Chapter 175 One-Eyed Spirit Captain

Feeling the mess outside, Su Yu, who had just woken up, couldn't help complaining.

Then Su Yu, regardless of the outside situation, was attracted by the power of his own body.

Although this time he did not cocoon, the level has also completed to higher promotion.

Su Yu completes the Xuan level to the Black level.

"Is this the power of the Black level?" Su Yu feels the power of the body, the face changes slightly, although the level is only raised one level, the power between the level and the Black level is really not the same.

Su Yu feels the gap between himself today and past, and can't help grinning and boasting himself. He was able to defeat Bobby, who is the Black level, which is really excellent.

Of course, Su Yu doesn't know that there are gaps between the Black level and the Black level people, otherwise, he won't be so confident.

After having an experience with his own strength, Su Yu decided to go out. He is ready to go for Shan to revenge. He did not forget he was deadly chased by Shan.

Sometimes, Su Yu is very stingy.

When Su Yu was just getting ready to go out, Su Yu realize a crisis coming. Breaking through the roof, he leaps into the air.

At this moment when Su Yu had just rushed out of the room, a huge column of light hits the room.

The room was suddenly crashed into pieces with a loud explosion.

Su Yu landed on the other roof, looking at the One-Eyed man who attacked him, and said, "Who are you? Why are you attacking me? "

Su Yu is upset right now, and anyone who has just woken up and was attacked will be upset.

"You're the new one, Spirit Captain? I am the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, on the side of a nobleman, and to kill you this civilian on purpose! " One-Eyed man Spirit Captain said.

What nobleman and civilian? Su Yu did not understand. But it is enough to know that the other side is to kill him. Su Yu said, "what your name is and who you are have something in a comment!" "

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain really had only one big eye, which occupied half of his face, and just now the column of light was shot out from the eye. 

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain didn't speak much and directly shot out of a light column, blasting at Su Yu.

"it’s great to have this fight!" Su Yu has no escape this time. But it’s a good time to test how strong he is now.

It's a blast! The huge pressure blooms on Su Yu, and blue lighting jumps on Su Yu.

"His thunder system is extraordinary?"

Witnessing this One-Eyed Spirit Captain in a little consternation, Su Yu gets a little wary in case of a possible attack from the sky.

Spirit Captain also miss judged Su Yu's abilities at first sight. Because most people see that Su Yu's arc will always move Su Yu's abilities toward the Lightning!

Su Yu punched, blasted the air directly, and blasted it on the oncoming light column!

The house under Su Yu's feet could not bear the enormous force and burst out immediately, while Su Yu was pushed back by the powerful force of the light column.

"Not the thunder system? How interesting! "Seeing Su Yu punching, the One-Eyed Spirit Captain reckons that Su Yu's ability was not thunder, but another force.

But because he didn't get close to Su Yu, he didn't recognize Su Yu's ability is strength.

"So strong! And none of the Black levels is not good-for-nothing!"Feeling the power of the light column, Su Yu's whispers in heart. This trick is enough to make the extraordinary guy in Xuan level get deeply injured .

If it wasn't for the increased grade, Su Yu felt that the trick would have also caused him a lot trouble.

But that's all at the moment.

"Breaking!” Su Yu whispered. The muscles shows up on his arm, and the strength enhanced again.

With a click, the light column bursts, and the light column of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, , cracks, and then collapses into debris.

It's a blast! It's a blast! It's a blast!

Each piece of debris exploded. A cluster of flames rising between the two men, destroying a large area of the building.

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain saw and his eye narrows slightly, "you really have a bit of skill. You can run away under the guy, Shan. What's your name? Your skills can help you to leave name before you die! "

Su Yu landed on the ground, stepping on floor with a sag, laughing, "Are you all so capable of pretending be cool? Bobby, that guy can pretend. Shan can pretend more. Now you can also pretend. You guys are really the same people ah! "

"It doesn't matter if you don't say your name. You are doom to die!" "The one-eyed Spirit Captain said. A long demonic knife slowly emerged from his eyes and fell into his hands.

Su Yu can't help staring at it. What is this? A knife can hide inside the eyes?

At the same time, Su Yu shows gloomy expression. After the demon knife fell into the hands of the one-eyed Spirit Captain, his body smell suddenly changed, change the powerful but also become demonic.

"Civilians, you should be honored to die under this demon knife. You are the first enemy who make me take it out against. Today, I will use your blood to sacrifice this demon knife!" the one-eyed Spirit Captain touched the knife gently.

At the same time, he moved in a flash of the figure, appearing in front of Su Yu. While the knife is cutting toward Su Yu's neck.

Su Yu was already on guard. When the one-eyed Spirit Captain disappeared, Su Yu moved and leaned and the sharp blade swept above his nose.

A cold light at this time is the body of the demon knife out, through a house before dissipating.

Then the house was cut into two parts. The upper half slides down on the bottom half. It fell down to the ground, making a roaring sound!

"Qi of knife?" A knife can even generate knife Qi by itself? Su Yu was surprised to witness it. Su Yu clearly felt that the knife was not sent by the one-eyed Spirit Captain, but by the demon knife.

"Yes, it’s a knife Qi. With the strength of this demon knife itself, I can fight with you to end withholding this demon knife!" The one-eyed Spirit Captain road and the knife is going to Su Yu.

With a little strength at his feet, Su Yu flew out with his body tilted, avoiding the attack of the one-eyed Spirit Captain.

Another knife Qi is coming to him, with a dodge, felling to the ground. Then the ground was deeply cut into an endless gill by knife Qi.

"what such sharp knife Qi!” Su Yu thought. There is no confidence to have a battle with the knife Qi.

As for the words of the One-Eyed Spirit Captain, Su Yu doesn’t believe it, and even though the knife can shoot the knife Qi, it is endless by no means.

Su Yu smiled, and understand why the One-Eyed Spirit Captain said so, saying: "Look at your gentle face. But your mind is, going far as to so bad. What a pity having this big eye!"

The One-Eyed Spirit Captain, "..."

What? There is no any relationship between kindness and eyes.