Chapter 172 Butter Churner

"Dao, Shan fights with Wind and Soil now, let's take a look, it's very interesting!" A small figure jumped from the ground to the branches of a large tree, facing a man who is crossing his leg lying on the branch, with a scar on his face.

"Ah?" Dao opened his eyes and said, "Interesting? How interesting is it? It would be more interesting if we added!"

"Huh? Does Dao want to fight too?" the little kid asked with a tilted head, then her eyes lit up sharply, and giggled: "Wow, good wow, Feng wants to fight too!"

Dao reached out his hand and rubbed Feng's head vigorously: "Fight? I never fight? I only cut people, yeah haha ... cut people, haha, cut people are the most fun, go, Feng, follow me to cut people, cut them all, okay? "

Dao stood up with a strange smile and leaped down from the tree.

"Cut people off, cut people off!" Feng hugged Dao's neck and jumped down with Dao.

Hey ~ Dao landed heavily on the ground, and then reached out a hand, a huge long knife fell from the tree, and Dao grabbed it.

Then he kicked, soared into the sky, and then he kept jumping on the roof of Lingji Street.

"Dao, who are we going to cut first?" Feng asked, sitting on Dao's shoulder.

"Cut whoever you meet, hahaha! Is it OK?" Dao laughed.

"Okay!" Feng grinned, and then asked, "What if I meet the Spirit King?"

"Then was cut him also, but the Spirit King may be a bit difficult to cut. I didn't cut it last time!" Dao said indifferently, clearly not caring to the Spirit King of this world.

"Well, Dao's knife is not sharp enough!" Feng nodded and said.


Suddenly there was an explosion in the distance, and a huge plume of smoke soared into the sky, and Dao grinned at this: "Are they over there?"

Immediately, Dao turned, flew in the direction of the smoke, and said, "Feng, why did Shan fight? They have been restrained not to fight for a long time."

Feng smiled: "Haha, today, a new Spirit Captain was born, defeated Bobby, and then escaped from the hands of Shan in the case of serious injuries. Shan did not succeed in killing the newcomer.

Wind and Soil are here to save the newcomer. Shan didn't find the newcomer, so he could only fight with the two! "

"Newcomer?" Dao sniffed slightly after hearing the words. "Interesting, since the newcomer was able to escape from Shan's attacks, it means this newcomer is strong enough. Feng, do you know where the newcomer is? Let's cut the newcomer, OK? What is the power of the newcomer! "

"Okay, okay!" Feng nodded. "But Feng doesn't know where the newcomer is?"

"Ah? Hahaha, you don't know! It doesn't matter, it will always come out, let's go and kill Shan before they say it!"

"Huh!" Feng nodded, again and again, Dao was always right.


"Wind Storm!" Wind Spirit Captain roared, and a storm spawned out towards Shan.

The silver spears flashed in Shan's hands, and a series of attacks bombarded the storm, dispersing the storm, and the scattered storm destroyed the houses on both sides of the street.

"Shan, what did you do to the newcomer Spirit Captain?" Roared Soil Spirit Captain, his fists bombarded from the air, and a huge rock fist blasted from the ground to Shan in the air.

Shan flickered in the air, avoiding the attack of Soil Spirit Captain, and laughed, "Who knows? Maybe he's dead?"

"Fuck!" Hearing it, Wind Spirit Captain roared, "Shan, you are so arrogant, you dare to betray the King's rules and kill the newcomer Spirit Captain. What have you done?"

Hmm ... A huge wind blade kept cutting at Shan.

Dangdangdang ... Shan's spear fluttered, and he flew one blade at a time, and said, "Oh? What crime do I have, the King sets the rules, aiming to obtain strong talents, not to recruit waste. I just working for the King, and I'm not guilty at all!

"Chicanery!" Soil Spirit Captain also roared, and stone cones flew from the ground, stabbing at Shan.

"See my spear!" Shan's silver spear danced, countless spear shadows covered the void, and blocked all attacks. At the same time, many spear shadows crossed the space and stabbed two Spirit Captains. In a one-to-two battle, Shan is not in a disadvantaged state, and he can fight back.

Wind and Soil quickly retreated, leaving Shan's attack range.

Shan's power is matched with the spear's attacking. Although they are extremely powerful, they are also familiar with Shan's shortcomings. Shan's attack cannot be attacked beyond a certain range.

"Hey!" Shan laughed when he saw this: "You guys are also coward. Why don't you dare to fight with me closer? You should also die, kill!"

Shan yelled at the two, and Shan knew more about his shortcomings, so he wouldn't let the two leave too far.

Just as the three battles, a figure landed from the sky and banged in the middle of the three.

Immediately, Shan and others who fought fiercely, stopped, and looked at the figure that appeared.

Shan looked awkwardly: "Dao, Feng, why are you two here?"

Dao Spirit Captain glanced at Shan and hummed, "You can be here, why can't I be here?"

Alas, can it be the same?

Shan, Wind and Soil, all three scolded at the same time.

In the eyes of the Civilian Spirit Captain faction and the Noble Spirit Captain faction, Dao and Feng, the two butter churners, each time they appear. They will make things worse, otherwise, things will never end.

It can be said that both sides are disgusted to Dao and Feng.

However, there are no other options for them. Feng is not that scary, Dao is terribly strong. The most important thing is that this guy fights, it is really terrible!

The eyes of Shan, Wind, and Soil communicated with each other, and the desire to continue fighting was extinguished instantly. Dao doesn't want to fight at this time.


The three thoughts came to mind at the same time, and then they turned around and left.

"Oh shit!"

Dao was angry and shouted, "Why stop now? Are you guys look down on me? I hacked you, and if you don't cut me today, I will hack you!"

Dao cut three times in an instant, three huge sword waves spread out, wrapped in horror and cut down to Shan, Wind, and Soil.

"Dao, you jerk!" Shan, Wind, and Soil all roared at the same time, did not expect Dao would attack immediately, this guy is really so mad!