Chapter 18 Dance Of The Earth

Suddenly, Su Yu burst into a powerful force and flew towards Xuan Nv. The training results these days are immediately reflected.

Suddenly the speed of the eruption reached an extreme, and only a flash of shadow could be seen.

Even when Xuan Mu and Xuan Nv didn't realize, Su Yu had already rushed to Xuan Nv.

Seeing this scene, Xuan Mu was very surprised. Xuan Nv was a little dazed at first, then was angry and kicked Su Yu with her gravity leg.

However, at this moment, a thunderous sound, a thigh-thick stone cone emerged from the ground and stabbed Su Yu's back at a very fast speed.

Bang ~ stone cone has great power, and made a large wound on Su Yu's back together with a loud noise, directly knocking Su Yu and Xuan Nv out.

"Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv!" Xuan Mu screamed and waved her arms. Several vines flew out of his cuffs and flew towards Su Yu and Xuan Nv. They were caught by the vine before they even landed to avoid secondary injuries.

"Ah ~" When his body stopped, Su Yu spit out blood, all sprayed on the mask of Xuan Nv, no drop wasted.

Fortunately, the defensive force of the combat suit is strong, otherwise, Su Yu will be dead like a barbecue skewer. Because the internal organs were injured by powerful forces, Su Yu vomited blood.

Because Xuan Nv wore the mask, Su Yu couldn't see her expression, but Xuan Nv was motionless as if stiffened. It took a while for Xuan Nv's cold voice to sound again: "Xuan Zhen, are you a fool? Are you nosy? Am I need your help? "

After hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu, who was not very comfortable at first, almost wanna spit out blood again. I did not need gratitude, but I did not wanna blame.

Su Yu was also angry, said: "You think I am willing to save you? This is a natural reaction of my body, otherwise, I would not save you, good intentions can not get a good result!"

Xuan Mu saw that Su Yu and Xuan Nv could still quarrel, then he was relieved at the moment. If they wanna quarrel with each other, it was all right.

But Xuan Mu was also speechless. It should be a romance story, how can Su Yu and Xuan Nv be so different? He patted his forehead and stopped thinking about other things, and asked, "Hey, are you two still wanna quarrel for a while? Can we solve the case first?"

Xuan Nv snorted, no longer quarreled with Su Yu, turned and looked in the direction of the three Giants, but the ice-cold atmosphere on her body became more and more intense. The ground around Xuan Nv was frozen a dozens of meters thick ice, spreading.

Su Yu had stand away from Xuan Nv, so as not to be accidentally injured by Xuan Nv, and he also looked at the three Giants. The three giants who broken down by Xuan Nv just now stood up. Su Yu horrified: "This is too resistant, How can they still stand up after such a serious injury? "

"Roar ~" The three giants roared, their eyes were red, their bodies glowed with earthy yellow light, and they staggered towards Xuan Nv.

The three giants wobbled as if they would fall at any time but somehow gave Su Yu a very dangerous feeling.

That seems to fall at any time, at this moment seems to be full of a special rhythm, the whole earth seems to be breathing ups and downs with the Giant's movements.

"This is the dance of the earth!" Xuan Mu exclaimed, "Be careful, this is the dance of the earth. The giant who dances the earth and the giant who does not dance the earth is different. They will be stronger! "

"Dance of the earth? What is that?" Su Yu was puzzled and asked.

Xuan Mu quickly explained: "The dance of the earth is a special dance that is good enough to communicate with the power of the earth and gains the blessing of the power of the earth, the strength will be greatly improved.

According to legend, the dance of the earth is the dance of war and sacrificial dance of the ancient Giants. I did not expect that it really existed. No wonder It was said that the ancient giants are the darlings of the earth! "

Su Yu still confused when hearing these words. So he decided to remember what he said first, and looked at Xuan Nv, Xuan Nv made a move. She whispered, "Sneak attack? It's shameless! Give me a kneel!"

Om ~ boom!

At this time, a buzzing sounded in the air, and the horrible field of gravity bloomed from the body of Xuan Nv.

The ground beneath Xuan Nv's feet immediately dropped one meter deep. The three Giants rushing towards this side were also overwhelmed by gravity. They knelt on the ground and couldn't move forward!

"You can go to die!" The Xuan Nv stepped forward to the three giants, and the frosty air of her body rushed out to the three giants.

The sound of Kakaka kept ringing, and the thick ice kept condensing on the three giants.

Soon, ice condensed on the necks of the three Giants. The three Giants looked at Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu, and Su Yu with resentful eyes, and said, "Human, I ... will ... come back!"

After that, the three Giants were completely frozen.

Su Yu heard the giant's words, and asked with a little surprise: "The giant could not speak our language a few minutes ago? How could they said now...?"

"Well, they were speaking our language. It seems that the ancient giants are much smarter than they thought. It didn't take long to learn to say our language!" Xuan Mu emphasized.

Xuan Nv looked at the ancient giant that had been transformed into an ice sculpture and said coldly, "Return? You will never have a chance again!"

When they were peaking, Xuan Nv took out the Seal Stick again. This time there were no accidents. The dead could not die anymore. The three Giants transformed into ice sculptures were sealed into the Seal Stick.

"Let's go and see if there are any survivors!" Xuan Mu patted Su Yu's shoulder and said, they searched for a long time without finding any survivors. Dozens of people in Xiaoyan Village except Li Ergou and Wang Tiezhu has died.

Behind that huge stone pillar, they found a lot of clothes and blood and bones on the ground. The whereabouts of the villagers in Xiaoyan Village, combined with some of the murals, are self-evident.

After the villagers' clothing and broken bones were incinerated on the spot, the three left this strange underground cave, and then Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu used their power to completely seal the cave and then headed for the bureau.

The three were speechless all the way. When they were about to return to the Bureau, Xuan Nv finally said, "Xuan Zhen, the training will continue after returning!"

Hearing this, Su Yu's face was turned to dim, and his heart roared endlessly: This is her personal revenge for my words.

Xuan Mu laughed out, and patted Su Yu's shoulder before getting out of the car, "Come on, I support you in my heart, Xuan Nv, I suggest strengthen training intensity!"

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Mu, I am fucking to thanks your suggestion and your ancestor!