Chapter 164 Strange

Su Yu threw out a series of questions directly, without relaxing any vigilance because of the cuteness of the other party.

"You can call me Lin!" Ling smiled slightly, looking even more lovely.

Lin pointed in the direction of those evil spirits leaving: "You can go and see, you have a companion over there!"

Su Yu heard the words and looked in the direction of Lin's finger, but immediately reveled, this little girl was changing the subject again.

"You are still changing the ..." Su Yu turned his head sharply, but found that there was no other figure in front of him.

Su Yu's body moved quickly, and he began to look for the figure of the other party, but found nothing. He didn't even know how she left.

Is it too fast, or is it something else? Su Yu's face was slightly changed.

But no matter what the reason is. The mysterious Lin is not simple, it may be even more complicated than he imagined.

Su Yu exhaled a long breath, because the suddenly appeared mysterious Lin made him feel stressed.

Especially when you don't know what she is thinking.

"She said there were my companions over there, Xuan Nv or others? Who would it be?" Su Yu rubbed his chin and thought, and then Su Yu decided to go and see if it was any of them, may be it is Xuan Nv. It doesn't matter.

Along the direction that the evil spirits had flowed in before, Su Yu quickly saw a crowd of evil spirits who were obsessively looking at a huge stage.

On the stage, a woman wearing a white veil and covered with a white veil, like a fairy was performing a sword dance.

Alas, the woman stabbed with a sword on the stage, and a cold flash appeared.

"Ah ~" The evil spirits on the stage seemed to be stabbed, and all made an exhaling sound.

"???" Su Yu didn't know why.

Brush ~ The woman swept across the stage with sword light scattered.

"Oh ~" The evil spirits under the stage seemed to have been shot again, and all made another exhaling sound.

"???" Su Yu frowned, felt very confused.

Next, with the women's sword dance on the stage, and the evil spirits under the stage will make exclamation for each move of this woman on the stage.

"What this?!" Su Yu felt both toothache and admiration. If he did not see this in his own eyes, he would be embarrassed to hear his voice.

"Sword Fairy!"

"Sword Fairy!"



"The Most Beauty!"

"The Most Beauty!"

The sword dance didn't last long, and it ended soon. When Sword Fairy stopped the sword dance, the scene chanted Sword Fairy and asking 'unveiling your veil, The Most Beauty.'

Su Yu couldn't help looking up, and then stunned. There was a plaque on the stage, which said: Sword Fairy in Red Light District!

"What!" Su Yu felt a pain in his head, this place really has everything!

But Su Yu was curious. Does the evil spirit need it, Red Light District?

Of course, Su Yu is still very curious about what Sword Fairy looks like, and why he can make these evil spirits so obsessed.

On the stage, Sword Fairy breathed a little, her eyes were cold, and she stood still in the center of the stage with a sword in her hands.

At this moment, a charming middle-aged woman came to the center of the stage, reached out and pressed her voice out loudly: "Everyone, be quiet, let Sword Fairy rest for a while, then show her face to everyone?"

"Okay!" The evil spirits responded in unison, one by one, and they were wonderfully smart.

Encouraged by the eyes of a middle-aged woman, Sword Fairy raised her hand and slowly grasped the veil.


At this moment, Su Yu heard countless nervous swallowing voices, and even Su Yu was so nervous.

Everyone's breath seemed to rise and fall as Sword Fairy moved.

Time seems to be slow at this moment, but Sword Fairy's veil is finally untied.

The spirits cheered, because Sword Fairy's face was so perfect, and the beauty was a bit suffocating.

And Su Yu was startled.

Because the Sword Fairy on the stage is not others, but Xuan Nv.

Su Yu never imagined that the person who danced the sword on the stage would be Xuan Nv, and when he looked at Xuan Nv, Su Yu knew that Xuan Nv had not restored her memory.

"What happened!" Su Yu not only had a headache at the moment, he felt he would die. Su Yu was considering whether to help Xuan Nv restore his memory.

But Su Yu didn't dare. Su Yu was afraid that the first thing Xuan Nv would do to when restoring her memory was to kill him.

Being the Most Beauty in Red Light District will definitely be the biggest stain in Xuan Nv's life, and Su Yu know it.

Su Yu feels God is toying with him, why did he let him find Xuan Nv first?

The most important thing is, why did Xuan Nv become the Most Beauty in the Red Light District?

"My master pays 10,000 yuan and buys the first night of Sword Fairy!" Just when Su Yu was distressed about whether to wake up Xuan Nv's memory, and how to wake up, an arrogant voice sounded.

A sharp-mouthed like a monkey gill, with two mustaches, a middle-aged man in a Chinese suit, came onto the stage.

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she looked cold and pulled her sword, but she was pressed by the charming woman. The charming woman laughed and said, "I'm sorry, guest, Sword Fairy only sells her talents and not sells itself! "

"Eh? Bold!" The middle-aged man suddenly said angrily: "Do you know who I am? I am the son of a nobleman in Lingji District!"

"Regardless of who you are, it is the rule!" The charming woman's voice was also quite tough.

"Huh!" The middle-aged man snorted coldly: "Rules? Haha, a good rule, only sell talents, not yourself? You are just waiting for a better price, not 10,000 gold, then 20,000 gold, or 30,000 gold. I have nothing else, but money. "

The middle-aged man's eyes slanted at the middle-aged woman and continued, "How's it? What's the rule? Does it conform to your rules!"

"Eh?" The middle-aged woman was a little being persuaded. To be honest, middle-aged men were right. How can they be innocent in this field. Selling talents, being the Most Beauty are just to get a better price.

However, she gritted her teeth and still wanted to refuse. 3000 gold did not reach her psychological price. The middle-aged woman was about to refuse. Xuan Nv was the first to open her mouth, saying: "Ok, 3000 gold for my first night. I can go to the Lingji area to meet you. "

When Xuan Nv said this, everyone was stunned. The middle-aged man stunned for a moment, then laughed and said, "Smart, Sword Fairy, you chose the best choice. Waiting for you this night!"

After all, the middle-aged man laughed and left.

"You ..." The middle-aged woman was anxious, pointing at what Xuan Nv was going to say, but was pushed back by Xuan Nv coldly: "Why? Did not meet your expectations?"

The middle-aged woman froze, and Xuan Nv at this moment made her feel a sense of fear. She stunned and could only watch Xuan Nv turn and leave.

"Strange." Su Yu's brows frowned, and then his figure merged into a group of poor evil spirits.