Chapter 161 Aniu

The use of brute force to kill evil spirits was only Su Yu's temporary thought. After testing the results, Su Yu headed for the gathering place.

The evil spirits who came to the land now are all weak evil spirits, and the higher levels are in Pinglong Lake.

The source of the devil is at the bottom of Pinglong Lake.

If the source is not resolved, evil spirits will continue to emerge.

At this moment, the evil spirits in the villages are annihilated, just to prevent these evil spirits from harming the villagers.

Soon, Su Yu returned to the place where everyone had separated.

Thunder and lightning flashing over Pinglong Lake, and thunders with a thickness of thumb continued to plow away towards Pinglong Lake.

Boom! boom! boom!

Every thunder sounded a roar, the waves set off on the lake, and at the same time, a transparent figure was split into fly ash by the thunder.

That was Xuan Dian using thunder power to kill the evil spirit in the Pinglong Lake. During every breath, he had killed a dozen or twenty evil spirits.

Xuan Nv and others also returned. At this moment, they were standing by the lake watching Xuan Dian kill the evil spirits.

"Come back? How do you feel after dealing with evil spirits?" Xuan Kong asked Su Yu with a smile.

"The evil spirits at Yellow level  are weaker than many monsters of the same level, but these evil spirits are able to use different powers, which makes me feel a bit surprising!" Su Yu groaned.

"Have you encountered a hundreds-face evil spirit?" Xuan Huo asked in amazement, and everyone else looked at Su Yu in surprise.

"Well! When I arrived in Pinglong Village, this evil spirit had just finished evolving!" Su Yu nodded, surprised by the reaction of Xuan Nv and others, and said, "Why, is this evil spirit rare? "

"No!" Xuan Huo shook his head and said, "This kind evil spirits are not uncommon, I'm just curious about your fortune. Among fifteen villages can just have one hundreds-face evil spirit, and you are met, and its the first time for you to deal with this kind of evil spirit. "

Su Yu smiled after hearing the words: "Is my fortune good or bad?"

"You can buy a lottery ticket," Xuan Huo joked.

At this point, the thunderous thunder stopped and Xuan Dian flew over Pinglong Lake and said, "The evil spirits in the lake have been cleaned up by me, and the rest is only the source. As long as the source is disposed of, No evil spirit will appear in this Pinglong Lake."

"Let's go!" Xuan Nv said in a whisper, walking towards Pinglong Lake with cold air from his body.

Kaka ~ The lake is frozen, forming a layer of ice avenue under Xuan Nv's feet.

The crowd stopped at the center of the lake, and there was a source of evil spirits at the bottom of the lake. Either the evil spirits on the shore or the evil spirits in the lake came from this evil spirit source.

Under the power of Xuan Shui, the lake water is automatically separated, and everyone falls to the bottom of the lake. The source of the evil spirit is not a subjective existence. It is invisible to the naked eye and can only be felt by the perception of extraordinary fluctuations.

So the source of evil spirits has no shape or size.

Although it is invisible to the naked eye, the source of the evil spirit is so clear in everyone's perception.

Everyone can still feel that among the sources of evil spirits, there are evil spirits constantly crawling towards this side.

"How to solve this thing, seal or destroy?" Su Yu asked.

"Whether it is a seal or destroy, it can't be done here, we need to go to the other side of the source of the evil spirit to do it.

Moreover, even if the source of the evil spirit is sealed or destroyed, it does not make much sense, and there may be another source of the evil spirit open at any time.

I can feel that there is a powerful force that is constantly infiltrating towards this world. The powerful force at the source of the evil spirits is formed.

In order to completely solve the hidden dangers, we still have to deal with the power behind the source of this evil spirit. "Xuan Kong said.

Su Yu blinked and said, "Xuan Kong, you mean, we are going to the other side of the source of this evil spirit? What is that side?"

Xuan Kong smiled and said, "It should be a dimensional world similar to the land of bones, otherwise it can't explain why there are so many evil spirits ... Well, I have felt evil spirits of the space on the other side!"

Speaking, Xuan Kong's eyes glowed with light, a pointer on the ground, the light flickered, and a space door appeared above the ground.

"Let's go!" Xuan Kong said, jumping into the door of space first, Xuan Huo and others jumped without hesitation immediately, and Su Yu jumped without hesitation.

There was a loud noise, the space door was broken, the lake rushed to fill the gap, and soon the bottom of Pinglong Lake returned to calm as if nothing had happened.


"Aniu, damn it, why are you so lazy? Get up to work, otherwise, you can not get food for dinner!"

A screaming came to Su Yu's ears which made him feel familiar and strange.

At the same time, Su Yu wondered, who is this Aniu? It's like calling me. And who am I?

"Stink boy, how dare you sleep?" The angry voice was louder, Su Yu frowned, trying to open his eyes to see who yelled in his ear, but couldn't open his eyes.


Su Yu felt that his body was hit hard, and the severe pain stimulated him to open his eyes sharply, and he couldn't help angrily, "Who kicked me? Do you know me?"


Su Yu felt his body kicked again, and the voice sounded again: "Hey boy, are you sleeping stupid? Open your stupid eyes and see who I am."

Hearing that, Su Yu looked up. He saw a guy with a fleshy face looking at him, Su Yu frowned, and blurted out, "Lei shopkeeper?"

"Oh, your kid still knows me. I thought you wouldn't know anyone when you slept!" Lei shopkeeper sneered: "Since you're awake, get up and work for me, split the firewood, and pick up the water, I do not wanna give food to an idler! "

Speaking, Lei left, and his voice could still be faintly heard: "Damn. If it's not because your old man helped me when he was young, I would fire you already. , Hey, I am such a good person! "

"Oh! Damn it, if you're a good guy, there would have no bad guys. Don't fire me? Have you ever pay me my wages?" Su Yu said and stood up and rubbed the place where the thief was kicked.

With a murmur in his mouth, Su Yu picked up the ax next to him to chop firewood, but the moment he picked up the ax, Su Yu froze and looked at the ax in his hand and said, "Why chop firewood? Why do I chop wood? Isn’t my name Su Yu? Who is Aniu? Ah ~ my head hurts!"

Su Yu suddenly hugged his head. He felt great pain inside his head as if his head will explode at any time.

After a long time, Su Yu let go of his arm in a cold sweat, and finally, his head didn’t hurt so much. He also knew who he was. Su Yu gasped a few breaths: "I almost forgot who I am! Was it the influence after entering this dimensional world? Terrible, once I am completely lost, I can not leave here forever? "