Chapter 160 A Hundred-Faced Evil Spirit

Xuan Kong has not been to Pinglong Lake, so they took a certain amount of time to come here, and of course.

At this time of day, the sun is shining, and it is a good time to kill the evil spirits.

But because of this, evil spirits that hate and fear the sun will not come out to do evil.

It's not easy to find the evil spirit in hiding, so everyone's plan is to wait until night.

At night, evil spirits become extremely active.

No need to look for it, the evil spirits will come to you by themselves, so the efficiency will undoubtedly be much higher.

Xuan Kong took out a map and said: "There are fifteen villages near Pinglong Lake. We have a total of six people, leaving one person to stay here and kill the evil spirits in Pinglong Lake.

Others are responsible for the killing of the evil spirits in the three villages. After all the evil spirits are killed, we are merged here, and then find the source of the evil spirits together. Do you have any comments? "

"No, just do it like this, I'm guarding here at Pinglong Lake. My Thunder Power has the greatest restraint against evil spirits. You guys go to the village and kill the evil spirits that have already landed!" Xuan Dian said.

"Ok!" Xuan Nv and others nodded, agreed.

"Okay, now that there are no more opinions, let's work!" Xuan Kong said.

"Wait a minute!" Su Yu raised his hand at this time and asked, "I ask a question, how can an evil spirit kill?"

Hearing Su Yu's words, Xuan Kong and others looked at Xuan Nv for a moment, and immediately understood Xuan Nv did not teach Xuan Zhen.

Xuan Huo said: "Evil spirits are not so difficult to kill. Evil spirits are also a type of monsters. Although the reason for formation is a bit special, our super power is used to kill monsters. Use your shock power. It's easy to kill evil spirits. "

"I see!" Su Yu nodded, glanced at the map, and remembered the three villages he was in charge of.

"That's good, let's go!" Xuan Kong said, the voice has risen to the sky, and the figures of Xuan Nv and others have disappeared quickly.

Only Su Yu ran on the ground alone. Fortunately, everyone was taking care of him and handed him the three villages of Pingshan, Pinghu, and Pinglong, which were closest to him, but he did not need to run too far.


First, Su Yu came to the nearest village of Pingshan. At this time, the sun had just set, but the whole village was quiet.

Su Yu knew what caused it. The evil spirits wandering at night made the villagers of Pingshan Village dare not to act in the dark.

Su Yu did not choose to disturb the local villagers either. He found a place to wait for the night to come.

Time passed quickly and the autumn breeze at night brought a heavy coolness.

At one point Su Yu's eyes opened and said, "Are you finally out?"

Not far from Su Yu, a translucent evil spirit appeared with a huge head and a small body, like a volleyball with a basketball on it.

A faint scorching smell came from the evil spirit's body.

"Is the smell of this evil spirit?" Su Yu sniffed and said to himself: "Remember this smell, I should be able to find other evil spirits soon!"

This evil spirit is just a sentry evil spirit in the evil village of Pingshan. After the appearance of this evil spirit, it seems that some signal has been set. All the evil spirits hiding during the day finally appeared.

Sa~ Su Yu was about to shoot, and appeared in front of an evil spirit in an instant. His palm was turned into a hand knife, with a blue halo on his palm.

With a short stab, the palm penetrated into the body of the evil spirit, and the evil spirit broke apart to dissipate.

Su Yu froze a little, this evil spirit is too weak, slow, and the level is the Yellow Level Nine. It can be broken with a poke like a balloon, and there is no threat to Su Yu at all.

Then Su Yu shook his head, knowing that it is not that these evil spirits are too weak, but that he is too strong. The monsters at Yellow Level Nine are also very terrible existence.

The strong and the weak are relative.

Su Yu didn't care about this. After seeing that shock power can easily kill the evil spirits, Su Yu had no regrets and accelerated his efficiency.

An hour later, he wiped out one hundred and one the Yellow level evil spirits in Pingshan Village.

A small thirteen minutes later, he wiped out 112 of the Yellow level evil spirits in Pinghu Village.

Then walked towards Pinglong Village, the third target village.

Su Yu finally encountered a more powerful evil spirit in Pinglong Village, this is a mysterious evil spirit.

This evil spirit was formed by one hundred and twenty-seven the Yellow level evil spirits in Pinglong Village, and the danger level was about Xuanjie Three.

In order not to cause damage to Pinglong Village, Su Yu deliberately pulled it into the dimension space to battle.

This evil spirit was formed by the fusion of one hundred and seventy-two evil spirits. It is a huge evil spirit about five meters high.

This evil spirit already has a physical body.

He can see the pale skin of evil spirits.

On the pale skin of the evil spirits, there were dense, fist-sized faces.

Those faces are all the faces of the evil spirits that it devours.

So Su Yu calls it a hundred-faced evil spirit.

"Go Die!" In the dimension space, the hundred-faced evil spirits took the lead in launching an attack on Su Yu, with more than a hundred faces opening their mouths and screaming at the same time, and more than a hundred different ways attacks emanated from the evil spirits of hundreds of faces, blasting at Su Yu.

Su Yu was surrounded by the attacks of the evil spirits.

Su Yu was also startled, but did not expect that the attack of the hundred-faced of evil spirits was so fierce.

However, after feeling the power of those attacks, Su Yu was relieved, not scared, and the attack of the hundred-faced evil spirits seemed very stronger, but in fact, not so.

Every attack power is at the Yellow level. To be honest, Su Yu stood there without counterattack and let the evil spirits attack, and the evil spirits couldn't break his defense at all.

Of course, Su Yu had no tendency to be abused. When the attack came, Su Yu punched out.


Shock power surged, and the sound of cracking and cracking of the glass continued to sound. The dense cracks spread out around the fist, covering a large area.

Kara ~ The next moment, the air broke apart, and all attacks against Su Yu were broken.

At the same time, Su Yu moved, and the figure flashed in front of the evil spirits of a hundred faces, and then punched out, without using shock power, just pure power.

With a loud bang, the fist banged on the hundreds-faced evil spirit, and the hundred-faced evil spirit was directly blown up, then blasted in the air, leaving nothing.

"It seems that as long as the power is enough, evil spirits without real entities will also not block my fist!" Su Yu grinned at this, this fist was experimented by Su Yu, to see if pure power can kill the evil spirit.

It turns out that as long as the power is enough, there are no monsters that can't be killed!