Chapter 165 For The Task, This Is Nothing To Me

"Come out!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Su Yu, who was in the shadow, stepped out and smiled, "The leader is indeed the leader. You have discovered me as soon as I arrived!"

"When did you recover your original memory?" Xuan Nv snorted softly.

"What about the leader this morning?" Su Yu asked, with doubts in his heart. He thought that Xuan Nv might have restored her memory earlier than him, but looking at Xuan Nv's performance on the stage, it seemed that she did not restore her memory.

"It's been a few days!" Xuan Nv said lightly.

"Then you ..." Su Yu was surprised.

"What am I? You want to say that since I have restored my memory, why can I still stay in the Red Light District to do this the Most Beauty? Why do I still agree with the man's request?" Xuan Nv asked three questions in a row.

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded. In Su Yu's cognition, Xuan Nv should not be the kind of person who can tolerate this thing.

Xuan Nv's cold eyes glanced over and said, "For the task, this is nothing to me! Xuan Zhen, Xuan Shui, they all say you are born to be a hero. They may be right, but you still have too many concerns in solving tasks, real heroes don’t have any concerns, they will do it by identifying a goal. Even if they may pay a lot and even lose their life, so you are far from a true hero now! "

Su Yu heard that, he was shocked, and his heart was a little upset.

Then Su Yu asked himself, did he want to be a hero?

Su Yu thought about it, maybe he wants, at least not exclusion. But the hero is not so good thing, as Xuan Nv said, wanting to be a hero requires a lot of effort, even life.

Su Yu smiled bitterly in his heart, thinking that he might never become a true hero, because he cherishes his life too much.

Taking a deep breath, Su Yu shakes off the little depression in his heart, and asks, "Leader, you promised that man's request. Is there any plan?"

Xuan Nv nodded gently: "Presumably you already feel that there is a particularly powerful force in the center of the world, which is probably related to this case, so I want to go and investigate.

However, the world-class system is very strict, and it is very difficult to enter Lingji Street and Capital as a civilian.

It has been a few days since I regained my memory, and I have been observing the people in this world. There is a huge wall between Civilian Street and Lingji Street, and there is a strong envelope. It is impossible to sneak in.

So I thought about borrowing the identity of the Most Beauty into it.

In fact, my purpose was to attract someone else, but it also worked now.

But no matter, it's an opportunity to enter Lingji Street anyway! "

"The leader, can you bring me in too?" Su Yu said.

"No!" Xuan Nv shook her head: "It's not that I don't want it, but I can't. Then what the man just gave me the right to through the wall, and I can not take extra people into it. At first, I thought I would have more rights to bring you together, but it's too strict, it's too difficult for civilians to get into Lingji Street! "

Su Yu frowned immediately, and there seemed to be no shortcut.

Su Yu said, "Leader, is there any other way for civilians to enter Lingji Street?"

"Yes, break-in!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu was taken aback and said, "Break-in?"

"Yes, break-in. The ruler of this world, the Spirit King, is a man of great respect for force.

The more powerful a person is, the more he can get the Spirit King's appreciation.

In order to get more powerful talents, the Spirit King set a rule.

As long as the wall keeper can be defeated, even civilians can enter the center area to live and become a master.

However, I don't recommend breaking in, it would be too noticeable.

We just need to complete the task, there is no need to attract too much attention. "Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu nodded gently, remembering this method in his mind, if there is no easy way, he can only go in this way.

"By the way, can you find Xuan Huo and others? I don't know if they have remembered their memories!" Su Yu said, worried about the situation of Xuan Huo and others.

"Don't worry about them, we are able to restore our memory, and they would also be able to, maybe they have already entered Lingji Street, one step first than us!

It's a bit difficult to find them. After recovering my memory, I have been using the Sword Fairy identity to move around in various areas of Civilian Street, but so far I have only met you.

Speaking of it, how did you figure out this way to find me? "Xuan Nv asked.

Su Yu shook his head and told Xuan Nv about his encounter with the mysterious little girl Lin.

After hearing that, Xuan Nv solemnly said, "Xuan Zhen, be careful, that little girl is not simple. There are too many weird things in this world. The sudden appearance of that little girl beside you is definitely not just a guide for you."

"Well, leader, I know, no matter what her purpose, I'm careful!" Su Yu nodded.

Xuan Nv looked at the sky and said: "Xuan Zhen, you leave first, time is up, their people are coming!"

"Sword Fairy, it's time, they asked me to come and pick you up, please go with us, Sword Fairy!" The voice of the middle-aged man just sounded.

At the same time, the voice of the middle-aged woman also sounded: "Girl, are you ready to dress up? If not ready, I will come and help you dress up!"

Su Yu nodded to Xuan Nv, he disappeared in the room.

Su Yu just left, and the middle-aged woman pushed in. First, she looked around with a little suspicion, and then looked at Xuan Nv with a smile: "Look at my baby girl, why don't you dress well? Come, I……"

"No need!" Xuan Nv coldly interrupted the middle-aged woman, got up and walked out with a long sword, and said to the man: "Let's go, you should be in a hurry?"

The man was stunned first, and then laughed, "Sword Fairy is really different from ordinary women. No wonder my master appreciates you so much. Now that Sword Fairy is ready, let's go. Sword Fairy, please get in the car! "

Xuan Nv nodded slightly and walked into a magnificent sedan chair. In the voice of the man's 'go', four man lifted the sedan chair and walked towards the city gate.

There was no one in the middle to greet with the middle-aged woman, making the middle-aged woman feeling ignored, looking at the sedan chair, and whispering: "Ah, damn girl, if you really think the man like you, you will be wrong. He just playing with you! "

The middle-aged woman scolded and left, and Su Yu slowly appeared in the shadows. He glanced at the sedan chair that was gone, and then really left the room.