Chapter 159 Pinglong Lake

"His ~ This weather is getting colder and colder, go home quickly, drink a glass of wine to warm!" Wang Ergou gasped in his mouth, rubbing his hands and walking quickly towards the village.

Huh ~ At this moment, a cold wind blew from the lake surface, making Wang Ergou snoring.

Several villagers in the same village as Wang Ergou could not help but tremble and snored.

At this time, Zhao Dazhu glanced at Pinglong Lake next to him, and he smiled: "I heard that Pinglong Lake was a cemetery corpse long ago. In ancient times, many people who died unjustly died here. Do you say is it true? "

"Shut up!" Wang Ergou shouted at this moment: "Can this be said casually? Don't talk about it this middle night, be careful to invite inauspicious things. It is not a sign of brave!"

When Zhao Dazhu heard the words, he pouted, "What is inauspicious? You are too superstitious, Ergou?"

"Superstition? If you say I'm superstitious, yes, I am just superstitious, I don't care where you say it, in front of whom, but don't say it in front of me!" Wang Ergou snorted coldly and ignored Zhao Dazhu.

Zhao Dazhu was unhappy when he heard the words. It felt that Ergou was like firing a gun, easy to be angry. As soon as he was about to say something, he was pulled by other villagers: "Shut up, this stuff really can't be casually talked about. Yes, and you forgot ... "

The villager said softly in Zhao Dazhu's ear: "And you forgot that Ergou's sister had an accident in the lake that year, and you are still premised to say this, can he be happy?"

Zhao Dazhu wanted to give himself a big slap when he heard the words. That matter had passed for many years. He really forgot about it for a while, and immediately he wanted to apologize to Wang Ergou.

"Ah! Do you guys have heard anything?" A villager stood up violently, listening carefully.

The accompanying villagers were all stunned, and they also listened. They heard the sound of someone singing, and the sound of begging, as well as many voices of grievances and grievances.

Men and women have all kinds of voices, intermittent, like various dialects, very vague.

Wang Ergou and others did not find the source of the sounds. They listened and listened, then they were getting closer and closer to Pinglong Lake next to them.

Until one of Wang Ergou's feet entered the cold lake water, Wang Ergou suddenly woke up and yelled, "Run, run away!"

Zhao Dazhu and others were also awakened by the roar of Wang Ergou, his face turned pale, and he ran desperately in the direction of the village.

Zhao Dazhu looked back and found that the lake seemed to boil like bubbles, and thick white smoke rose from the bottom of the lake.

The shadows are so dazzling that Zhao Dazhu seems to see countless figures crawling up from the bottom of the lake.

"Oh my god!" Zhao Dazhao shook his shoes ran away!

That night, the Pinglong Lake havoc event spread to the local area.

From then on, villagers near Pinglong Lake could hear various sounds from Pinglong Lake every night.

At first, the sounds were fuzzy, but the sound became clearer over time.

Then the incident attracted the attention of the relevant local authorities. Various measures were used to implement it, but this particular situation was not eliminated.

And this move seemed to anger some existence in the lake. One night, the transparent figures came out from the bottom of the lake and entered the nearby villages. Many livestock were killed, and many villagers suffered from various diseases. This kind of illness has no cure.

In less than a week, some people near Pinglong Lake are all afraid and dare not to talk about Pinglong Lake.


"Are there really evil spirits?" Su Yu looked at a live report in front of the Monsters Detective Bureau meeting room.

"There are so many monsters in this world. You can use one sentence to describe them. There are only unexpected ones." Xuan Shui shrugged beside Su Yu.

Xuan Laogua knocked on the table and said, "Quiet. Now let's talk about the current case. The relevant departments have asked our bureau to take action to resolve this Pinglong Lake trouble incident. Who would you like to go?"

"I!"  ~ Xuan Nv, Su Yu, Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong, Xuan Huo, Xuan Shui are all raising their hands. Except for Xuan Tu, the participants of the dinosaur resurrection case are all ready to participate. After being beaten by the people in the black robes last time, the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau have become a lot more active in taking on tasks.

They all want to improve their strength as soon as possible by completing various tasks.

Xuan Laogua smiled with satisfaction, and suddenly felt that sometimes it was good for his staff to get a small blow.

Xuan Laogua didn't make nonsense and said, "Okay, let's go with the six of you."

Everyone heard it. Except for some special tasks, there were rarely more than four people in the task. They did not expect that Xuan Laogua would be out together with six people at the same time!

Xuan Shui frowned, "Boss, is it a bit of a task for six people to ..."

"Xuan Shui, don't underestimate this task!" Xuan Laogua interrupted Xuan Shui, saying: "Pinglong Lake is not a simple place. Various kinds of weird cases often occur. Our office has already done a lot of tasks related to it. It hasn't been solved from the ultimately. Do you think this task is simple?

Xuan Shui didn't say a word. Listening to Xuan Laogua's explanation, I knew that Pinglong Lake was not easy.

The expressions of all the people became dignified.

Xuan Laogua nodded his head slightly, and saw everyone's expression and felt satisfied. "Okay, it looks like you already have some in your heart. Now I will talk about the requirements of the task. First of all, we have to go to the village and enter the village. Clean all the monsters showed.

Second, clean up the evil spirits under the lake.

Finally, find the root cause, block or destroy it, and solve this case!

Alas, there are so many mission requirements this time!

Let's meet now, let's go, and solve the Pinglong Lake haunting case now. "

"Yes, boss!" The crowd stood up and responded loudly, finishing their equipment and walking towards the meeting room.

"Oh, by the way, I almost forgot one thing, my memory is getting worse and worse." At this moment Xuan Laogua patted his head suddenly and stopped the crowds going out: "Xuan Kong, come here You hold this Soul Ball, and use it when it is critical. As for what is critical, you should understand it. "

Xuan Laogua shoves a bull-eye-sized pitch-black bead into Xuan Kong's hand.

They are unclear, but they also know that Soul Ball is a good thing, and it is of great use to this case.

Xuan Kong immediately put away the next thing carefully: "Boss, rest assured, I will definitely use it when I should!"