Chapter 173 All Appeared

Although Dao was known as a butter churner, he didn't expect him to be such a bastard. They were all about to leave, and they even shot at them.

The faces of Shan, Wind, and Soil were bad, as if they ate the flies in the toilet.

However, the three had no choice but to turn around to block Dao's attack, because it was impossible for them to avoid.

Boom! boom! boom!

Three claps of thunder sounded, a huge explosion occurred in the void, and the shock wave of terror spread out in all directions.

"Dao, don't make a fool, otherwise don't blame me!" Shan shouted angrily, and the silver spear in his hand was buzzing.

Wind and Soil did not speak, but their faces were full of anger.

The three were angry, and even angrier when Dao pointed at Shan. "Asshole, what are you talking about? Are you saying that I am a jerk? What is wrong with my attacks? Today I will cut you guys! "

"Dao, cut them, cheer, cheer, cut them!" Somehow, Feng's little body had left Dao's shoulders and appeared on the building next to him, cheering for Dao.

"Hey, then, Feng, look carefully how I cut them!" Dao laughed and rushed towards Shan.

"Damn!" Shan cursed, and rushed up with his spear immediately, and shouted, "Dao, don't think I'm afraid of you!"

With a loud bang, the two collided in the void, slamming spears, and the sound of crickets continued.

Wind and Soil looked at each other, and their bodies were about to leave. Let Shan fight with the mad man!

However, though the idea was good, when the two of them moved, Shan and Dao were attacked at the same time.

Dao felt that Shan alone was not enough for him to play, and he said to cut them all, he would cut them all.

As for Shan's attempt to prevent the two from leaving, it was entirely based on the idea of ​​share attacks- He was entangled by a mad person, and you should stay with me being attacked.

Although the Wind and Soil do not want to fight with Dao, they will fight back against Dao attacks if they can't escape.

Immediately, the four major Spirit Captains battled over Lingji Street to make a group, and the Spirit Captain-level coercion pervaded half a Lingji Street.

Anyone who felt this coercion looked up in the direction of the four men fighting.

Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo also felt this coercion. The two were not surprised. In a hurry, both of them came up with the same idea. The more chaos caused, the easier they get their goal.

At the same time, the two flew to the accident site from respective sites at the same time, flying towards the fighting site, and at the same time tried to release their own coercion.

Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian are ready to fight, and they are going to make the situation more chaotic and involve more Spirit Captain-level strong players into this battle.

Feeling the coercion of the two, there is also other Spirit Captains' coercion surged all over Lingji Street, and each jumps into the sky, flying towards the fighting site!

For a moment, the entire Lingji Street was shrouded in Spirit Captain-level coercion.

Carefully sneaking on Xuan Nv Lingling Street ready to touch towards the Lingwang Palace, feeling this coercion, Xuan Nv's brows raised inexorably, there are several coercions that made her feel great pressure.

This makes Xuan Nv also have to be lamented. There are really many powerful people in this dimension. If they all go to the real world, it will definitely bring a lot of turmoil to the real world, and her mind is more firm about the idea of blocking the source of evil spirits.

"What's going on over Lingji Street? Why are there so many battles today? Couldn't it be Xuan Zhen and others made it?" In a peculiarly shaped building, Xuan Kong felt continuous super power waves coming from Lingji Street. Xuan Kong frowned and whispered.

Xuan Kong thinks it is really possible. Otherwise, although Lingji Street had fought in the past, it was still quiet as a whole, and it would never suddenly be as messy as it is now.

Although it seems that the riot may be caused by Xuan Huo and others, Xuan Kong did not intend to meet Xuan Huo and others.

His current status is very special, he can't leave here at will, let alone reveal his own strength. People with Spirit Captain-level strength are famous in this world.

Although he was about to break through to the Black level as a Spirit Captain, Xuan Kong still needs to wait, and it also depends on time. He is still at the Yellow level. He is still far away from the Black level. If his strength is revealed, his identity will be exposed.

Xuan Kong carefully hides himself, because he is now working with the smartest person, or evil spirit in this dimension.

It is possible that a small difference will expose his identity.

"Kong, what are you thinking? I said that you should not be distracted when doing experiments. If the experiment fails, you will be an experimental rat!" A voice murmured loudly.

Xuan Kong hurriedly replied, with a look of panic on his face, respectfully said: "Master, sorry, I will no being distracted anymore!"

"Hmm, there is another experiment for you and me next time!" Mater hummed coldly and re-deluged the experiment. He made no response to the battle on Lingji Street.

Xuan Kong nodded again and again, and began a serious experiment with a very strange-looking person.

Master's brain is transparent, and he can see the brain clearly, and even the sparks that flash when information is transmitted between neurons.

Master, is the director of the evil spirits research institute, and also a powerful Spirit Captain, the specific level is unknown, because no one has ever seen his attack.

At this time, in the underground.

Xuan Shui was scolding in his heart. After recovering his memory, he found that he had become a sewer worker and was responsible for cleaning up sewer garbage.

This made Xuan Shui very speechless, and did not expect that a group of evil spirits would also generate various garbage.

If he hadn't found a chance to sneak into the Lingwang Palace from the underground, he would have already quit this job.

He also felt the battle on the ground of Lingji Street, but Xuan Shui didn't think much, he just wanted to enter the Lingwang Palace to search earlier.

"Hahaha, happy, I haven't been so happy for a long time, and it really is the most interesting fighting!" Dao laughed, Dao kept waving in his hands, and huge swords continued to cut against the three.

Dao himself suppresses Shan, Wind, and Soil. In addition to Dao's strong strength, it is also because Shan won't cooperate with Wind and Soil. If the three can cooperate sincerely, although they may not be able to kill Dao, it was not suppressed by Dao from the beginning.


The huge sword was chopped on the condensed stone shield of Soil Spirit Captain, making a muffled sound. At the same time as the stone shield was broken, Soil Spirit Captain was also flown out. A huge wound appeared on the chest of Soil Spirit Captain, flowing outwards, terrifying!