Chapter 16 Mural

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu's body shook slightly: "What legend?"

Xuan Nv did not speak, and Xuan Mu aside said: "That is already an extremely old legend. It is rumored that at the beginning of the world, the world and other species have not yet existed, but a race has appeared, which is the first race to live in this land.

This race is a group of ancient Giants, Xuan Zhen. If you look at this mural, it should describe the life of the Giant at the beginning.

At first, they were few numbers, but the Giants themselves were extremely powerful, allowing them to survive the harsh natural environment at the beginning of the world. "

The three continued to walk along the cave and soon saw the second mural.

Su Yu heard Xuan Mu's words and said, "This picture should describe the life of the Giants after the most difficult situation, right?"

"Yeah!" Xuan Mu nodded. "Not only that, you see here, other creatures have begun to appear on this painting."

Su Yu looked at the second mural, it turned out that other creatures appeared in this second painting, which was many huge beasts.

The next few paintings describe how Giants fight or enslaved beasts and transformed nature.

Until the ninth painting, the content of the mural has changed again. By the ninth painting, the number of Giants has been extremely increased, and it became a tribe.

The subsequent murals describe the civil war of the Giants. There are many powerful Giants in the murals. They are the leaders of their respective tribes and have the power to change the world. The Giant's civil war lasted a long time.

Until one of the most powerful Giants appeared, the tribe that led it defeated other Giant tribes and completed the unity of the Giants.

"Look at this mural. This is the picture of the strongest Giant ascending the throne after the Giants end the civil war. He was so powerful, even a single mural to describe this!".

Xuan Mu nodded his head lightly and said: "Of course it's the King of Giants, he was the first to establish a strong civilization on the ancient earth.

His people extremely worship their king, and it is normal to describe it with a whole single mural!"

"There are other creatures appearing." Xuan Nv stood in front of the next mural.

After hearing the words, Su Yu and Xuan Mu walked over, Xuan Mu looked for a while and said, "The content of this painting spent a long time interval! See, the Giant is in the middle, and there are other races outside the Giant.

The closest to the Giant is the beasts, and then the other races.

This painting should describe the sequence of racial birth dates, the sooner they appear closer to the Giant. "

"Really? Then let's see when humans appeared? Maybe we can find the origin of humans?" Su Yu smiled and looked up carefully.

"You can not find it, here, the human race appeared on the fourth floor, not too late, not too early, go, go and see the next mural!" Xuan Mu pointed to the mural.

Su Yu grinned and said, "This stickman represents a human race? The painting is too casual, right?"

Xuan Mu grinned and said, "It's good to paint. The human race in ancient times was very weak."

As the three came to the next mural, all three frowned.

The description of this mural made all three extremely uncomfortable. This is a bloody, violent and cruel painting.

It depicts images of the Giant race enslaving other races and feeding on other races.

All races were slaughtered in captivity like beasts and put on the Giant's table!

Xuan Nv's face looked extremely cold, and the frost condensed on the ground, saying, "The Giant race should be destroyed!"

"You are right!" Su Yu trembled his teeth and stood away from Xuan Nv, the coldness made him unbearable.

"Huh!" Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu's face, snorted coldly, and stop releasing the cold air!

"Look!" Xuan Mu stand before the next mural and beckoned to both of them: "All other races were fighting against the Giant race !"

This mural is very large, describing a picture of a frightful war!

The race slain by the Giant race fought against the Giant race.

Countless souls died in this battle, and the body and blood covered the entire world.

The whole mural is scarlet.

"Well? Why not? As a result, the Giant race defeated?" Su Yu wondered.

This mural is incomplete, it's only describes ended here abruptly when the war was the worst-there!

Xuan Mu scratched his head and said, "Maybe the war is the most critical time, the artist did not come and paint the next thing at that time.

The war should be won by all races, otherwise, the human will no exist till now.

Unfortunately, don’t know what happened to the king of the Giant? "

"Pity? Aren't there any ancient Giants alive right now? Just ask the alive Giants, if you really wanna know the result!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Xuan Mu paused for a moment, slop his hand, and smiled: "Hey, yes, Xuan Nv, you are right ... eh? Be careful, we are almost there, there are several alive Giants in front!"

"How many?" Xuan Nv asked.

Xuan Mu: "Three, only three have been detected so far!"

Xuan Nv: "How dangerous is it?"

Xuan Mu: "You and I should be able to deal with it easily, Xuan Zhen is not an opponent!"

Xuan Nv nodded, then looked at Su Yu and said: "When we fight, you should pay attention to your safety yourself, don't impeding us!"

Su Yu heard it and his lips twitch, this woman speaks as ruthlessly as ever, but he could only endure because he can not beat Xuan Nv!

Su Yu only nodded and replied: "Understood, I promise I won't impede you from obliterating the Giant!"

I said in my heart: I will hide far away when you are fighting!

"Don't think about hiding, yes, don't hinder me, but it does not mean that you can be lazy and do nothing. Do you have to look for opportunities to fight yourself? Only by fighting more monsters can your power be improved faster, and you can get involved in bigger cases! "

Xuan Nv's voice penetrated into Su Yu's ears, and immediately annihilated Su Yu's idea of hiding!

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Mu patted Su Yu's shoulder with a smile: "Relax, it's okay, just follow us and find a chance to fight!"

Su Yu is speechless. Is this a matter of finding a chance to fight? Can’t you just let me stay away from the fighting, and just let me look your fighting aside?

Su Yu glanced bitterly at Xuan Nv, and said in his heart, "Woman, I will remember it!"

Xuan Nv turned a blind eye to Su Yu's resentment and said, "Go now! Remember, if necessary, open the enchantment and pull the Giants into the dimension space!"

Xuan Nv said that, and then rushed out, and had fallen into the darkness.

"Follow me!" Xuan Mu dropped the two words and followed Xuan Nv.

Seeing this, whispered cursing, he catches up his step!