sure?" Xuan Huo asked, worried.
Su Yu heard a grin and said, "I don't know, but I know I will never lose!"
Hearing Su Yu's words, Shan's face was gloomy and he said, "The newcomer is really arrogant. Did you forget that I was chasing me like a dead dog so fast? Or say that the wind gave you a little guidance, you think you can be defeated Me? "
"Hum, I hope you can still talk like this for a while!" Su Yu snorted, and the man came to the other side of the martial court to stand still.
Padma · Higanbana glanced at Su Yu, then said lightly: "Start!"
As soon as Padma · Higanbana's voice came to an end, Shan rushed forward Su Yu, saying, "Xuan Zhen to die, today you are dead, this time you have nowhere to escape!"
"I'll give those words to you too!"
Su Yu whispered coldly, the blue arc and blue halo appeared at the same time on Su Yu, and the dual abilities burst.
Shan is strong, at least at the Black level.
To fight such a strong man who wanted to kill him, Su Yu went all out.
Similarly, Shan will not show any mercy to his men.
"Oh, how did Xuan Zhen rush through? He should get away and then fight him!" Seeing Su Yu not backtracking but went forward, Wind Spirit Captain couldn't help saying so.