Chapter 178 The Pressure from The Spirit King

Su Yu gasped for air, watching the bleeding wound smirking, he had just finished the step was hit like this, it is really blood mold.

But it also makes Su Yu more alert, able to become the Black level, not a good deal, especially like the One-Eyed Spirit Captain's evil guy is even more difficult to deal with.

The absolute strength of the other side may not be much, but the brain is completely able to make up.

Playing with the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, Su Yu felt more tired than Bobby, mainly a brain!

Su Yu took a deep breath, then controlled the muscle to seal the wound, so that the wound did not continue to bleed, rest in place, ready to leave.

But Su Yu was just ready to leave, a figure appeared in front of him, Su Yu instantly made a defensive state, staring at each other.

The man, however, looked at Su Yu and walked up to the head of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain and lifted it up.

"Perfect, the One-Eyed, I've long wanted your eyes, hey, today finally let me taste what I want, this is a wonderful experimental material ah!" "The brain holds the head of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, and the eyes burst into a stunning glow.

Who's this weird guy?

Su Yu couldn't help swallowing, and at the moment the brain looked like a pervert, a crazy scientist in Su Yu's eyes.

The strange act of the brain makes Su Yu sweat hair all stand up.

However, the brain did not seem to see Su Yu generally, and soon took the head of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain and left.

When the brain left, Su Yu breathed a great sigh of relief, and although the brain had done nothing, the pressure on Su Yu was greater than Shan's, and Su Yu judged that the brain might be stronger than Shan's Spirit Captain.

Su Yu moved quickly away, not stay here, who knows after there will be no other strange guys?

Half an hour later, Su Yu recovered from his injury and reappeared on the street, heading towards King's Lingwang Palace.

At the moment, civilian Spirit Captains and Noble Spirit Captains are still fighting, and the whole Lingji Street is a pot of porridge, which is convenient for Su Yu's actions.

In parallel with Operation Su Yu, four people, Xuan Nv, Xuan Huo, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Shui, also walked together in all directions towards the Lingwang Palace, all trying to take advantage of the riot to explore the Lingwang Palace's enormous power is not the cause of the devil's origin.

But things are not plain sailing, just a few people just entered the Wang's range, a strong to the incredible pressure of the sky, in this powerful pressure Su Yu are feeling breathing difficulties!

'The king, or the top king, is the Spirit King?' 'Su Yu's heart was horrified, and it was a cold sweat, did Spirit King find nothing?

But Su Yu is self-scared, this powerful power of the flash disappeared as if inadvertently broke out.

But soon Su Yu discovered that this was not the case and that the pressure was deliberately designed to stop the battle between Spirit Captain.

Lingji Street Civilian Spirit Captain and Noble Spirit Captain stopped as the spirit King's.

Spirit Captain soon returned to his own place.

The battle came to an abrupt end.

This sudden change, so that Su Yu several people are a little dismayed, almost scolded, just a little bit to touch in, at this moment is a loss.

Spirit Captain, who was stationed at the Palace, is now in position and it is somewhat impossible to dive into the palace again, regaining his defensive strength.

If you want to enter the palace, you can only breakthrough now.

But it's too dangerous to break through the Spirit Captain guards and meet Spirit King.

How would Spirit King watch someone break into his home and be unmoved?

There's no way!

Broken, while the road was broken, Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian glanced at him, laughing bitterly and had to return to their station to prepare for a long-term discussion, as well as to find Su Yu's whereabouts.

If newcomer Spirit Captain isn't Su Yu, they won't care.

But the earthquake just happened, so that both of us feel that the newcomer Spirit Captain was 99% Su Yu.

It's Su Yu, the two can't leave it alone, to find Su Yu and then we'll hold the group together to keep warm and discuss countermeasures.

Xuan Nv is also quietly retreating, hiding completely in the huge kingdom of, waiting for another chance to get in.

Xuan Shui was also hidden in the sewer, waiting for the opportunity, not far above him, the Lingwang Palace, a little so close that he could touch it, which made Xuan Shui almost mad.

Xuan Kong has been doing all sorts of experiments, and as the Spirit King pressure rises, he thinks: 'The idea of sneaking in is really not working, although the Spirit King is now in a state of hibernation, the external crisis is still sensing, must think of other ways to do! '

Thinking of Xuan Kong glanced at the brain, perhaps the next breakthrough is on the brain.

These days, though, Xuan Kong has been working with the brain on various experiments, as if doing nothing right.

But there are gains, too, and Xuan Kong has been 80 percent sure that the huge force in Lingwang Palace is the source of the demons.

And that powerful force and the brain are also very much related, And Xuan Kong even guessed that that powerful power brain was created.

After observation, Xuan Kong found that the brain has great power, free to enter and leave the Palace, each time from the Lingwang Palace, with a strong breath, and that the huge energy breath is very similar.

This shows that the brain is close to that powerful force.

Xuan Kong wants to gain the trust of the brain and let it take him into the Ling Palace.

Of course, it is extremely difficult to gain full trust in the brain, and Xuan Kong can only do what he can.

Su Yu was also frowning, looking in the direction of Lingwang Palace and sighing, the steps of the forward-swept.

What's next, Su Yu is a little confused.

After thinking for a while Su Yu decided to walk around Lingji Street, he is now Spirit Captain, Su Yu decided to live in Lingji Street as he is now, to see if he can find the opportunity to enter Lingwang Palace.

At the same time, Su Yu also want to find a trace of Xuan Nv et al. to discuss, how to do next, a person is too difficult.

"So, what do you do when you become Spirit Captain?" What are you going to do? What are the responsibilities and obligations? "Su Yu muttered as he walked while cursing Shan, and if it wasn't for him, he would have met his host now, and knew that.

A civilian defeating goalkeeper Spirit Captain will become the new Spirit Captain, eligible to enter Lingji Street.

When you come in, there will be a special staff to guide and receive, telling the new Spirit Captain what to do and what not to do at Lingji Street.

That's what Bobby said before he got in.

But Su Yu didn't see the special receptionist because of Shan's sudden death.

Su Yu scratched his head in the hope of meeting the receptionist, or he would really be blind.

There's no way, Su Yu can only go all the way.

Lingji Street was badly damaged by a major battle but recovered quickly.

After the Spirit Captains' armistice, a team of special horses showed up and began repairing damaged houses and streets.

The damaged Lingji Street, which is visible to the naked eye, is completely intact.

Su Yu can't help but wonder, this infrastructure speed is more exaggerated than the real world!