Chapter 177 Kill the One-Eyed Spirit Captain

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain goes towards Su Yu quickly once finishing his words.

And for the words the One-Eyed Spirit Captain said, Su Yu is unconvinced without the slightest relaxation!


If the One-Eyed Spirit Captain is decent, there will be no such many troubles. a black heart of the guy is absolutely not reliable. there may be ten pits waiting for you to jump in one word. If I believe it, it is equal to jump into the pits.


A piece of knife light shrouded to Su Yu, and knife Qi across around. The figure of Su Yu flashing, avoiding the knife, while swinging in the air, to the single-eye Son Spirit. although it is not a real remote attack, the powerful fist pressure still lets the One-Eyed Spirit Captain dare not to disdain.

After another moment at war with the one-man Spirit Captain, Su Yu couldn't help frowning.

Both sides are helpless to each other, and the One-Eyed Spirit Captain really didn't make any other mules.

Despite both knives, Qi and prejudgment were still used by the One-Eyed Spirit Captain.

this known capability is no longer a threat to Su Yu.

'Is he at his wit end to fight which is the so-called proper fight? 'Su Yu couldn't help thinking, and the attention was a little distracted at this moment.

And this slight change was caught by the One-Eyed Spirit Captain in a flash. he could not help laughing: "Civilian, I thought you can always stay in a state of total concentration, your death is up!" "

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain has been waiting for an opportunity that Su Yu’s attention slip, now finally waited, and he instantly caught and excitedly roar: "Go to hell!" "

Su Yu knew it was bad when the One-Eyed Spirit Captain burst into laughter. although his reaction was extremely quick, it was a little slow.

And this moment put Su Yu in a desperate situation.

After the One-Eyed Spirit Captain finished his speaking, the demon knife burst out the red light, and an eye shows on the knife surfaced, densely, grunt turning, which is unspeakable demonic.

Finally, the eyes of the knife are locked in Su Yu's body. In a flash, Su Yu felt that he could not move!

With a sound, Su Yu could only watch as the demon knife pierced into his body.

"Hahaha, how do you feel, civilian? you just were very arrogant? What can you do now?” the One-Eyed Spirit Captain witnesses and laughs.


Su Yu couldn't help spitting out a mouthful of blood, saying, "Is this the true power of a demon knife? Everything was prepared for this moment! You're really patient! "

"So what, you are now just a to be slaughtered ants, you are killed in any way I want" the One-eyed Spirit Captain sneered, gently turning the knife in his hand, stirring Su Yu's flesh and blood.

Su Yu's sweats, but Su Yu laughed at this moment, "Hahahaha..."

"Don't laugh!" "The one-eyed Spirit Captain was puzzled by Su’s smiles, excoriating Su Yu, about to pull out the knife and give Su Yu one last hit, but the one-eyed Spirit Captain found that the knife was stuck.

At the same time, the one-eyed Spirit Captain felt the crisis. he saw Su Yu's body blooming blue halo, holding the knife hand also feeling a strong vibration from the knife. in a flash, his hand lost consciousness holding the demon knife.

Meanwhile, the screams from the demon knife rang out in the mind of the one-eyed Spirit Captain.

The buzz shock power bursts, surging from Su Yu's body, clicking and cracking the glass constantly ringing, and the dense crack centered on Su Yu is spreading in all directions, shrouded in kilometers.

Finally, with a crunchy sound in air and shattered earth within kilometers.

Countless huge cracks appeared on the ground, the earth cracked and rolled over.

With the roar, the entire Lingji Street is shaking up, like a magnitude-8 earthquake, and countless houses destroyed at this moment.

The warring Spirit Captains, at this moment, cannot help stopping, looking at the broken earth, collapsed houses and shocked. What did happen, and what makes a big earthquake in Lingji Street?

Only a group of Xuan Dian react in time, and that should be related to Su Yu!

Is it that the New one Spirit Captain, Xuan Zhen?

The idea is popping up in both the heart of Xuan Huo and Dean Xuan.


The one-eyed Spirit Captain was blown out, the dense crack in the body of the one-eyed Spirit Captain, even his big eyes are covered with small cracks, endless blood sprayed out from the one-eyed Spirit Captain's wound.

the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, fell to the ground, splashing dust.

"Abominable, how is that possible? You're hiding the second ability!? I... “squirting blood in the mouth of the one-eyed Spirit Captain.

"The One-Eyed Spirit Captain, you've been waiting for a chance, so do i" Su Yu opened his mouth to interrupt his words.

"You've been waiting for my real ability to use a demon knife?" Heard Su Yu's words, the One-Eyed Spirit Captain suddenly understand: "Did you deliberately reveal the cracks that led me to the hook?" "

Su Yu shook his head and said, "Nope, I don't have as many thoughts as you do, I've just been hiding my second ability!" "

"..." the One-Eyed Spirit Captain was silent for a while, then laughed: "Haha, that's it. Very well. This time I lost, next time I won't lose!"

the One-Eyed Spirit Captain said, about to leave meanwhile he struggled to get up.

"Go?" Where do you want to go? Do you still want to have one next time? "Su Yu sounds cold.

"Are you going to kill me?" the One-Eyed Spirit Captain was silent, with a trace of unbelievably in his voice.

"You are the person who came to kill me. It’s reasonable that I killed you." Su Yu said while slowly pulling the demon knife out of the body.

You can see that the eyes on the knife are all blown up in the power shock.

Abilities of tracking Su Yu and others were released because of the broken eyes related to Bai Eye on demon knife. So Su Yu restored to move.

"You can't kill me, civilians! I'm a nobleman. Killing me is a serious crime!" the One-eyed Spirit Captain sounds with panic.

Su Yu laughed but was angry.

What's the point?

He can kill, but I can't kill him?

What's the difference between that only state an officer fire-tight forbid common people light-on?

Su Yu sneered, did not expect the evil spirit has it, but think of how the evil spirit was formed, Su Yu relieved.

"Go to hell!" Su Yu didn't give the One-Eyed Spirit Captain opportunity to speak, and the knife in his hand was hit down by Su Yu.

With the light of knife, the head of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain flies into the sky, the body fell to the ground and the skull rolled next to Su Yu's feet.

"You..." the one-eyed Spirit Captain stared at Su Yu without words. Unbelief is filled all in his eyes. Su Yu really killed him!

The demon knife fell from Su Yu's hand, making the sound of a golden iron cross, and Su Yu was singled kneeling on the ground, gasping for breath.

Although the one-eyed Spirit Captain was killed by him, Su Yu also paid a considerable price. the last hit from one-eyed Spirit Captain on Su Yu is also quite heavy!