Chapter 184 Scene of Revenge

"So, this is a source of evil spirits? And that evil spirit source actually sends all the creatures of this world to the passage of this world?" Su Yu answered.

"Yes! But it is very difficult to open the channel from the dimension world to the present world. This is a strong barrier. The channel that was opened before can only send some of the lowest-level evil spirits in the past.

However, the research of Smart Brain will soon make a breakthrough. At that time, he will be able to cooperate with his to devour the power generated by this dimensional world, open a huge channel, and directly translate everything in this dimensional world!

So, although our goals are different, our interests are the same.

You want to block that channel, I don't want to be swallowed, as long as you can prevent the formation of that channel, he can't swallow the ontology of this dimension world and swallow me!

I was desperate and gave up. I didn't expect you to appear, so I will help you. "Spirit said.

"If we stop that channel from forming, we can stop his from consuming you?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that channel is closely related to his. As long as you can stop it, you can inflict heavy damage on his indirectly. he has no ability to devour me, and I can even reverse his thoughts!" Ling nodded.

"Then do you want to see the real world?" Su Yu asked suddenly.

Ling said slightly: "To be honest, I also want to, but I know is this soil for our living in this world, so it is better to stay in this dimension world!"

Su Yu said nothing about the spirit and groaned: "Okay, we can indeed cooperate, but you also saw that we can't enter the Lingwang Palace at all now. Then again, when you originally arranged for us, you couldn't directly Will we are placed in the Lingwang Palace? "

Lingwenyan rolled his eyes and said, "You think it's easy to arrange your identity. It is too difficult to find you here with the same looks and similar abilities. You can find it already good, and you want to enter the palace directly?

If I have that ability, I will not ask you to cooperate!

I'm close to the Lingwang Palace now, which is equivalent to throwing myself into the net. he will be swallowed by his in an instant, complete his consummation, and then quickly ascend, although he does not need to devour the dimension world.

But he was more able to move the souls of this meta-world to the present world.

he didn't want to invade this world just because he wanted to become complete, but he had it a long time ago.

I think you guys should be aware! "

Su Yu raised an eyebrow, remembering the words of Xuan Laogua, this Pinglong Lake is indeed not the first time that the source of the evil spirit has appeared, but many times, but it coincides with the saying of the spirit!

Su Yu said: "Well, that's true. We also want to block the source of the evil spirit and prevent the passage from forming, but now we are trying to enter the Lingwang Palace, let alone prevent the passage from forming."

"Then I don't care. I just came to tell you that time is running out. I want to enter the Lingwang Palace and it depends on you. I ca n’t help it. Alas, I have to go. At this time It's too long, I'll be found! "Ling spread his hand, saying that he wouldn't wait for Su Yu to talk, and the figure would disappear.

Su Yu groaned for a while, heading for the residence of Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo. Su Yu would tell them both.

The three gathered together again. After listening to Su Yu ’s remarks, Xuan Dian exhaled a long spit. "It looks like we have to enter the Lingwang Palace. The King’s Guard is selected and must participate. If What the Spirit said is true, we really don't have much time.

And even if the selection fails, we must break-in. We must not let the Spirit King succeed in engulfing or forming the channel. If all the evil spirits in this dimension world reach this world, it will cause great disaster to this world. "

"Xuan Zhen go back and prepare, tomorrow we will all be The King’s Guard!" Xuan Huo said.

"Huh!" Su Yu focused his head, this time the mission finally came to the most critical time.

The next morning, the three of Su Yu gathered again and walked towards the kingdom.

The selection of The King’s Guard was held at a huge performance martial arts venue in Kingdom. Every month on this day is a very lively day. Even if many people know that they cannot be selected as The King’s Guard, they will come to participate.

For nothing else, just to discuss with these people, or to report personal revenge, on this day is the only day when you can look for revenge.

These days, if you want to find revenge, you generally don't kill the killer. Although it is no explicit stipulation, the killer will still be punished.

For example, Su Yu killed the One-Eyed Spirit Captain during the riots that day and would be punished. The threat of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain at that time was not casual.

It was just that the riots that day were a bit large, and it was n’t the One-Eyed Spirit Captain that died. Both factions had casualties, and the Spirit King ’s warning, so nothing was left.

This was also known when Su Yu and Xuan Huo talked and met this poor person, Spirit Captain.

The martial court doesn't have a specific name, it is a Martial court.

When the three arrived, a group of people had gathered in the performance martial arts field. The whole group was divided into two distinct groups, with a large number of people. They belonged to Noble Spirit Captain, and Shan was among them.

When they saw the three Su Yu coming, most of them looked at the three with disgusted eyes, and Shan looked at Su Yu with a flash of anger.

On the other side, this is a small number of civilian captains, Spirit Captain. Seeing the arrival of the three, Wind Spirit Captain beckons: "This way, this way!"

The three Su Yu walked over and Su Yu greeted the Civilian Spirit Captain.

Shui Spirit Captain is an image of an elder sister who looks tender. he said to Su Yu: "Xuan Zhen, as Spirit Captain, do you want to participate in the selection of The King’s Guard today?"

"Well! I want to give it a try." Su Yu nodded.

"Then you have to be careful. You killed the One-Eyed Spirit Captain. The hatred of the aristocratic faction hates you. If you go up to participate in the selection, this will be a strong man on the noble side. It will kill you. Revenge by the One-Eyed Spirit Captain!

The selection of The King’s Guard this time is different from the past, and it has become a large scene of revenge! "Water Spirit Captain.

"Well, thank you, I'll be careful!" Su Yu said, then looked around. "Who is responsible for the evaluation this time?"

Water Spirit Captain and it heard the words look dignified, Wind Spirit Captain said: "It's Padma Higanbana that guy!"

Su Yu heard a little shock, and for three days, Su Yu has learned about these Spirit Captains. Naturally, he knows Padma Higanbana. This time he is in charge of it. It is very unfavorable for their selection. This guy is four Lord of the Kings is most hostile to Civilian Spirit Captain.