Chapter 179 Been knifed Certainly

Su Yu watched for a while, then he was going to ask these 'people' where to find the receptionist of Spirit Captain.

But Su Yu was about to speak, and a voice sounded, "What do you want to ask? It's useless to ask them, they can't speak, they can't think, they can only build architecture!"

"Hee hee, isn't this newcomer stupid, even to find a fool to ask a question!" Another child sounded the next moment.

Su Yu heard that his face was dark. Who was the fool? What this said is too unreasonable.

Looking at the sound, I saw two figures, one large and one small, sitting on the roof of a nearby building and watching him.

His big eyes were very aggressive, and he was looking at him.

The little one smiled and looked at him with the same fool's eyes.

Su Yu frowned and didn't look down on the two because of the small one. This big and small one gave Su Yu a lot of pressure.

Su Yu said, "What's the second?"

"My name is Feng, his name is Dao, newcomer, we have been looking for a long time!" Feng grinned.

Su Yu: "???"

Dao rubbed Feng's little head hard and said to Su Yu: "Don't listen to her. My name is Dao. She's called Feng. Hi newcomer!"

Feng made a face at Su Yu.

"My name is Xuan Zhen!" Su Yu arched his hand. "What did the two guys just mean? Why didn't they fail to speak?"

"They were all made by that guy in the brain. They are used to repair all kinds of buildings on Lingji Street. They ca n’t be regarded as real life. If you take a closer look, you will find that they are different. They have no thoughts, and of course, they are not. I know how to answer your question. "Dao said.

I heard that Su Yu carefully looked at the 'construction workers' in front of her, and found that it really is different from the real-life, and she can distinguish the difference from her eyes, her eyes are dull, just like a fool, there is no normal life at all. A kind of smart eyes.

"Thank you for reminding me!" Su Yu thanked Dao and said, "Can you ask me some questions?"

"Thank you for your help!" Huge raised his hand and looked at Su Yu sublimely. "As for the question, it is not impossible for me to answer it, but you need to promise me a request."

Su Yu frowned, and said, "I have no money!"


Dao's thoughts were disconnected for a moment. Who wants your money? Dao, a player like Su Yu, met for the first time.

Feng yelled with his hands-on-hips and said, "Who said that I wanted you for money?"

Su Yu smiled and said, "Well, since the two don't want money, what do they want?"

Dao exhaled a sigh of sigh, his eyes seemed to become hot, and his body exploded, "Fight me, just tell me if you fight me."

This scorching gaze Su Yu has seen. It was seen on the muscular man Shen Tu. Both eyes were eager to fight, but the two were still different. Dao's eyes were purer.

Su Yu had a headache and knew that he was meeting a madman, but he didn't want to fight, he arched: "I'm sorry, two people, I really don't want to fight now, leave!"

With that said, Su Yu turned to prepare to leave.

However, with a loud bang, a tall figure came to his eyes.

Dao said: "It's a bit late to leave. Whether you ask me a question today or not, you must fight me."

The voice didn't fall, the terrible coercion rose from the huge body, filled most of Lingji Street, and at the same time swarmed toward Su Yu!

Just returning to the Spirit Captain in their respective areas, feeling the pressure of Dao, immediately looked up and looked at this side, his heart raised doubts: I don't know what crazy Dao is, and who he is fighting with!?

Shan cursed even more: "Damn lunatic, sooner or later one day will be killed!"

I had a fight with Dao before, but Shan was embarrassed by Dao. Now I feel Dao's coercion and can't help it!

No matter how other people feel, at the moment Dao's prestige is approaching, Su Yu feels his body sinking, his brows frown, Dao's prestige is extremely heavy, and his body is like carrying a big mountain.

With a bang, the ground under Su Yu's feet couldn't bear the force and sunk directly, but Su Yu's body was still standing straight.

Dao's eyes brightened and he grinned, "Yes, you did not disappoint me, it was worth me to chop!"

"Dao, cut him, cut him!" Feng cheered on the roof.

Feng's voice didn't fall, Dao moved, stepped on his feet, the ground broke, rushed towards Su Yu, raised his fist towards Su Yu, and said to Feng: "Don't worry, I'll try his fineness first!"

凸(艹皿艹), Su Yu's eyes glared, when he felt the danger, he couldn't help swearing, and at this time knew that he was encountering a mixed person. He had to fight this one, and he had to fight it. hit!

In thought, Dao had already arrived, and Su Yu had no time to think of anything else, but also blasted out with a punch.


A muffled sound resounded, the fists of the two collided together in the void, and the horror of energy spreading around them in the center. The energy was like a steel knife with the same handle, and once again damaged the newly restored building street.

At the same time, the ground under the feet of the two men could not withstand the momentary strength of the two people, and the earth and stones flew up to the sky.

A huge pit with a diameter of 100 meters was formed under the feet of two people.

"Hahaha, ah hahaha!" Said with a huge laugh: "Okay, Xuan Zhen, you are strong, a little stronger than I thought, not much, then I will be serious, I will chop you into pieces!" "

Then, Dao jumped up and jumped to the edge of the big pit. Su Yu also fell to the edge of the other side of the big pit.

Dao reached out his hand, and under Su Yu's gaze, a huge blade flew from the roof into Dao's hand. He said, "Xuan Zhen, take out your weapon, let's cut each other, hahaha ... ... It's really fun today! "

When he was sick, Su Yu couldn't help muttering, and then said, "I don't have a weapon, or my weapon, my fist, my body."

"Huh?" Dao hesitated after hearing the words, "Since that's the case, I'm welcome, chop!"

Before the words fell, Dao slashed into Su Yu's volley, and the huge slash was cut towards Su Yu. When the sword was over, the earth cracked instantly, leaving a large knife mark.

Seeing this, Su Yu subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but when such an idea just came up, Su Yu had a feeling that he couldn't avoid it.

At the same time, Dao's voice also sounded: "Xuan Zhen doesn't want to hide, this is my ability. It is called the knife of the must. You can only choose to resist or fight back!"

Su Yu heard the words and couldn't help saying mother fuck—there were special attacks that couldn't be avoided, which don’t leave people alive!