Chapter 174 Smart Chaos

"Don't you dare!" As Xuan Tu was sniped by Dao, a loud bang rang out, and two figures flew toward this side at great speed.

"Well, " he said. "Dao sniffed, looked at the people, and looked excited, "Who it is? It is you, Ray Spirit Captain and Fire Spirit Captain." What? you're here to beat me down? "

It was Both Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian who came.

"Dao, if you want to cut me to death, and you should see your ability!" said Xuan Dian. "

Roaring, the sky fell a thunder on Dao's, directly from the air to fall on the ground, the ground will be blasted out of a deep hole with rolling smoke.

"Ah! Dao! "Feng screams.

"Ah hahaha! "Feng's screaming has not yet fallen, a strange big laugh comes out of the smoke. With the smoke blowing out, Dao carries a giant blade out of the hole of smoke, rushing to Xuan Dian with a knife to the head.

"How interesting! Ray? You're strong. And you should be strong enough for me to cut two knives on you!" "Dao yelled.

"Huh! "with cold sniffed, he grabs something and countless thunders fell into his hands. A  long gun of thunder condensed in his hand. Xuan Dianrushed to Dao and said: "Dao, everyone can’ speak’. But as to the result, we will figure out." "

Xuan Huo looked at Xuan Dian, who had been at war with Dao, and he steps forward. His body burns with flames, and looked at Shan and said, "Where's the new guy, Spirit Captain?"

Wind and Soil see it and step forward as well, surrounding to Shan. Three kinds of power pressure to Shan.

Shan's face shows gloom and intensity. Although she is confident with her strength, she is also under great pressure to face that three-man.

Shan said, "Are you going to fight with single me as you, three men?" Huo, don't push me! "

Xuan Huo snorted with an instant cold sniff, as if there were endless anger inside him, and said, "we are bullying you? Hahaha, who is actually the one? I think everyone knows what is the truth.”

It's never us, it's you!

You, Noble Spirit Captain, always looked down upon our civilian Spirits.

Accounting Lingji Street’s peace, we put up with you when you over across the line.

Who knows that your behavior is getting more excessive. How dare you kill the new guy, Spirit Captain?

We pretended to ignore that you killed one. However, you usually suppress new guys, Spirit Captain, with all kinds of methods when they came us just. How many new ones you’ve killed till now?

Shan, I told you today that we can't bear it this time!

We are all Spirit Captain, and we should have sat on an equal footing. Why do you hit us everywhere!? "

Xuan Huo's words shook over Lingji Street, and it was a matter of saying that civilian Spirit Captain's heart was in the air, one by one, with a sense of grief and anger. They have been enough to be crushed by Noble Spirit Captain.

"Oh!“Shan said with a cold smile, using the same loud sound: "so what? We’re natural nobles but you are born civilians. Even if your entry into Lingji Street still, it does not change the fact that you are civilians. "

"Born nobles?" "Xuan Huo laughs: "Nothing is born, born is only your own nobles to advertise. Today I will see, you, born nobles, do you have any ability to suppress us!" "

Xuan Huo walked towards Shan.

Shan surprised, "Fire, are you going to do it to me?" "

"So what?" "Xuan Huo snorted coldly, immediately, a column of fire roared at Shan, while the voice rang in the void: "I'm going to see today who are you, nobles? Who are the ones that occupy the great resources of Lingji Street? Are you strong?"

“Shan, I am telling you these nobles, I have already suffered enough of you. Even if I die today, I also want to pay you back! "

"Bold! Fire, are you going to rebel and betray the Spirit King? "A loud roar rang out across Lingji Street, and a powerful wave of power rose near Lingwang Palace.

Xuan Huo looked at the place and smiled: "Lord Higanbana you ‘really’ have a superpower. You have put a label on me?"

Why did you say that I betray you while I’m always faithful to The Spirit King?

I now just want to fight with the nobles, seeing which disadvantages I have!

I know that all nobles inside called us these civilians as garbage. Today let me, garbage, test whether you are nobles or less than garbage! "

"Well, Huo, so, today there will be a fight anyway?" "Padma Higanbana hears only his voice and doesn't see anyone.

"what if I said yes? I've had enough with you, so-called nobles! "Xuan Huo sounds.

"so have I. You, nobles, why do you put your face like that all day? " "Wind Spirit Captain said at this time.

"Hahaha, I've wanted to fight nobles for a long time. Come on! It will be a happy fight!" "

"Yes, Huo is right, we've had enough!" "

Sounds rang out on Lingji Street. These all are the voice of Civilian Spirit Captain.

"So, then let’s do it. Noble Spirit Captain, you’ve all heard. Now that Civilian Spirit wants to fight, then you can satisfy the. Let them, those civilians know the power of the nobles and what are the nobles!" "Padma Higanbana was silent for a while and said.

"Yes, Lord Higanbana! "Higanbana's voice disappearing, Lingji Street's Noble Spirit Captains rushed to Civilian Spirit Captain. Meanwhile, Civilian Spirit Captains also jump into the air, with killing anger to Noble Spirit Captain.


The roar rang out in all directions at Lingji Street. A powerful force began to collide, and streams of light in the sky began to chase each other and people are killing each other.

Dao muddles a little because of the change. How it became a fight between the nobles and the civilians?

But after a short shock, Dao feels a great excited. For him, it is not important, as long as he has someone who can fight!

"Ah hahaha ..." Dao weirdly laughs, and then fight with Xuan Dian violently, while attacking others from time to time. Except for Feng, everyone is Dao's target.

Instantly, the whole Lingji Street and even the kingdom are in the chaos. Many Spirit Captain like this class of strongmen is in the battle. Powerful pressure from the sky down to, the whole Lingji Street. And the king are shrouded in this terrible power.

The residents of Lingji Street were sheltering in their homes, waiting for the riots to end.

Also, in this case, Su Yu woke up from the coma, feeling the pressure of the constant collision in the air. With a surprise, Su Yu thinks that what is going on. Here is the end of the world after my small coma?