Chapter 168 Playing Well? Is It My Turn?

At the same time, the battle between Su Yu and Great Ax Bobby became more intense.

Great Ax Bobby chopped with an ax as if chopping the void, slamming and chopping on the ground, the 100-meter-wide ground nearby instantly collapsed and collapsed, and at the same time, countless huge stones rose into the sky, jumping towards Su Yu blasted away.

Su Yu's fists punched out very fast, leaving a trail of shadows in the void and striking at the fast stones.

Boom! boom! boom!

A huge piece of rock was broken down by Su Yu's volley, and it fell into small pieces felling in the ground.

It is like gravel rain.

"Civilian, die!" Bobby roared, his huge body soared into the sky, and his ax fell down towards Su Yu.

Whit a loud noise, Su Yu's fist collided with Bobby's ax in the air, the earthy light, and blue arc interweave in the air, Su Yu's super power and Great Ax Bobby's soil power collided.

The next moment, Su Yu's body flew out like a hit baseball.

After playing against Bobby at the Black level, who used a single super power, Su Yu fell into a disadvantage.

After flying a few hundred meters, Su Yu landed on the ground and plowed two deep trenches on the ground with his feet.

On ticking, there was blood dripping from Su Yu's fist, and Su Yu's right fist was cut open to a deep wound to the bone.

Of course, Bobby was also injured. Su Yu's strength power passed to him through the giant ax, which made his arms paralyzed.

Moreover, Su Yu hit a big nick on Bobby's huge ax.

Bang... Great Ax Bobby strode towards Su Yu, and he lifted a huge ax to cut Su Yu.

Sa ~ Su Yu moved, avoiding the edge of the ax, banged on the body of the ax, leaving a clear punch mark on it, and the ax was missed by Su Yu's punch.

Su Yu moved forward and his leg swept on the legs of Great Ax Bobby.

Ah, Bobby roared, his legs bent, and almost kneeled on the ground.

"Damn!" roared Great Ax Bobby, punching towards Su Yu!

Huh! Bobby's huge fist slammed on the ground, smashing a huge hole into the ground.

Su Yu had already escaped early. Su Yu's foot hit the air, and his body hit Bobby's chest like a shell.

There was a loud muffled sound, and Su Yu's impact force rebounded, and Great Ax Bobby hit back and fell to the ground.

Sa ~ Su Yu just landed, rushing towards Bobby who wanted to get up, and then rushed up to the sky. When he reached the highest point, he raised his elbow and the whole person fell like a meteorite.


Su Yu's elbow slammed into Bobby's throat, and immediately smashed a crushing depression there.

If Bobby is a normal human, Su Yu's blow can completely defeat him.

But Great Ax Bobby is not a normal human, but an evil spirit. Being attacked on such a part of the throat can only make him lose his voice for a short time, but not fatal injuries.

However, the pain can still make Great Ax Bobby feel mad. His eyes turned red like blood when he was hit by Su Yu.

Bobby's hands covered the throat and rolling all over the ground, for a while, he was impossible to effectively organize defense and counterattack.

Su Yu seized this opportunity, and began to speed up the attack on Bobby.

Su Yu began to gain the upper hand.

Of course, this is only temporary. Soon, the pain disappeared. Great Ax Bobby resumed his combat power and said hoarsely: "Civilian, Bobby has already angry, Bobby must be serious!"

Then, Bobby's feet slammed heavily on the ground, powerful coercion rose from Bobby. The soil super power surged as if waters being boiled. His body was wrapped in earth-light, and it was extremely thick. Breath radiated from Bobby.

Su Yu's expression instantly changed, and finally felt the power at the Black Level strong in Bobby's body.

With a bang, the ground under Bobby's feet exploded, and Bobby rushed towards Su Yu at a terrible speed, wherever he passed, the ground broke.

"So fast!" Su Yu saw that he was startled and was about to dodge.

But in front of it, Great Ax Bobby came to the front with a smirk, and at this moment, Su Yu had no speed advantage.


Great Ax Bobby yelled, and a huge ax slashed towards Su Yu.

Su Yu had no time but to raise his arms and stand in front of him to defend.


The next moment, Bobby's giant ax was chopped on Su Yu's arms. A click sounded, and a slight bone fracture sounded. Su Yu was chopped out like a shell. Su Yu felt his arms hurt as if they were broken.

However, the Great Ax Bobby's attack was not over yet, and the huge body moved at an incredible speed, catching up with Su Yu who flew out at high speed. And then Su Yu flew away again by the chopping of the giant ax.

Alas, with the sound, Su Yu flew out in the other direction.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

There was a huge sound in front of the gate, a huge earth-colored figure was moving at a high speed, and the other one was constantly being hit, and there was no chance for Su Yu to landing.

"Come on, Bobby's last attack!" Bobby's huge body leaped high, and his giant ax was also raised above his head, like the yellow sun.


The giant ax was severely chopped on Su Yu, and Su Yu's body fell to the ground like a meteorite.


Su Yu's body fell fiercely on the ground, directly penetrating the ground and deep into the ground.

The rumbling, ground collapsing depression, a huge deep pit with a diameter of hundreds of meters appeared in front of the city gate. Su Yu was covered with blood and lying on the bottom of his pit.


Great Ax Bobby's huge body fell on the edge of the big pit. Looking at Su Yu in the pit, Bobby shouted: "Hou, Bobby is the strongest! Civilian, how can you dare to challenge Bobby? ha ha ha ha ... Kekekeke ... "

Bobby coughed violently, then began to gasp heavily.

Bobby's onslaught was also extremely costly. The super power has already consumed seven or eighty percent. Bobby now feels extremely tired and extremely weak.

After a break, he walked towards the gate with a huge ax. He wanted to take a good rest.

But the next moment, Bobby felt a horror, a terrible breath rose up behind him, and at the same time, a chilling voice sounded: "Did you play well just now? It is my turn now?"