Chapter 17 Xuan Nv Was So Cool!

"This ... so beautiful!" After walking through the dark corridor, Su Yu suddenly saw a bright light.

In front of Su Yu is a huge underground cave, and the rocks in the cave are milky white and exude a faint fluorescence.

Therefore, the entire underground cave is bright enough. Not far from Su Yu, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu also stare at it all.

There are many pillars of different thicknesses in the cave that are vertically connected from the cave top to the ground like pillars supporting the dome.

"What kind of landform is this?" Su Yu wondered. It was the first time I saw such a strange landform.

Xuan Mu shook his head slightly, and he looked surprised, saying, "This may be the landform that has been preserved from ancient times to the present!"

Xuan Nv didn't speak, but stared at a huge stone pillar, and said softly, "Be careful, the Ancient Giant is here!"

As soon as Xuan Nv's voice sounded, a loud roar sounded in the cave, coming from behind the huge stone pillar.


The huge roar sounded like a wolf and a tiger, deafening, and the whole cave seemed to tremble in the roar!


Heavy footsteps sounded, and three huge figures appeared from behind the stone pillar. He rushed towards Su Yu with a big stride, and roared in a language that Su Yu did not understand!

Seeing this, Su Yu just gasped and said, "Is this the ancient Giant? It's so tall, it really is a Giant!"

The three Giants are extremely tall, the shortest is 5 meters tall, the tallest one is close to 6 meters, and the height of the two-story building.

"Wow, Giant, Ah, I didn't expect to have a chance to see such legendary creatures. If they were brought back, the Xuan Laogua and Xuan Yi should be very happy! Unfortunately, I just don't know what they are talking about." Xuan Mu called, looking at the three Giants is as if like looking at three collectibles.

"Don't care, follow the plan!" Xuan Nv said lightly, with a sword out of her sheath in her hand, jumping from the ground, and her body flew to against the Giant.

Xuan Mu shrugged, "Okay, I obey orders!"

Xuan Mu's body emits a bright green light, and the entire person becomes green. Numerous green light spots wave out and fall on the ground. Immediately above the ground, there are countless thick vines that grow like pythons, rushing towards the three Giants.


Suddenly a roar sounded, like a big bang, and the shock waves of terror spread.

At this moment, Xuan Nv collided with the six-meter-tall Giant, and Xuan Nv's sharp sword was chopped on the Giant's fist, making a huge sound.

The Giant's fist was tougher than the imaginary. He suffered a sword from Xuan Nv, but he had just a wound that was several tens of centimeters long. There was blood flowing out and it was red.

Such a long wound can only be considered a skin trauma to the Giant.

Xuan Nv struck the Giant once, her body flew back and fell to Xuan Mu's side, and said, "Be careful, the Giant's defense is very strong. It will be difficult to kill in one hit!

Xuan Mu, cooperates with me, bind the Giants with your vines, and give me a little time to re-attack! "

Then the long sword returned to the sheath and made a sword-drawing action. Su Yu was obviously able to feel a strong force converging on the black sword of Xuan Nv, which was amazing.

"OK!" Xuan Mu yelled, and his hands were slapped on the ground. Numerous green rays poured into the ground. The vines became fierce and twirled like a green wave to the three Giants.

"... # 2 # ¥% 2" The three Giants spoke unclear meaning words, rushed forward, and slammed into the green vine waves, and suddenly the vines were broken by the impact.

However, there are too many vines rushing to them, though they have broken many vines, the three Giants were destroying far less than the speed of Xuan Mu making, and they were drowned in the rushing vines in a blink.

Soon, they were being tied up, and couldn't escape immediately.

"Xuan Nv!" Xuan Mu yelled again.

The Xuan Nv who stood still before heard the words of Xuan Mu, her eyes burst into bright light, even the mask could not cover it, the sword came out of the sheath, slashing into the three giants.

"Gravity Sword!" At the same time, Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Ohm ~~~

At that time, a buzzing sounded in the air, and a huge transparent arc-shaped slash flew from Xuan Nv's sword.

The oppressed air wailed to make this sound.

The speed of slashing is actually extremely fast, and in a short time, it falls to the three giants.

The roar rang, and the tenacious vines were crushed into nothingness by the gravity of Xuan Nv, and then banged on the three giants without hindrance.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The three giants immediately flew out in a bow shape, and the sound of crackling in the bones echoed in the cave. The three giant giants also had cracks on their iron-like flesh, and countless blood splashed out.

The three giants were chopped and bombarded by gravity for several hundred meters. They stopped until they hit the cave walls, and three huge potholes crashed. Then they fell down from the stone wall like three piles of mud.

"Finish!" Xuan Mu clapped his hands and stood up from the ground.

"Let's go, seal their bodies and take back to Monsters Detective Bureau!" Xuan Nv's sword returned to the sheath, took out the Seal Stick and walked towards the three Giants, and at the same time said to Su Yu: "Su Yu, go and find out if there is any surviving villager of Xiaoyan Village in this cave, if not, bring their bodies back! "

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu came back from his thought, he was stunned at Xuan Nv's fighting. Su Yu didn't want to admit that he was shocked by Xuan Nv. The Gravity Sword of Xuan Nv was so cool!

In addition to cool, Su Yu couldn't find out what words to describe correctly.

At that moment, the woman was really cool!

Of course, in addition to being shocked, Su Yu also felt that her hopes of leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau were getting slimmer and weaker. Its members were so strong, he was difficult to escape.

It can only escape with wisdom, not fight against. Su Yu thought so in his heart and set as his guideline for his future actions.

"Ok!" Though thought these in his heart, his mouth was sweet, trotting away towards the giant pillar that appeared next to the giant, but just a few steps away, Su Yu just felt a strong wave of power from the ground, and Xuan Nv walked on it.

After feeling the power fluctuation, the brain hasn't had time to think, but Su Yu's body is moving and fling towards Xuan Nv!