Chapter 182 Inner Practice

Hearing Su Yu's words, Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian think of Su Yu's previous status as a civilian on Civilian Street. Many things are unknown.

Xuan Huo explained: "Wang Wei's guards around the Spirit King, Wang Wei's selection and selection of the Spirit King's guards. Wang Wei is selected from many Spirit Captains and is also a Spirit Captain, but it is better than the ordinary Spirit Captain. More power. Free access to one of the Lingwang Palace! "

"What are you waiting for? How are you going to participate in this selection?" Su Yu said.

"Don't worry, after listening to me, according to the memory of my current identity, the selection of Wang Wei has been going on for some time, but among the many Spirit Captains, there are only four of them who have actually become Wang Wei.

There are actually many Spirit Captains participating in the selection of Wang Wei, but so far only four have succeeded. These four are also recognized as the strongest four under the Spirit King.

This shows how difficult it is to become Wang Wei! "Xuan Huo.

Su Yu frowned. "How did those four people become Wang Wei? Who evaluated them?"

"The strength of the four people was directly recognized by the Spirit King, so when the Spirit King announced the selection of Wang Wei, the four people automatically became Wang Wei, and the selection of the latter Wang Wei was the responsibility of the four people, but Until now, no Spirit Captain has been recognized by those four people, "Xuan Dian said.

"What does it take to get recognition?" Su Yu said.

Xuan Huo stretched out a finger and said, "Only one point, that strength!"

"Strength? There should be a lot of Spirit Captains in this world. Isn't there anyone who can reach the standard?" Su Yu frowned.

"Yes, but some did not participate in the selection, and some did not want to be Wang Wei, just like Dao. His strength was absolutely reached, but Dao did not want to be Wang Wei at all.

Of course, this may also be related to those four people who do not want Dao to become Wang Wei! "Xuan Dian said.

Su Yu groaned: "Anyway, I think we should try it. We can't make a fortune, and there won't be any new riots in the short term. That's the way to choose Wang Wei!"

On hearing that, Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian looked at each other. Xuan Dian said, "Okay, so, let's try it."

"How does Wang Wei participate in the selection?" Su Yu asked.

"Wang Wei's selection will be conducted every other month. The next time is three days later, we will go straight then!" Xuan Huo said.

"By the way, Xuan Zhen, you don't have a Spirit Captain uniform yet, do you not know the responsibilities and duties of Spirit Captain?" Xuan Huo asked.

Su Yu heard a bitter smile and said, "Well, I don't know yet. I was attacked by Shan as soon as I arrived at Lingji Street. I didn't have time to meet the receptionist at all. Now I'm blinded by everything!"

"It's okay, let's talk briefly for you now, we will find you for the receptionist!" Xuan Dian said.

Two hours later, Su Yu changed into the Spirit Captain uniform and owned the exclusive courtyard of Spirit Captain. he also understood the responsibilities and obligations of Spirit Captain and finally became a complete Spirit Captain.

The next two days Su Yu lived very calmly, adjusting his state, tempering his body, not letting go of the slightest chance of improvement.

Work hard for the selection of Wang Wei to start tomorrow. If you have more strength, you will have more chance of success.

Exhale ~ exhale ~ exhale ~ inhale ~

Su Yu sat on the floor with his knees crossed, breathing regularly, breathing long and steady, as if he had fallen asleep.

However, Su Yu did not sleep but practiced inwardly.

The general weight training now has very little effect on the improvement of Su Yu's physical body. Only in the gravity position of Xuan Nv will it have a significant effect.

Xuan Nv is not around now. Su Yu chooses another method of practice. This method of practice is not what Su Yu figured out, but Xuan Laogua is tailor-made for Su Yu. Works for Su Yu himself.

Xuan Laogua repeatedly checked Su Yu's body and wanted more data, but he was not too busy, but needed more data, to create a special practice method that is only applicable to Su Yu.

This method is based on Su Yu's shock superpower. Without shock power, Su Yu's practice method does not exist.

This practice method is simple to say. It uses Su Yu's shock power to shake Su Yu's body to achieve the effect of practicing internal skills in martial arts novels.

Shock power, shock the whole body to reach every inch of the body, every cell is constantly exercising.

Although this practice method is not as effective as working in the gravity position, it is more stable and can be practiced anywhere. It can make up for the vacancy formed after working out in the gravity position.

But unfortunately, Su Yu can only do this in-house training when he is focused.

If Su Yu can do this kind of practice 24 hours a day, then in the words of Xuan Laogua, then Su Yu's strength will increase every moment.

It can be seen that with Su Yu's breathing, Su Yu's body is shaking in a small amplitude, and the ground around Su Yu is shaking slightly.

This practice of Su Yu only stopped for two hours. It was not Su Yu who wanted to stop but had to stop, although theoretically, this set of practice methods can be performed 24 hours a day without interruption.

But Su Yu obviously didn't reach that state. Attention, he didn't reach it at all. While doing other things, he practiced in-house.

Moreover, even if attention can be achieved, it is very difficult to practice 24 hours without interruption. This kind of exercise seems quiet, but it is actually very expensive, and it is necessary to supplement the body with sufficient nutrition in time.

Now Su Yu has two hours of in-training every day. This is the limit. You must add a lot of nutrition when you practice for two hours.

Spirit Captain's power is not comparable to ordinary civilians. For example, after eating, after the practice is completed, after a command, a large table of food is ready.

Su Yu doesn't care about anything, just eat it.

With a large table, Su Yu took a clean meal, and then started a new round of practice.

The internal training has reached today's limit. Su Yu started to perform external training. Xuan Nv is not a problem. Su Yu has other methods to run and jump directly on a hill ...

There is no gravity position, just increase the weight of the exercise tool, but the tool is too large to exercise!

Su Yu's two-day image of hill practice has also become a new landscape on Lingji Street.