Chapter 167 Reactions

"Patriarch, the people below report that another civilian has challenged the gatekeeper Spirit Captain and wants to enter Lingji Street!"

In the Padma family, one of the four royal families, a housekeeper and some kind of people respectfully came to a man with a red lotus mark at the eyebrow and said respectfully.

The Patriarch of the Padma family——Padma·Higanbana!

Padma·Higanbana is one of the leaders of the noble Spirit Captain faction, and also demonstrated the most severe crackdown on the civilian Spirit Captain faction.

Therefore, every time there is a new civilian challenge, Padma·Higanbana is also the most active person.

Padma · Higanbana said lightly: "Are there civilians still want to challenge? Is it ridiculous, which one is the civilians challenging?? "

The man said: "Patriarch, Bobby."

"East Gate? Go and give Bobby a message and let him kill the challenged civilians, don't let him win!" Padma Higanbana said without emotion.

The housekeeper said, "Yes, Patriarch!"

The steward stepped away respectfully.

Padma · Higanbana said: "Shan, you go and see, I'm not assured of Bobby. If that civilian defeated Bobby, you can test it again and see if he is qualified to become a Spirit Captain for the King!"

A young man with closed eyes holding a spear suddenly appeared in the room and said, "Higanbana Patriarch, you are still so strict."

Padma · Higanbana snorted softly: "The resources of Lingji Street are not for waste."

Shan heard this, smiled slightly, and left with his spear, only his voice remained: "Then, I will go and see, I hope he can pass the test of Bobby, and then fight me and die!"

Padma · Higanbana looked at the Lingwang Palace and said, "King, I won't let some useless garbage work for you!"


"Thunder, there are civilians who are going to challenge the Spirit Captain of the gatekeeper. What are we going to do? There seems to be some action on the noble side. We can no longer let the new Civilian Spirit Captain be suppressed by the nobleman."

In the Civilian Spirit Captain residential area, a man wearing a sky blue robe with a breeze blowing all over his body, said to another man with a mark of lightning on his eyebrow.

"Wind, don't worry, Bobby is not that powerful. We don't know whether he can defeat Bobby yet. It's still early to say these. When he passes Bobby's defense, we can give some help secretly as usual. So don't worry too much.

If he can't resist this pressure, I think it would be suitable for him to return to Civilian Street to live a civilian life! "

Xuan Dian said, in fact, he was speechless now, what the hell should he know what to do?

Yes, this Thunder Spirit Captain is Xuan Dian. Before the memory was restored, he was already Thunder Spirit Captain. He is one of the strong Spirit Captains of Civilian Spirit Captain. After Xuan Dian restored the memory, he felt a little speechless and felt like he was a husky who breaking into a wolf group, very panic.

Fortunately, Xuan Dian is relieved that he has another husky in the wolf pack, Xuan Huo is also here.

Of course, although this identity brings them a lot of danger, and they are surrounded by the Black Level Spirit Captains, it also brings them a lot of conveniences, at least a lot closer to the center of the world, they have much power allows them to further reach the core of this world.

Wind Spirit Captain was silent for a moment and said, "Thunder, you are right, even if we can give him enough help now to make him become a Spirit Captain, but if he does not have a strong will, he will also be suppressed by those bastard nobles in the future. "

"Yes, that's right, but I don't think we can leave everything alone, at least we can't let the noble guy kill the civilians who came to challenge, I think we should send someone to protect it secretly!" Xuan Huo, the other huskies, said.

"Reasonable, but who's going to go?" The other Civilian Spirit Captain nodded in agreement. Who go secretly to protect the newcomers who came to challenge.

"Let's go, I'm trying to compete with those noble bastards!" Wind Spirit Captain said.

After a moment of silence, Civilian Spirit Captains nodded in agreement, but did not let Wind alone to protect the newcomers who came to challenge. Soil Spirit Captain will also go with Wind Spirit Captain.

Xuan Huo and Xuan Dian glanced at each other secretly, with joy in their hearts. The newcomer who came to challenge came just right, which just attracted the attention of ​​many people, which made it easier for them to act.

The two want the Civilian Spirit Captain faction and the Noble Spirit Captain faction would fight together. The more chaotic, the better for them.

Soon, only Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo are left here. Both of them are relieved. They are very tired of pretending. If they don't have the corresponding memories, they should be exposed if they are not careful enough.

"What did you detect yesterday?" Xuan Dian asked softly.

"Nothing was explored, especially the range of the Lingwang Palace could not be reached at all, there was a strong guard behind, in order to avoid suspicion, I glanced and came back. We have to wait for a very good chance for us to enter! "Xuan Huo knew that Xuan Dian was asking about his investigation last night.

Xuan Dian smiled bitterly after hearing the words: "Is there a chance? Then we may have to wait for a long time, there is so many super man in this world!"

Xuan Huo nodded. If there weren't many super man here, they would have broken in.

They did not dare to break in, and if they broke in, they would probably be killed.

Unless, there was a major turmoil, otherwise, they can not enter.

"I don't know where Xuan Zhen and others are now, are they also integrated into this world in another identity like us!" Xuan Huo said.

"I don't know where they are now, but I think they are all working hard to complete the task!" Xuan Dian said.

Then the two separated and returned to their current house, waiting for the opportunity to come.

On the other side, Xuan Nv who entered Jijie Street yesterday also started to act. After a period of observation, she knew that the nobleman who brought her to Lingji Street was lived in a very remote place. As long as she acts carefully enough, it is difficult for others to detect.

So when the noble wanted to do something to her, Xuan Nv took the action and killed all the Spirit Captains of this noble's family into ice sculptures. Before others notice this situation, no one would find Xuan Nv's presence.

At the same time, Xuan Kong and Xuan Shui also came to Lingji Street through their own means, and began operations secret.