Chapter 181 Selection of King's Guard

Dao heard Xuan Dian's words, and the giant blade resisted on his shoulders, his mouth tilted, and said, "Bullying new people? Oh, I do n’t like bullying people, I only like to cut people, do you want me to cut again? Ray, you used to run fast, this time I won't let you run! "

"Huh!" Xuan Dian snorted, and his face was a little dark. Although the previous battle was to get rid of Dao in order to detect the Lingwang Palace, it did seem to escape from Dao.

Xuan Huo frowned and stepped forward: "Dao, do you want to fight again? Don't forget that the Spirit King just gave a warning, you are not afraid of the Spirit King's shot and throw you to the Black Wind Cliff Closed for a year and a half? "

Dao heard that his pupils shrunk slightly, and a little dread flashed. He was not afraid of the Spirit King, he was afraid that the Spirit King would lock him in Heifeng Cliff, where it was too boring.

Dao snorted, and said, "Well, it's enough to chop today, I'll talk tomorrow!"

Dao looked at Su Yu and said, "Hey, boy, you are not bad. Today we are here. Be sure to fight next time. Next time, you'd better get a weapon. You don't have a weapon, and I am not happy with it!" "

After all, Dao leaped violently, rising and falling on the roof.

"Good-bye!" Feng jumped over Dao's shoulder and waved his small hand, and the two went away quickly.

Seeing Dao's departure, both Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian were relieved. The pressure on Dao was also quite great. If there was no warning from the Spirit King before, they knew Dao would never be like now So easy to leave.

"Xuan Huo, Xuan Dian, how did you know I was here?" No one else was nearby, Su Yu asked with a smile.

"Isn't it that your noise is big enough so that if we still can't find out, aren't we alive?" Xuan Huo laughed.

"Well, this is not the place to talk to. Let me talk to you! Oh, by the way, Xuan Zhen, we are here as Spirit Captain and Fire Spirit Captain. Call us Thunder and Fire, Xuan Dian, Xuan Huo. Put it aside! "Xuan Dian said.

"OK!" Su Yu said clearly!

Soon, Su Yu came to Xuan Dian's current residence.

Looking at the spacious courtyard, luxury buildings and so on, Su Yu somewhat understands why civilians want to enter Lingji Street to become a Spirit Captain.

"Xuan Zhen, what are you now? How shall we call you now?" Xuan Dian asked as he sat down.

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "I am now an ordinary resident of Civilian Street. As for the name of this identity, I will not mention it. When I introduce it outside, I use the code? You still call me Xuan Zhen. it is good!"

Under Xuan Dian's question, the three began to discuss their experiences in this dimensional world.

The last three focused on exploring Lingwang Palace.

Su Yu said: "Thunder and fire, what have you two learned about the Spirit King? Today I wanted to sneak in but failed. Can you do anything?"

Upon hearing that, Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian looked at each other, and Xuan Huo said: "It seems that we all have the same idea. They all think that the powerful energy fluctuation of the Lingwang Palace is related to the source of evil spirits.

We also wanted to touch it today, but at the critical moment, the Spirit King was awake! "

"Wake up?" Su Yu said with a frown, "What do you mean? The Spirit King has been asleep before?"

"Well, according to Ray's identity memory, the Spirit King did go to sleep a long time ago, but only occasionally woke up.

Just like this time, it may be that the riots on Lingji Street felt the Spirit King and awakened the Spirit King! "Xuan Dian nodded.

"Will the Spirit King sleep again?" Su Yu asked.

"Yes, every time the Spirit King wakes up, he will soon fall asleep again!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu wiped his chin and groaned: "Wait for the Spirit King to fall asleep again, how about we try to dive into the Lingwang Palace again?"

Xuan Huo shook his head and said, "No, the previous riots were the most suitable opportunity. Many guards were involved in the fighting between the two factions, which led to the slackness of the guards of the palace. Only then could they enter.

Now that the riots have stopped, the guards Spirit Captain have returned to their respective positions, and the drip of the guards of the palace is impervious. It is impossible to touch them! "

Su Yu frowned and heard: "The previous riot should have something to do with you? Now that you can make a riot, can you make a second riot?"

"We are just helping the situation. The root cause of the riot is the disagreement between the two factions. The previous riot was not only related to us, but also to you. You are the fuse of the riot!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu heard the words, blinked his eyes, and grinned, but he did not expect that he was the fuse of the riot.

Xuan Huo continued: "As for the second riot you said, it is indeed away, but it is impossible to make the second riot in a short period of time. I have just been warned by the Spirit King. No Those who dare to cause riots again, those Spirit Captains, will definitely not do it now, not everyone is a fool like Dao. "

"Then there is no other way? When is this waiting? When will it be the head? Does the Spirit King have no enemies or the like, and attracts the Spirit King's enemies, and now the Spirit King is asleep, it should be his enemies attacking His best time! "Su Yu said.

Xuan Huo waved his hand, interrupted Su Yu's brain with a wry smile: "I also hope that the Spirit King can have such a powerful enemy, but the absolute ruler of the Spirit King in this dimension world, the supreme existence, is fundamental There is no such thing as an enemy. "

Su Yu also smiled bitterly, and the three of them fell into silence, feeling that the mission was stuck here.

It's almost impossible to get into the Spirit King unless your break-in.

As for Xuan Kong, Xuan Shui, and Xuan Nv, there is no way to enter the Lingwang Palace. Su Yu is unknown, but there is no high probability.

After a long silence, Xuan Dian's eyes lightened suddenly: "It seems that there is another possibility to enter the Lingwang Palace."

"What is it?" Su Yu asked quickly.

Xuan Huo groaned for a while and clapped his hands, "You said that Wang Wei was selected?"

"Yes, Wang Wei is selected. As long as he becomes Wang Wei, he has the right to enter and exit the Lingwang Palace at any time. Shall we give it a try? Maybe we can succeed?" Xuan Dian said.

Xuan Huo didn't answer right away, but frowned, squinting his cheeks.

"Wait for a second, what is the selection of Wang Wei you said?"

Su Yu interrupts the conversation between the two. What dumb puzzles do these two guys play?