Chapter 162 He Should Not Get Others Much Attention

Su Yu remembered who he was, he couldn't help but sweat all over her body, and then he was afraid.

If Su Yu do not have doubts about his identity and are completely lost in this identity, then he may no longer be inseparable from this dimensional world.

This is the dimensional world's 'maliciousness' to foreigners.

Su Yu looked at the palm of his hand and looked at the clothes on his body. Su Yu raised his eyebrows. The clothes on his body changed a lot. They were a kind of coarse clothes, and looked a bit like the people in the late Qing Dynasty.

His current identity is Aniu. He is a messenger in Cuiyun Tower. He needs to do the dirtiest and most tiring work in Cuiyun Tower.

Aniu? Why this name? Su Yu dislike this name.

Su Yu sat aside and started thinking about what to do next. Now that the original memories are awake, there is no need to live as Aniu.

Su Yu knew that this dimension of the world should be on the other side of the source of evil spirits.

Su Yu remembers their mission- to completely solve the source of evil spirits.

And if they want to completely solve the source of the evil spirit, they must find a powerful force that penetrates into this world.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows and said, "I don't know how Xuan Nv and others are doing now? Have they have been confused? No, they must have their strength to complete the task. But how can I find them?"

With Aniu's memory, Su Yu knows that the area of this dimension world is not small.

The world is divided into three regions, one layer at a time.

One is the Lingwang Palace of the capital of the King's Palace.

One is Lingji Street where the nobles represented by spirits live.

One is the Civilian Street where ordinary people live in this world.

The Lingwang Palace is at the center of this world, Lingji Street is in the middle, and Civilian Street is at the outermost.

Civilian Street is divided into 108 communities, and the location of Cuiyun Building is in the 99th district of Civilian Street.

The area of a district is equivalent to the size of a township in this world, which shows that the area of this world is huge.

And finding a few people in such a big place is difficult.

"I hope they can regain their memory by themselves!" Su Yu sighed, and could only hope so.

Of course, he still has to search for their locations. Su Yu is preparing to find the whereabouts of several people while marching toward the king where the Lingwang Palace is located.

Vaguely, Su Yu could feel a powerful force in the center of the world.

If there is any force that can penetrate into the real world, then the powerful force in the central area is most likely.

So Su Yu is going to take a look.

If yes, find the best solution.

If not, it doesn't matter, just exclude one possibility.

Therefore, Su Yu immediately walks towards the front yard of Cuiyun Tower. Cuiyun Tower has only one entrance and exit in the front yard.

The front yard is where Cuiyun Tower entertains diners.

When Su Yu walked to the front yard, he smelled the smell of the food and met the diners.

But Su Yu didn't care about it and went straight out.

But before stepping out of the lobby, a rage sounded. It was Lei shopkeeper. He couldn't help seeing the appearance of Su Yu. "Aniu, who asked you to come to the front yard, is your work done?"

Hearing this roar, the diners in the lobby all showed the look of watching a drama in the theater, and many diners talked in a low voice.

"Hey, Lei shopkeeper is bullying this Aniu again, let's have a good look, there will be a good drama show!"

"Did you say that Aniu was stupid? Lei shopkeeper bullied him so much that he didn't know to leave. He was still working here, alas ..."

Su Yu heard the diners talking and suddenly realized that this Lei shopkeeper bullying Aniu was almost a well-known thing.

However, Su Yu was a little confused. He didn't seem to have such memories.

Su Yu speculated that it was likely that he had restored his true memories and dispelled the memories that originally belonged to Aniu, and some of them were lost as a result.

"Damn bunny, didn't you hear what I said? Aniu, do you wanna lose your job?" Lei shopkeeper was even angrier when Su Yu didn't answer.

Su Yu was yelled by Lei shopkeeper, and when he looked back, if he was really Aniu, he would have been stunned and slumped on the ground.

Unfortunately, he is not. He is Su Yu, not Aniu, and there may not be any Aniu at all.

Su Yu frowned, "Yeah, I don't want to do it anymore, Lei shopkeeper really understands me!"

Su Yu shook his hand and kept walking.

As soon as Su Yu said this, all calm so that even if a  needle was suddenly fall can be heard in the lobby. Hearing what Su Yu said, everyone in the lobby stunned.

"What did he say? What did Aniu say just now?"

"He said he wanna go. What happened? Is Aniu took the wrong medicine today so he mentally ill? How dare he say that?"

"Well, Lei shopkeeper is angry. Aniu will be killed now."

"Aniu, stop!" Lei shopkeeper yelled, somewhat can't believe what he heard: "What did you just say?"

"Lei shopkeeper, you don't have to yell so loudly, my ears are not as deaf as you are. I said I'm quit, I'll go!" Su Yu said quietly.

"What?! ~" Lei shopkeeper's nostrils almost spewed two white clouds of smoke, and said, "Okay, Aniu, it looks like you have grown up and you have your own idea now. Eat and drink my food for so many years. How much do you owe me? Is that what you want to leave when you say? "

"Oh, what am I going to do?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Then I can only kill you. You can only leave if you are dead!" Lei shopkeeper said, moving his huge body to Su Yu's front, and staring down at Su Yu.

Su Yu looked up and looked at each other, extremely speechless, this Lei shopkeeper is really tall, nothing like the usual chunky image in film and television dramas.

Su Yu looked at Lei shopkeeper and sighed. "Get out, don't force me to beat you."

Su Yu doesn't want to beat him now. Although there are some memories of Aniu, Su Yu's understanding of the world is still almost zero.

Su Yu doesn't want to start working with people here without knowing enough.

"Ha?" Lei shopkeeper couldn't help but hesitated to hear Su Yu's words, and then felt hilarious, "Hahaha, Aniu, I think your brain is really broken, forcing you to beat me? You, Do you have that qualification? "

Many diners in the lobby could not help laughing when they heard Su Yu's words, as if they had heard some ridiculous jokes.

Su Yu frowned. Although he didn't want to do it now, it didn't mean she was said that Su Yu would not be angry.

Now Su Yu can't wait to blow the other side with a punch, let the other side, let others know his power.

However, after taking a deep breath, Su Yu still held back. He no longer cares about Lei shopkeeper and turned to leave. Su Yu think he should not get others much attention!