Chapter 169 Victory

"How is that possible?" Bobby turned hard, looking at the blood-stained figure, his face was unbelievable.

How could he still stand up after being battered so many times?

Why give him a creepy feeling.

Bobby was upset at this moment, watched by Su Yu's fierce eyes, and felt a sense of being stared at by a peerless beast.

Bobby swallowed hard, secretly admonishing himself to be calm, the civilian in front of him was just bluffing.

Su Yu wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, and said, "Big man, you hit me enough times, now it's my turn to hit you !?"

"Crazy, arrogant!" shouted Bobby: "You're weak like this now, and you still want to fight with Bobby? Bobby never bullies the disabled, civilians, Bobby doesn't wanna kill you. You leave now, Bobby can let you go! "

"Uh ..."

Su Yu laughed when he heard Bobby saying, "Big man, I know, you are scared now!"

"Scared? Bobby will be scared?" Bobby shouted when he heard it. His face flushed. "Civilian, since you have decided to die, Bobby is not mercy, die!"

Om ~ Bobby turned the handle of the ax, tearing the air, and chopped down towards Su Yu, with a scowl on his face.


The next moment, when a loud noise came, Bobby's expression completely stiffened, and he looked at Su Yu with a terrible look. His huge ax cut was caught by one hand.

"Damn!" After the horror, Bobby was furious, trying hard to pull back the ax, but couldn't pull it any more, as if a huge mountain was dragged on the ax.

"Not enough!"

Su Yu's voice sounded, "Bobby, do you have enough power? Not enough, not enough, just give me more pressure, just a little worse, can't you work hard?"

"Fuck, what the hell are you talking about? Bobby doesn't understand, let go of your hand!" Bobby growled.

"Forget it, let me defeat you first!" Su Yu whispered, his blue halo and a blue circle appeared at the same time, his dual powers broke out, and he grabbed the hand of the giant ax, and the shock power surged.

The sound of glass shattering sounded, the crack spread, and then cracked.

The huge ax shattered into large and small pieces.

Bobby was at the moment when the giant ax broke, unstably sitting on the ground, looking at the half of the ax in his hand for a while: his huge ax was destroyed?

Huge blue blood vessels bounced on the forehead of Great Ax Bobby, anger burning, and shouted, "Abominable, you damn civilian, dare to destroy Bobby's weapon. I will kill you!"

The earthy yellow light on Bobby's body shone brightly, converging towards his palms, and a blast of air blasted, falling down towards Su Yu.

"A lot of nonsense!" Su Yu said, with a snoring sound, Su Yu's figure moved, flashed in front of Bobby, and punched Bobby's belly.

The horrible power slammed inwardly of Bobby's abdomen in an instant, and at the same time, the horrible punch broke out in Bobby's body. Ah, Bobby couldn't help spitting blood.

At the same time, as the punches broke out, the shock power also began to surge, and the sound of cracking of the glass continued to sound, starting from Su Yu's fist, and the cracks spread out, completely covering Bobby.

With the sound of Kara, the air broke up, and the earth's sky shook at the same time, and huge fissures appeared on the earth.

"Ah ~" Bobby screamed, his huge body flew, and horrible scars appeared on Bobby's body.

Sa ~ Su Yu has no mercy, like blue lightning, chasing towards Bobby, and when he is near Bobby, he kicks Bobby out vigorously, kicking Bobby's huge body to the sky.


Su Yu's feet slammed, the ground exploded, Su Yu soared into the sky, and rushed towards Bobby.

"I hit! I hit! I hit! I hit! I hit! I hit ..."

Su Yu punched in a row, Bobby hit each other, Su Yu hit hundreds of punches in a few moments.

In the air, Bobby was stunned by Su Yu's continuous heavy punches.

Boom ~ Finally, Bobby slammed heavily on the ground and smashed a huge pit above the ground.

Su Yu was standing aside, panting. And he finally won, the fighting with Bobby.

"Hoo ~" Su Yu exhaled a murky white gas, and finally couldn't help but slumped on the ground, the wound on his body, and Su Yu couldn't help grinning his teeth.

After a short break, Su Yu felt his strength recovered a little, Su Yu kicked Bobby, and said, "Hey, the big man woke up, I won, how can I get in !?"

Su Yu looked at the still-closed door. The door did not open though he defeated Bobby!

Su Yu kicked Bobby a few more times, and Bobby finally woke up slowly, watching Su Yu's eyes. He felt extremely complicated.

"Hey, big man, do you still want to fight? You are not my opponent anymore!" Su Yu frowned at Bobby, looking a little unhappy.

"Don’t fight, Bobby lost. Bobby keeps his promise and you can enter Lingji Street!" Bobby shook his head gently, and then he got up with all his strength and walked towards the gate: "Bobby will now open the gates for you! "

Su Yu heard a sigh of relief, followed behind Bobby and walked towards the gate.

When he came to the gate, Bobby stretched out a palm and reached the gate. There was a glorious glow on the gate, which swept across Bobby's palm.


The next moment, the earth shook in a loud noise, and the gate rose slowly and incredibly heavy.

Su Yu grinned at this, but this gate is automatic?

"Civilian, what's your name? You defeated Bobby, and you have the right to tell Bobby your name!" Said Bobby as the door slowly opened.

Su Yu couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth, and said secretly that Bobby was really an arrogant person. Su Yu sometimes disliked this kind of pretentious guy, snorted and said, "You won't be qualified to know my name!"

(╬ ̄  ̄)

When Bobby heard the words, he was furious and wanted to hit Su Yu, but he has to bear it.

"Go in, hum. After entering, there will be a special receptionist telling you, Spirit Captain's duties and obligations, and other related matters!"

Exactly, the door was completely open at this time, Bobby snorted, and let Su Yu go in. He won't be angry anymore as long as Su Yu disappeared in front of him!