Chapter 163 Little Girl

However, there is no shortage of people looking for death in this world. The moment Su Yu turned and left, completely angered Lei shopkeeper.

"Aniu, you should die!" Lei shopkeeper yelled, his body swelled up twice as his usual figure, his red mouth grinned, and his huge claws came towards Su Yu.

"Ah, really, I'm not trying to kill you. Why do you looking for death!" Su Yu sighed, and already understand that Lei shopkeeper and the diners and other people here are not real people, but evil spirits.

It's just that these evil spirits are different from those seen in this life. The scorch on their bodies is almost zero, and they are basically no different from living people in the real world.

So Su Yu has been suppressing the urge to slay evil spirits.

But at the moment Su Yu couldn't help it, and didn't want to, either, he avoids the sharp claws of Lei shopkeeper.

"What?" Lei shopkeeper startled, when did Aniu become so powerful?

The other evil spirit diners present were shocked to see this. Is this still the Aniu who is usually bullied?

Regardless of the horror of these evil spirits, Su Yu leaned out with a palm, grabbed Lei shopkeeper's arm, and then pulled it hard and slapped against the ground. Lei's arm was pulled off by Su Yu.

"Ah, my hand!" Lei shopkeeper growled in pain and fell to the ground.

"Huh? Does the evil spirit feel pain?" Su Yu couldn't help but raised an eyebrow, then stepped on with one foot.

Lei screamed, the whole Cuiyun Tower seemed to tremble.

Lei shopkeeper's screams came to an abrupt end, the whole world became silent, and Lei shopkeeper was stepped into pieces by Su Yu.

However, the silence was only short-lived, and the next moment, Cuiyun Tower screamed one after another.

"Ah ~ killed, killed, Geez"

"Help, police, there is a killer!"

Diners in the lobby shouted in panic and ran out of Cuiyun Tower.

Su Yu was stunned, and looked at the evil spirits who were frightened and screaming and ran away with aggression-what is the special situation, are they still evil spirits? This time shouldn't they fiercely wanna kill me?

Su Yu, who was already preparing to kill, was really stunned at this time. Until the evil spirits in the Cuiyun Tower ran out, Su Yu recalled his minds and said silently: "This is really absurd, the evil spirits do not actively attack humans. "

Su Yu shook his head, and flew out of Cuiyun Tower and merged into the stream of evil spirits.

Not long after Su Yu left, a group of uniformed evil spirits came to Cuiyun Tower and asked some nearby evil spirits to retreat.

Soon a portrait of Su Yu was posted in some part of Civilian Street 99, exactly like the wanted order of ancient criminals.

Naturally, Su Yu didn't know that he was wanted by a group of evil spirits. If he knew it, he would laugh to cry.

Su Yu was walking on Civilian Street. At the moment, he felt a headache because Su Yu found that he seemed to be lost.

The streets of Civilian Street are too complicated. They are too many crossroads. Su Yu didn't know where he should go.

"Fuck, the wrong direction again? If these evil spirits sell maps !?" Su Yu scratched his head and walked towards a shop selling paintings, ready to ask, Su Yu felt that he should buy a map.

"Ah, the Sword Fairy has come to our 98th district to perform sword dance. Today the Sword Fairy will show her face!"

Suddenly a scream sounded in the street, and Su Yu found out that the entire lively Civilian Street was like pressing the mute button, and there was no sound in an instant.

"What's the situation?" Su Yu was startled and said secretly.


The next moment, Civilian Street in District 98 boiled, and countless evil spirits gushed toward the street like a tide.

Wow ... Soon, Su Yu found that the street next to him was empty ...

"What's going on ?!" Su Yu said silently, shook his head, and continued to walk towards the painting and calligraphy shop. Before Su Yu entering, a figure emerged from the inside, and closed the shop door, and then ran away very fast like a smoke.

Su Yu felt very confused.

"Evil spirits here are all strange! Ah? Can't they look a little bit like evil spirits?" Su Yu said after a while.

He shook his head, looked at the locked painting and calligraphy shop and raised his eyebrows, wondering if he should go in and see?

"Don't, there is no such thing as a map, there is no map in the whole world!"

A tender voice sounded suddenly in the ear.

"Who?" Su Yu snapped, shocked in his heart.

He didn't feel any breath, and he couldn't tell where the sound came from.

However, this is not the reason why Su Yu was shocked. Su Yu was shocked because the other party seemed to be able to perceive his thoughts.

"I'm here!" sounded again.

This time Su Yu discerned the direction, turned around and saw that the master of this voice is really a ... little girl!

The other party was very young, only at the height of five or six years old, sitting on the roof of the ridge of the bookstore, smiling at him.

However, the other side gave Su Yu a strange feeling.

First of all, her dress is very strange.

Obviously a little child, but wearing the ancient palace dress, and hair accessories are like adults.

Give Su Yu the feeling that she is an adult woman.

"Who the hell are you? What is it? How do you know that I'm looking for a map?" Su Yu frowned, raising his vigilance to the highest level, and he didn't underestimate her because of her appearance.

"Hey!" The little girl held up her two little hands, and jumped off the ridge.

Seeing this, Su Yu was shocked, he opened his hand to pick her up, but then he realized something, did not move.

Who knows who she is, Su Yu dare not move blindly.


The little girl landed perfectly, her two small hands were raised high, and her mouth shouted, "Perfect, ten grade!"

Su Yu twitched at the corner of his mouth, and secretly said that he is right, couldn't belittle her.

"What the hell are you? How do you know I'm looking for a map?" Su Yu said again, Su Yu didn't feel any breath in her. If she was not in front of him, Su Yu could not feel the existence of her.

Little girl tilted her head and did not answer the first question, but directly answered the second question: "I know you are looking for a map because I have been observing you for a long time. Why do you always get lost, I guess you are in a hurry, you have a terrible sense of direction! "

"Shut up!" Su Yu glared. He was definitely not an idiot, um, maybe a little bit.

"Huh, you do have a terrible sense of direction!" The little girl filmed her head and pouted.

Su Yu's vines twitched on the forehead: "You said just now, what does it mean that there is no map in the spirit world? Also, don't diverge from the topic, what exactly are you? Human? Evil spirit? What's your intention? "