Chapter 158 Why Are You Asking This?

Two figures, one black and one red, collided fiercely, from the sky to the ground, and then from the ground to the sky.

Every place is the battlefield of Xuan Huo and the black robe.

Su Yu's eyes were dazzled. Both offensive and defensive speeds were extremely fast. If not all aspects were strengthened after awakening super power, Su Yu suspected that his eyes might not be enough now.

Su Yu is a little nervous because the seemingly even battle is actually the black robe in an upper hand. The strength of the black robe is like no limitation. Xuan Huo becomes stronger. The black robe becomes stronger, than Xuan Huo.


Xuan Huo was blown out by the black robe, falling from the sky like a fire meteor.

There was a loud tremor, and Xuan Huo was deeply driven into the ground by the black robe. The blazing flames on Xuan Huo melted the ground.

Boom ~ Xuan Huo broke through the ground, his combat suit shattered, and was broken by the black robe.

Xuan Huo rises to the sky and tries to kill the black robe again, but this time the black robe suddenly snaps his way and then avoids Xuan Huo's attack.

The figure flashed again, away from Xuan Huo and Su Yu.

The black robe said: "Okay, our purpose has been achieved, I will not play with you, bye-bye!"

Booming, thick black smoke erupted from his body when the black robe's voice fell, covering a square kilometer instantaneously, blocking the sight of Su Yu and Xuan Huo.

The black smoke dispersed quickly, and the black robe was gone.

"Damn, he ran away!" Xuan Huo yelled, his expression a little depressed.

Su Yu understood that it wouldn't make anyone feel good if he was pressed and beat all the way.

Su Yu said, "Xuan Huo, the black robe just said that the purpose has been achieved. It seems that Xuan Kong has something wrong with them."

"Go, take a look!" Xuan Huo took a deep breath, the black robe abruptly retreated, apparently taking away the Destiny clay tablet.

After all, the two quickly left in the direction of Xuan Nv and others. After half an hour, the two sides met in a messy battlefield.

"How?" Both sides asked at the same time, and needless to say, they both knew their results.

Xuan Dian resentfully said: "This time it really failed. Where did those black robes come from? It's too strong!"

"Don't talk about it first, let's go back and talk about it in the bureau and report this matter! These black robes came for the Destiny clay tablet and didn't hurt us, otherwise, we would be dead." Xuan Kong said, opening the space door at will. He had a lot of fear, those black robes are really too strong, it is better to leave here.

Though messy here, it seems like it took a long time to fight.

But in fact, it was just a trick of the black robe. Instantly, the four of them were defeated by the black robe.

If it not because the black robe has no intention to kill them, the four of them might die under that trick. Those black robes are at least at the Black level, and maybe even the higher level.

The crowd returned to the bureau and reported the matter to Xuan Laogua.


"Your Majesty!" A figure wearing a black robe appeared in the cave of the Dragon King, holding in his hands a piece of earth-colored clay tablet that was 30 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide, and said respectfully to the Dragon King: "We have snatched the Destiny clay tablet. Your Majesty. "

The Dragon King opened his huge eyes, and said, "Daniel, you are doing well. You really are the most trusted shadow of me."

When the Dragon King spoke, the Destiny clay tablet had already floated in front of the Dragon King's eyes, and the Dragon King's huge eyes swept away, and then the Destiny clay tablet exploded into powder.

Daniel startled, "Your Majesty, this is ..."

"This is fake!" the Dragon King's voice sounded, without a trace of emotion at the moment.

"Fake?" Daniel sniffed, and then knelt down, "Your Majesty, Daniel is guilty!"

"Stand up, Daniel, what's wrong with you? You have never seen Destiny clay tablet. Even I just know the origin of the Destiny clay tablet, it is normal to fail to distinguish between true and false.

 And the Earth Dragon King is not so stupid, how can it make the real Destiny clay tablet so easy for me to get.

I have already been mentally prepared that you can not grab this Destiny clay tablet!

It's true, I feel surprised, it is fake, and I did not feel disappointed! " Said the King.

"Thanks, Your Majesty!" Daniel respectfully said, "Your Majesty, what is Destiny clay tablet?"

Dragon King said: "What the Destiny clay tablet is, in fact, I do not know much. Except what the last King told me. I just know that the Destiny clay tablet is the creation of God, with the characteristics of can not be destroyed, even my full blow can not cause a little damage to Destiny clay tablet.

Only the legendary god can bring real damage to Destiny clay tablet!"

Su Yu and others naturally don't know everything that happened here. If they knew, they would know the true identity of the black robe.

At this moment, Su Yu and others were sitting in the office area. There were a lot of people, but they were silent. Even the Island Turtles didn't make any noise, and the atmosphere was depressed for a while.

"Ah, I can't stand it, can't you just talk? Don't be like one goofy, what's going on? Didn't you complete your tasks! Why are you still depressed?" Xuan Shui scratched his head.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong and others glanced at Xuan Shui, and then remained silent.

Xuan Shui inhaled, and then sliding his chair came to Su Yu and said, "Xuan Zhen, they don't say, you talk about it, what the hell are you doing? The mission is not completed? The resurrected dinosaurs have already...? "

Su Yu shook his head and bite his lips and said, "Completed. Can it be completed? If we just kill the resurrected dinosaurs according to the requirements of the task, we have indeed completed the task.

But a very important mission item was stolen, isn't everyone depressed?

You don't know, those black robes hit us like kids! "

"Fuck! Really?" Xuan Shui heard the words and opened his eyes. "Without you, who can steal things from the five hands of Xuan Nv, they are five of the Black level!"

Su Yu heard that his face changed. Am I weak?

"I'm going to train!" Xuan Nv sounded coldly, stood up with a cold face, and walked towards the training room.

"Well, I'm going around!" Xuan Kong said.

Then Xuan Tu, Xuan Huo, and Xuan Dian left for reasons.

Soon, there was no one in the office area. Only Su Yu and Xuan Shui were left. Su Yu gave Xuan Shui a stern glance: "It's all you. Why are you asking this! I go."

Xuan Shui: "..."

Isn't you talked about it? Xuan Shui looked silent at Su Yu's back!