Chapter 171 Escape

"Huh? You guess right, good insight? But, though you guessed right, there is nothing different. Your ending is still to die" Shan expressed surprise at Su Yu's insight, but that's it.

There are too many people who know what he is capable of at Lingji Street, but except for a few people who can crack his attacks with great strength, others can only withstand or evade his attacks.

Shan doesn't think Su Yu can crack his moves.

SaSa ~ Shan pulled the spear out of Su Yu's body, poked a hole, and brought out a large piece of blood.

Soon, Su Yu felt weak for a while, and then he took a few steps back to stand still.

Trouble, this guy is stronger than he thought, Su Yu thought somberly. As Shan said, although he can see that Shan's power is related to space, there is no way to crack it.

Sa ~ Shan's spear pierced the air and stabbed at Su Yu again, not giving Su Yu extra relaxing time.

Su Yu moved at his feet, his body slamming back.

The sharp point of the gun appeared suddenly at Su Yu's throat. If Su Yu didn't retreat fast enough, Shan's shot would pierce his throat.

"Haha, you can hide quickly. You can avoid my spear once, but can you avoid for ten shots and one hundred shots?" Shan laughed, and then snarled, the speed of attack suddenly increased several times. Spears pierced very fast again, and the shadows of spears were scattered in the void.

Uh ...

Su Su had been pierced for dozens of times, and blood holes appeared on Su Yu's body. If it wasn't because Su Yu retreated in time several times, Shan's move could stab him more holes as if a honeycomb.

Of course, although Su Yu retreat in time, he was still severely injured and lost too much blood. Su Yu felt dark before his eyes.

Su Yu managed to control the muscles to seal the wound and not let the blood flow out.

Su Yu wiped a handful of blood on his chin: "Well, this is all your attack? You are so arrogant, it's not enough to kill me!"

Hearing that Shan's eyelids moved, smiled: "Civilian, are you trying to anger me? It's useless, only the weak will be irritated with words for no reason, you can go to death!"

"It is still no conclusion who is going to die!" Su Yu yelled, "Big Bang fist!"

Su Yu's punch was not directed at Shan's spear. In Shan's surprised 'look', Su Yu's fist slammed on the ground.

"What is this guy doing?" Shan felt wrong, raising doubts in his heart.

There was a loud quake, and a huge earthquake struck the ground, and a cobweb-like crack spread in all directions, as Su Yu the center.

Hum ~

Shock power surged, and the sound of cracked glass crackling sounded, and another layer of cracks centered on Su Yu, spreading in all directions, and the air was also covered with cracks, covering a hundred meters.

With the sound of Kara, the air shattered, the earth rumbling, the earth cracked, and countless earth and rocks burst into the sky.

The crags collided with Shan's spear, making a dense sound of gold and iron fighting.

"Abominable!" Shan cursed. He did not expect that Su Yu would crack his attack in this way. Looking at the smoke and dust, Shan continued: "Very good! Very thoughtful. You were the first one to use this method to crack my attacks.

Civilian, you are very nice, so I will not let you live. "


No one answered, and there wasn't even any sound. Shan frowned, his long gun fluttered, a strong wind was blown, and the smoke was scattered.

Then Shan stunned for a moment. There was no figure of Su Yu in the dust. Shan's blue tendons pumping on his forehead. The dull look gradually began to crease, and gritted his teeth. Me? Ah, I must kill you! "

At this point, Shan finally understood that Su Yu's move just wasn't to crack his attacks at all, but to prepare for escape.

Su Yu was also pretending that he will desperately battle with him. It was for confusing him.

Su Yu succeeded, and escaped under his success.

Shan was furious, quickly looking around for Su Yu's figure, and finally found a trace of blood on the dilapidated ground, and extended towards Lingji Street.

"Very good. Want to hide in Lingji Street? I'll see where you can hide!"

Shan had rushed into Lingji Street, and the gate was closed again after Shan entered.

"Get out of here, civilians, don't run! You coward!" Shan chased Su Yu along with the bloodstains for a while and found that the bloodstains had been disappeared. Shan could only scream while standing high in the sky.

"Don't run? Fools don't run away!"

Su Yu, who was hiding in the dark, murmured in his heart. He glanced at Shan, who was flying fast in the sky searching for his trail. Su Yu hid deeper.

Su Yu had no intention of desperately trying to fight with Shan. When he first saw Shan, Su Yu had already planned to run away.

As for why he was willing to fight with Bobby, it was because Su Yu was confident that he could save his life even if he was not Bobby's opponent.

But in the face of Shan, Su Yu was not sure. So, how could Su Yu, who loves life, fight with Shan?

How stupid would he be if he trying to fight with Shan!

Su Yu will bet his life unless there is no other solution.

Su Yu found a quiet, unattended room, and Su Yu hid in. Su Yu felt something, after fighting Bobby, and then fighting Shan, and finally, he reached a point. Quantitative accumulation caused a qualitative change. Su Yu's level is about to start improving.

However, it will take some time to complete the upgrade.

"When my power rises to the Black level, I'll go out and fight against you!" Su Yu whispered, the power of the body's ever-changing power, and then he fainted completely.

And Su Yu didn't know it, Lingji Street, which is quiet on weekdays, started to become noisy gradually because of his arrival.

In the sky, looking for Shan who hadn't found any trace of Su Yu for a long time, at the moment, became angrier, Su Yu disappeared under his eyelids, making Shan feel awkward at this moment.

"Damn!" Shan whispered, his heart was so depressed and he needed to find someone to vent.

Exactly, Shan saw Wind and Soil coming to this site. He grinned suddenly: "Just right, I can not find the newcomer to kill.  You two are also good choices."

Then, Shan rushed towards the Civilian Spirit Captains, Wind, and Soil.


The battle between Noble Spirit Captain and Civilian Spirit Captain begins!