Chapter 166 Great Ax Bobby

Xuan Nv entered Lingji Street on her own advantage. Su Yu did not know where Xuan Huo and others were.

So, after he spent another day in Civilian Street and still could not find any loopholes that could enter Lingji Street, Su Yu was decided to break in.

Although it may cause great attention, there is no other way.

There are four roads from Civilian Street to Lingji Street, and each road connects to this gate.

And each city gate has a strong Spirit Captain as the gatekeeper.

If civilians want to enter Lingji Street, as long as they defeat the Spirit Captain, they will automatically become Spirit Captain and have the right to live in Lingji Street.

The danger level of the Spirit Captain is at the Black level eleven, which means Su Yu has to enter into the Black level so that he can have a chance to break-in.

It took Su Yu a day to figure it out.

Su Yu felt at a loss. He is now at the Yellow Level one. It is really difficult to beat the Spirt Captain at the Black level.

"Come on!" Su Yu clenched his fist. Su Yu had a feeling that he was soon to break through into the Black Level. So he thinks he was not necessarily weaker than the Black level.

Su Yu breathed a long sigh of relief, and walked towards the East Gate, which was closest to him now.

The city gate is very quiet. Although not far from Civilian Street, no civilians dare to approach it.

Because if civilians are near here, they are likely to be seen as disrespect Spirit Captain and might be killed.

When Su Yu came, he saw a huge figure standing under the gate from a distance. The Spirit Captain closed his eyes slightly, and was five meters tall, holding a giant tomahawk, a head higher than him.

This giant, one of the four gatekeepers, is the Great Ax Bobby!

Bobby was very alert. Su Yu had just approached, Bobby opened his eyes, and looked at Su Yu with an electric gaze: "Civilian, stand still, and do you want to die? Bobby will not have mercy. "

Su Yu looked up at him and said, "Big man, can I enter in if I can defeat you?"

Bobby paused, his eyes flashed with anger, "Civilian, do you think Bobby is weak, so you want to challenge Bobby?"

Su Yu heard the words, stunned, and didn't know why the man was angry, but Su Yu didn't bother with this, and said, "If it is, I will start!"

"Looking for death!" Bobby screamed angrily, took a big step, and an ax fell towards Su Yu: "Dare to look down on Bobby. Bobby will hack you!"


A huge ax chopped down on the ground like a huge cannonball. With a bang, the dust suddenly rose to the sky, the ground shuddered, and a huge incomparable fissure appeared on the ground.

The smoke dispersed, Su Yu stood on Bobby's ax, and said, "Hey, big man, you are so rude, you really want to kill me?!"

"Abominable, do not stand on Bobby's ax!" Bobby shook his ax fiercely, trying to throw Su Yu away, but Su Yu's feet stood still as if taking root.

"Civilian, you are going to die, dare to challenge Bobby!" Bobby raised his ax and smashed towards the ground.

There was a loud noise again, and the soaring dust appeared again.

Huh ~ The smoke and dust were blown away immediately, Su Yu moved, and quickly moved up along the ax handle. The figure appeared on the left side of Bobby's body, and a punch blasted out: "Big man, I would not be polite too, see my punch. "

Su Yu punched hard on Bobby's huge left cheek.

With a loud noise, Bobby's neck was twisted, and his huge body flew in response, then fell to the ground, raising off a large swath of smoke.

"Big man, let me in, okay, how tired the fight is!" Su Yu landed on the ground, watching Bobby standing up from the smoke.

"No way, it's Bobby's duty to guide the gate. Civilian, you are not qualified to enter Lingji Street!" Bobby said, his eyes flashing red in the smoke.

"Have to fight?" Su Yu moved his wrist. If he could convince Bobby with a conversation, it would be the easiest, but it seems it won't work.

"Defeat Bobby before you can enter Lingji Street!" Bobby dragged a huge ax towards Su Yu and said, "But you have no chance, because you will die under Bobby's ax, die! "

The ax fell off.

"Really, can't you negligence this time? Deadhead!" Su Yu whispered, then moved his body, fought back Bobby.

The battle between Su Yu and Bobby really started!

At the same time, the news that civilians challenged the gatekeeper Spirit Captain to enter Lingji Street was also quickly passed on Lingji Street, especially spread among many Spirit Captains faster.

Part of Spirit Captain was also like Su Yu, by challenging the gatekeeper to enter into Lingji Street.

So they are very interested in this challenge.

And Spirit Captain, who was originally live in Lingji Street, was also very interested in this matter, or more accurately felt unhappy.

What ordinary people don't know is that Spirit Captain of Lingji Street has always been divided into two groups.

One is that civilians enter Lingji Street to become Spirit Captain through challenges. They called the civilian Spirit Captain group.

One was born as the Spirit Captain, a group of noble Spirit Captain.

Because of the natural superiority, most of the noble Spirit Captain hate the civilian Spirit Captain.

The two groups are old enemies.

Because of a large number of Noble Spirit Captains, the Civilian Spirit Captains are in disadvantage statues. So that they hope more civilians can continue to become Spirit Captains through challenges, and there are more Civilian Spirit Captains in Lingji Street. They can grow stronger and resist the pressure from the Noble Spirit Captain faction.

Contrary to the Civilian Spirit Captain faction, the Noble Spirit Captains do not want there are more Civilian Spirit Captain.

Because they don't want more Civilians Spirit Captain to share with them the resources of Lingji Street.

So whenever there is a new civilian challenge, the Noble Spirit Captain will be more active than the Civilian Spirit Captain.

Even if civilians really challenge success, they will still need to face the various suppressions and challenges of the Noble Spirit Captain. It's said that one is not qualified to become Lingji Street Spirit Captain without passing their test.

Basically no one was able to pass the test of the Noble Spirit Captain. When they failed the test is either dead and set back to Civilian Street, become a normal civilian.

The Civilian Spirit Captain faction is incapable of resisting this situation, and the gap in strength between the two sides is too large. Apart from secretly helping the new Civilian Spirit Captain, there is simply no way to do it.