Chapter 157 Two Battle With One

Watching the black robe figure disappear again, Su Yu's expression froze, and Su Yu made a defensive posture at once.


At this moment, a roar rang, and a huge pillar of fire rose into the sky in front of Su Yu.

"Soaring fire?" Su Yu raised a brow and was pleased, knowing who had arrived, and looked towards the sky. Sure enough, Xuan Huo had already appeared, and Xuan Dian, Xuan Tu, Xuan Kong and others also arrived.

Xuan Huo felt Su Yu's sight. He nodded to Su Yu, and then looked at the black robe, which appeared in the distance. "Who is you, why do you kill the new staff of our bureau? "

"Ah, it almost burned out!" The black robe fluttered the flames on the black robe. Hearing Xuan Huo's words, he raised his head and said, "Kill him? If I want to kill him, he is already dead!"

"Why are you hiding your face?" Xuan Dian chuckled at the black robe.

"Xuan Zhen, what about Xuan Nv? Who is this guy?" Xuan Tu asked beside Su Yu.

"Suddenly, the Destiny clay tablet that revived the dinosaurs also snatched by these guys. They should be specifically for the Destiny clay tablet." Su Yu replied: "Xuan Nv is now chasing the Destiny clay tablet carried by other the black robe man! "

Xuan Kong frowned and said, "Xuan Zhen, in which direction did Xuan Nv chase?"

"That way!" Su Yu pointed in the direction Xuan Nv was leaving.

Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, and others nodded and said, "Xuan Dian, Xuan Tu, you and I will support Xuan Nv, Xuan Huo will stay with Xuan Zhen to deal with this guy!"

"Okay!" Xuan Huo nodded.

Xuan Kong and others rose into the air and flew towards Xuan Nv. The black robe didn't stop it this time. Its because he could not block them, or for other reasons.

The black robe took a look at Xuan Kong and others who were far away and said, "Oh, aren't your guys so impolite? Anyone who comes and goes doesn't know to say hello?" "

"We are not so polite? I don't know. It is you that hides your face and makes me very interested. I want to see your true face!" Xuan Huo said lightly.

"Oh? If you want to see me, it depends on whether you have that power. Now, you are not qualified enough!" The black robe said lightly.

"Really!" Xuan Huo whispered coldly. He made reaction.

Boom! boom! boom!

Pillars of fire rose into the sky, bursting into the sky.

The black robe's figure flickered and quickly shuttled between pillars of fire without getting any injuries.

"Huh!" Xuan Huo grunted coldly, punching out at the black robe: "Fire fist!"

A fist of the size of a truck was formed and blasted towards the black robe.

The black robe did not evade this time, but also punched out, a huge fist composed of black smoke blasted into the fire punch.


A black and red hemisphere with a diameter of hundreds of meters appeared on the ground, and there was a picture similar to the animation of One Piece, Ace and Black Beard duel.

The horrible shock wave spread out, and Su Yu couldn't help but take a few steps back. All the trees and rocks within a kilometer diameter were shattered by the shock wave.

"Haha, yes, you are a lot better than not flying!" The black robe laughed, looking at Su Yu.

Su Yu's nose almost crooked when he heard the words, wouldn't you stop the topic that I can not fly?

Then Su Yu moved, stepped one foot ahead, the ground broke, and rushed towards the black robe at a very fast speed: "Big Bang fist!"

"Come here!" The black robe said flatly, a black smoky palm protruded out, welcoming Su Yu's collapsed fist, while his other palm was welcoming Xuan Huo's fist.

The moment Su Yu moved, Xuan Kong also moved, appearing in front of the black robe, and also took close combat.

Pa ~ Pa ~ Two beeps sounded at the same time, and the palms of the black robe took the fists of Su Yu and Xuan Huo at the same time.

Su Yu and Xuan Huo's super power broke out, while the black robe's black smoke ability also broke out.

The trio's super power violently collided.


The earth under the three men's feet couldn't bear the huge power of the three men, broke apart, and continued to sink, and a huge deep pit with a diameter of hundreds of meters was formed under the three men's feet.

"The cooperation is very good, but you are a bit weaker!" The black robe's voice sounded, and both Su Yu and Xuan Huo were shocked. Their attack did not have any effect.

Su Yu and Xuan Huo were ready to drawback immediately.

However, both found their fists to be caught by the black robe.

"Is it too late to leave now?" The black robe's voice sounded again.

Su Yu and Xuan Huo's eyes met and collided in the void. At the next moment, they both moved at the same time, and they lifted their legs and kicked at the head of the black robe.

Huh! The black robe's head was sandwiched directly between the two legs.

However, Su Yu and Xuan Huo did not have any joy, neither leg really touched the black robe, and was shielded by a light layer of black smoke.

Even Su Yu's full burst of shock power was useless, and the thin layer of black smoke was not broken at all, and Xuan Huo's fire couldn't burn through, and the layer was as solid as a copper wall or iron wall.

Su Yu and Xuan Huo are extremely shocked. At this moment, they clearly realized the gap with the black robe.

"As I said, you're weak!" The black robe's words sounded in their ears.

The next moment, Su Yu felt spinning, and his body was raised by the black robe, and bumped with Xuan Huo heavily.

They both moaned together.

Huh! Huh!

Xuan Huo and Su Yu were thrown out by the black robe, and they fell heavily on the ground, making a loud roar.

Su Yu and Xuan Huo stood up quickly. Su Yu was really shocked at this moment. He thought that Xuan Huo would be the opponent of the black robe, but they did not expect that they were not opponents together.

Su Yu has a feeling that the black robe may be teasing them from beginning to end.

When thinking of this, Su Yu almost wanted to spray blood with anger.

While Xuan Huo was shocked, he was also furious, his eyes couldn't help emitting flames.


The next moment, Xuan Huo broke out, his body was wrapped in flames, his hair stood upright, his hands were scratched in the void, and a flame spear appeared in his hand.

"Xuan Zhen, don't do anything next, I'll fight him myself!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu hasn't spoken yet, the black robe laughed: "Oh, are you finally serious? But you are so weak, it's useless to be serious!"

"Is it useful? I only know after hitting you!" Xuan Huo whispered coldly, and he turned into a line of fire and killed the black robe.

The black robe also moved, turning into a black line, welcoming the attack from Xuan Huo.

Both of them broke out at a horrific speed at this moment.