Chapter 176 Prejudgment

Tumbling thoughts, Su Yu understood what intention the One-Eyed Spirit Captain had.

The demon knife can release knife Qi, which is seen, so there's no need to say it.

But the One-Eyed Spirit Captain is biased, and it also highlights the endless knife Qi of the demon knife.

If you meet the number one, you may believe what the One-Eyed Spirit Captain said for a short time. But the One-Eyed Captain Spirit is confronted by Su Yu, Su Yu, who never thought to believe what Monsters said especially in the war.

As for why one-Eyed Spirit Captain would say what seems reasonable but well-read?

Su Yu thought about two reasons.

First, the One-Eyed Spirit Captain wants to lure him into a quick fight with him, not to delay.

First, one is well understood, for example, if you come across an enemy with a permanent motive, you will never want to fight a war of attrition with him, but will fight quickly.

Secondly, like the One-Eyed Spirit Captain said, in fact, he is in order to cover up the real ability of the demon knife. The reason why the demon knife is called the demon knife is that absolutely it has the demonic ability and it’s not a demonic ability to emitting the knife Qi.

Su Yu thought about it and thought that both of the reasons were possible, and the second one was the more reasonable one.

Su Yu smiled at the One-Eyed Spirit Captain. He is almost bet on the wrong horse. Before watching the One-Eyed Spirit Captain attack without words, and thought he was an aggressive man with little to say.

But that's just what the One-Eyed Spirit Captain shows, and the One-Eyed Spirit Captain is a black heart.

It was only Su Yu thought in a moment. Staying calm and to the change, he just prevents from trick the one-Eyed Spirit Captain wants to play.

It's a blast! Another column of light shot out of the big eyes of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, firing at Su Yu, who flashed and ducked away.

A building was immediately destroyed in the explosion.

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain saw this, frowning, and he understood that Su Yu didn't believe what he said.

He said: "Civilian, you're smart, when did you find out what I said was false?" "

"Discovered? Oh, I didn't believe what you said at all!” Su Yu laughs.

"So, it seems that I disdained about you, civilian!" The One-Eyed Spirit Captain suddenly nodded.

Having not finished speaking, the man had attacked Su Yu. His body as if it had been drawn into a line, and rushed to Su Yu's face at great speed, while the demon knifes his hand is stabbing to the chest Su Yu.

Su Yu see this, the foot of a mistake to avoid, but Su Yu heart feels suddenly cold, hard twist body in the other direction to avoid, see, do not know when the One-Eyed Spirit Son's hands of the demon knife, has been a step to the position where Yu moves.

With a snort, the demonic knife flashed, And Su Yu's chest was cut open with a huge wound, blood flowing, dyed the body of the demon knife, which makes the demon knife look even more demonic.

"Damn it!" "

Su Yu covered his chest and retreated, his face a little gloomy, and Su Yu found that he did not know how to get injured.

He has already dodged, but why will there be a knife? Su Yu was puzzled.

Su Yu can't think about it, the One-Eyed Spirit Captain is attacking again. Su Yu's body is again knife-wielding.

In the same case, Su Yu dodged but ended up with a wound.

Then, he launched a continuous attack on Su Yu, and Su Yu had wounds soon. Although each wound wasn’t serious but still painful. Su Yu's face was a little distorted.

But Su Yu didn't care about the pain, and his attention was all attracted by the one-Eyed Spirit Captain's attack, and he didn't dare to keep eyes off the knife.

Once you're out of concentration, you're likely to be killed by one-eyed Spirit Captain!

Is the One-Eyed Spirit Captain strong?

Very strong.

But to be honest, Su Yu didn't feel any absolute pressure on him.

But his attack is so weird, even more than Shan's as if the One-Eyed Spirit Captain knew what he was doing next, and he took the demon knife to where he was next.

It's not so much he attacked Su, Su felt more like he had bumped into him.

The one-Eyed Spirit Captain's attack gave Su Yu such feeling.

"Can you prejudge what I'm going to do next?" Su Yu said after going under dozens of knives.

"Well? " he said. Hearing Su Yu's words, the One-Eyed Spirit Captain was surprised again, and felt like he was still looking down on the civilian saying, "Yes, that's what the demon is really capable of, you're smart, but so what? How can you avoid my chopping...? No, it should be said, how can you make sure you don't bump into it? "

Su Yu sniffed a deep breath, glanced at the stranger red and bright demon knife, said: "although Early prejudgment is very powerful, but not inexplicable. I think prejudgment also has a limit. As long as I just break that limit, even if you can prejudge, I can hide!" "

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain said with smaller pupils, "Even if you're right, how do you break that limit? How do you know where the limit is? "

The blue arc wraps around Su Yu, and he says: "Then I just try it!" "

Su Yu this time goes not back but toward the One-Eyed Spirit Captain. the ground underfoot was trampled by Su Yu's collapse. the powerful force gives Su Yu faster speed. the way to break the limit is very simple, which is speed.

Advance prejudgment can predict the next action, but also cannot predict that moment of multiple movements. As long as Su Yu speed is fast enough, at the moment he can make multiple movements, and then the One-Eyed Captain Spirit's prejudgment is of little use.

Of course, it's easy to crack the ability of prejudgment, but it's very difficult to actually do.

Without the speed to break that limit, the probability of trying to crack the ability to pre-empt it is very small, especially for Su Yu, who can't deliver a wide range of attacks.

Fortunately, after the Su Yu was upgraded to the Black 10th level, great progress has been made in all aspects, and the speed is not Su Yu's advantages, but the speed is also very fast at the moment.

It is can be seen that Su Yu is getting less and less frequently injured. and after a slight increase in Su Yu's speed, Su Yu is no longer injured.

After failing to cut Su Yu several times, the One-Eyed Spirit Captain stops to attack Su Yu but pulls back with a single sigh. Distance away from Su Yu, he looks at Su Yu in a complex way, and says, "I didn't think you'd be fast like that, breaking limit of the knife prejudgment. Well, then I do not use the demon knife prejudgment ability, and I will play with you! "

"Okay!" Su Yu's laughs with teeth, but sneer in his heart.


Upright is nonsense!

If I believe you, I'm a fool!