Chapter 183 Two Spirit Kings

"1113, 1114, 1115 ..." Su Yu was holding a hill above his head, doing a squat, and the ground under his foot had been stepped out of a deep pit deeply.

"2000!" Su Yu did two thousand squats, threw the hill aside with a bang, sweating heavily, panting heavily, and getting ready to replenish water.

But just tossing the hill aside, Su Yu immediately tensed, ready to strike Thunder at any time.

There was a petite figure on the seat in front of him, and he was stepping on a pair of little feet.

"How did you get in?" Su Yu looked at Ling, and this guy was intrigued every time.

"Except for one place in the world, I can go wherever I think. There is nothing to stop me!" Ling smiled, "You work hard!"

Su Yu raised his eyebrows and didn't think that Ling was bragging, which made him feel too mysterious.

Su Yu said, "What are you doing to me? Don't say it just to see the practice!"

"No!" Ling shook his head and said, "I'm here to tell you, you don't have much time. It's best to go to the Lingwang Palace faster!"

On hearing that, Su Yu's body shook, and a blue arc jumped out of his eyes, and said, "You, know our true identity?"

"Yes!" Ling Xiao looked at Su Yu and said, "Your identity is all arranged by me. I know that you are humans in this world. Without my help, you will be discovered when you come to this world. Oh, how about it, isn't the spirit great? "

After listening to the words of the spirit, Su Yu had a sudden and cheerful feeling. No wonder the evil spirits in this world couldn't find that they were humans. It turned out that the spirit was helping them.

Su Yu said, "You are helping us, why are you helping us? Who are you? What is the purpose?"

"You have as many questions as ever!" Ling crooked his head and looked innocent.

Su Yu rolled his eyes, nonsense, it's not too much of a problem!

"Well, talk about who I am, my name is Ling, and the Spirit King who is the world!" Ling said.


The spirit's voice was small, glutinous and immature, but in Su Yu's ears it sounded like a thunder in his ears. The hairs of the body instantly exploded. Su Yu's body was stiffened by great fear.

It took a long time for Su Yu to return to normal, and said, "You said that you are the Spirit King? How is this possible? Don't believe in it, okay, the Spirit King is still in the Lingwang Palace, I can feel it."

"Well, you feel good, but I am indeed the Spirit King. I don't need to lie to you. I will tell you why there are two of the Spirit Kings!" Said Ling.

"Okay, you say it, I listen!" Su Yu took a deep breath.

"Ling and the Spirit King in the Lingwang Palace are actually one person. I am just a part of his separated from the body, but because of the different composition, we can be regarded as two individuals." Ling said.

"Composition?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Well, this starts with how this dimensional world is formed! This world was just a barren land before, but somehow it was able to absorb evil spirits and ghosts gathered here.

For a long time, this dimensional world was like ghosts and evil spirits wandering at will. Those evil spirits and ghosts could only live in this dimensional world by instinct, and one day this world gave birth to a will.

This will is our predecessor, and then this will begin to strengthen itself by instinct, devouring countless evil spirits and ghosts, and then formed us now. "Spirit said.

"So, you and the Spirit King, alas, you are a combination of the will, evil spirits and ghosts of this dimension world?" Su Yu asked.

"So!" Ling nodded.

"If that's the case, why did you separate into two individuals? Isn't it incomplete for you?" Su Yu wondered.

"he separated me in order to be purer. We are not a combination of the will of the dimensional world and the ghosts of evil spirits, but the combination of good and evil and the will of the world.

Although evil spirits and ghosts represent evil, they also contain goodness.

After he separated me, he became a pure combination of evil and the will of the world, and became more powerful. Later, under influence, after many years of development, this world has what it is now! "Spirit said.

"So, you are good with the combination of the will of the dimensional world, does it seem to have nothing to do with helping you?" Su Yu said.

"No, related, I help you just to save yourself." Spirit looked solemnly: "In the beginning, he was purely to separate, he succeeded, and indeed became stronger quickly.

But sometimes being too pure means incomplete.

he has a problem, so now he must fall into deep sleep from time to time, and his strength has encountered a huge bottleneck. If he wants to improve again, he must be complete.

It also said that he had to grasp the swallowing. Although we are still one, but separated for too long, I already have my own ideas, naturally I do not want to be swallowed by him, it means I will not Will exist.

I don't want to dissipate like that! "

Su Yu rubbed his eyebrows and said, "What does this have to do with our purpose here? We just need to block the source of evil spirits!"

"Naive!" Ling glanced at Su Yu. "Do you know why the source of the evil spirit you mentioned appears? The reason for the source of the evil spirit is because he wants to devour me to become complete!

But he couldn't find me and couldn't devour me directly, so he found an indirect way to devour me, become complete again, and take this opportunity to greatly enhance his strength. "

"You mean, another way of the Spirit King, the source of the devil?" Su Yu said.

"Well, so, in order to be complete, he was going to devour this dimensional world in order to devour me!" Ling said.

"The Spirit King is going to devour the entire dimensional world? Doesn't that mean that all souls in this world will be devoured by him?" Su Yu was startled.

"No, you misunderstood. What he wants to devour is only the dimension world, not the beings living in it. The civilization of this dimension world is said to have been created by him. It's a combination of evil, but also reluctant to build this civilization only after millions of years!

Therefore, he thought of the idea of ​​transferring all the souls of this world into this world when devouring this world!

And so……"