Chapter 170 Shan

Looking at Bobby's anger and trying to hit someone, but he dare not to shoot, Su Yu almost wanna laugh.

Then, shaking his head, Su Yu was preparing to walk towards Lingji Street.

However, just after raising his feet, Su Yu felt a chill coming from head to toe.

Brush ~

A silver brilliance burst out from the door, flashing in Su Yu's eyes, stabbing Bobby next to him!


Bobby screamed, and he was taken out by the silver halo. He flew out hundreds of meters before falling to the ground, and blood spouted from Bobby's mouth.

Huh ~ A gust of wind was blowing in front, and a figure flickered in front of Su Yu.

Then, Su Yu saw a figure stepping on Bobby's body. Su Yu can only see his back, unable to see his appearance.

"Who are you?" Su Yu asked. Su Yu felt great pressure and hostility on the man who suddenly appeared.

"Civilian, shut up, I don't have time to deal with you right now, and I'll entertain you warmly later!" Shan shouted, without looking back.

Su Yu's forehead twitched up. This man is more arrogant than Bobby!

"Shan, Shan Spirit Captain !?" Bobby now recognized who attacked him, and he felt great pain. Looking at Shan stepping on him, there were countless fears in his heart.

"Bobby Spirit Captain, you were a strong Spirit Captain. Are you weak now, not strong enough even to kill a civilian? Or are you not doing your best?" Shan said indifferently, but his tone was full of a chill and coldness.

"No, no, Shan Spirit Captain, Bobby did my best, this civilian is very strong, is ..."


Before Bobby's words were finished, Shan stomped down and said, "Shut up, I said you didn't do your best. You can go to die now. King doesn't need a Spirit Captain like you!"

"Don't, don't, Shan Spirit Captain, don't kill Bobby, Bobby can play for King!" Bobby roared in horror, knowing that the man in front of him was terrible and would kill him indeed.

"Huh? Well, play for King? What a good proposal, let's talk about how you plan to work for King?" Shan said with a smile.

"Bobby, Bobby, Bobby can kill that civilian!" Bobby said.

Su Yu: "???"

"Huh? A great proposal, just as I said, Bobby Spirit Captain did not do your best. Now, give you another chance, go and kill him!" Shan chuckled, and then he yanked out the spear that pierced Bobby's body and let Bobby stand up.

Su Yu watched at Shan, frown tightly, and the sudden appearance of the man who made him more vigilant.

At this moment, strong coercion rose from Bobby's body, the soil super power bloomed on Bobby's body, and the earth shuddered slightly.


Bobby stepped heavily on the ground, his body stood up, his eyes looked at Su Yu red.

Su Yu frowned, and said, "Bobby, what do you want to do? I have beaten you down already!"

"I want you to die!" Bobby roared, and then rushed towards Su Yu, rumblingly, countless earth and stone gathered on Bobby's fist, and a huge rock fist with a diameter of ten meters was formed in an instant, crashing towards Su Yu.

Boom, the ground shook, and a huge pit was bombarded by Bobby.

Su Yu waved his body, dodging Bobby's blow, watching Bobby whose blood keeps spurting, "Hey, big man, don't move now, otherwise, you're going to die!"

"Go to death, as long as you, civilian is dead, Bobby will not die!" Bobby yelled, his fists kept waving, and he attacked Su Yu casually.

However, such an attack can't touch Su Yu. Bobby is already at the end of his life. His attack speed is now much worse than before, and he doesn't bring any sense of danger to Su Yu at all.

Moreover, Bobby was constantly weakening, the attack speed was getting slower, and the strength was getting smaller and smaller.

This way, without Su Yu's counterattack, Bobby can consume his power himself.

Of course, Su Yu didn't have enough time to waste with Bobby, because his power was not much left. He didn't want to waste it.

The most important thing is that there is Shan beside him, Su Yu feels that he needs enough power to guard against this dangerous man.

So Su Yu moved, started to fight back, and snorted, appeared in front of Bobby, hit an uppercut, and banged on Bobby's chin.

With a loud crash, Bobby's bulky body was blown up by Su Yu.

Then Su Yu kicks Bobby out again, and Bobby flew far away, fell to the ground and passed out.

Pa pa pa!

Applause rang, Shan said, "Yes, yes! It looks like Bobby did her best indeed, civilians, you are strong!"

Su Yu heard, his eyes narrowed, didn't speak, but just looked at Shan, self-defending secretly.

"Huh? Don't talk?" When Su Yu didn't speak, Shan froze, and then looked somber. "I hate people who don't answer my questions. You make me feel annoying, very annoying!"

"You are so sick!" Su Yu said. "What do you want to do? I don't want to waste time with you here."

Speaking, Su Yu moved slowly towards Lingji Street, facing Shan, and was carefully defending not to expose his back to this man.

"Well, you're right!" Shan grinned. "I don't have time to spend with you neither, so you can go to die. Lingji Street is not somewhere you civilians can step into."

The words did not fall, Shan had already moved, and his body turned into a residual image and rushed towards Su Yu, the silver spear in his hand, stabbing towards Su Yu.

Su Yu's heartbeat suddenly faster and felt a crisis. This guy was much more dangerous than Bobby. Without any reservation, he punched towards Shan's spear.

"Big Bang fist!" Su Yu growled in his heart.

However, Su Yu was stunned the next moment, because he thought his fist can block the attack of the spear, but he failed.

The moment Su Yu's fist hit Shan's spear, Shan's spear disappeared in front of Su Yu's eyes. The first half suddenly disappeared, leaving only the half of the gun still in Shan's hand.

"What's going on?" Su Yu shouted, and his heart beating faster.

At this moment, a smile was raised at the corner of Shan's mouth, and the disappearing tip of the gun appeared again, and coming out from Su Yu's fist like the phenomenon of refraction in water.

With a short click, Shan's spear pierced Su Yu's chest, piercing Su Yu directly.

"Hey ~" Su Yu spit out blood and looked at Shan. "Your super power is space?"

The sudden disappearance and appearance of Shan's spear made Su Yu think of a possibility that this man's power is absolutely related to space.