Chapter 156 Battle with the Black Robe

"Go back first and give the things to the Lord, and the two, I will deal with!"

The black robe man who controlled the black smoke did not answer Xuan Nv's question, but said to the other black robe men.

Hearing that, Su Yu and Xuan Nv were slightly angry, feeling the contempt in the words of the black robe man.

The next moment, Xuan Nv and Su Yu moved, Su Yu soared into the sky, and Xuan Nv burst out gravity power, pushing the black robes towards the ground.

The smoky and black robe man snorted again: "Stubbornness!"

The black smoke billowed from him and turned into two giant palms, one came to Su Yu and one came to Xuan Nv.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the other black robe people quickly evacuated and flew towards the distance.

"Stop!" Xuan Nv said coldly, chopped the smoky giant palm in half with one sword, and wanted to go after those people in black robes.

However, Xuan Nv was about to act, and the smoky black robe appeared in front of Xuan Nv, black smoky fists blasted towards Xuan Nv.


Xuan Nv blocked with her sword.

Xuan Nv was shocked in her mind, this black robe man's level is definitely higher than her, with a serious expression: "who the hell are you?"

There, Su Yu also smashed the black smoke palm, glanced at the black robe man who had been away and looked at Xuan Nv again, and said, "Leader, I can battle with this smoky bad. Your speed is faster than I'm quick, go after those people! "

Smoky man?

Hearing the words of Su Yu, the smoky and black robe man couldn't help but start a slight shock and looked at Su Yu angrily: "Boy, what do you call me?"

"Deaf? Didn't hear that? You guy is smoky bad!" Su Yu sneered, hooking his fingers at him, "Are you very angry? Then come and hit me. Yeah! "

"Xuan Zhen!" Xuan Nv frowned, knowing that Su Yu really provoked the smoky and black-robed man, but he was strong.

"Okay, leader, you guys should go after now, otherwise, they will go far!" Su Yu said, burst out dual-powers, blue halo, and blue electric light appeared on his body surface at the same time. Strong breath rising up aims at the black robe man.

Xuan Nv was silent for a while, biting her teeth, "Okay, Xuan Zhen, you can just entangle him, don't battle him hardly!"

Then, Xuan Nv rushed in the direction where the other black robe men left.

"Huh!" The man in black smoke and black robe said coldly, "Want to go after it? Have you asked for my consent? I said you and I will deal with you."

Then, a big smoky hand grabbed at Xuan Nv.

"Agree? When did our members need to ask you for permission? Look at the punches!" Su Yu's voice sounded, and the smoky and black robe man felt something in front of his eyes, Su Yu appeared in front of him.

At the same time, he also saw Su Yu punch him in the face.

Alas, a muffled sound came, and Su Yu's fist hit the target.

But Su Yu did not have any joy, a layer of black smoke appeared before the fist, blocking his blow.

"Boy, you're irritating me now!" The man in black robe said coldly, watching angerly. Xuan Nv's figure at this opportunity finally blurred in distance.

"Oh, is that it? That's really my honor ... wow!" Su Yu hadn't finished speaking yet, and felt that his abdomen was hit hard.

He fell from the air like a shell, banged on the ground with a bang, and smashed the ground into a huge deep pit, billowing with smoke.

"Huh, you can't help it, you want to stop me? A man at Yellow level one can't do it!" the smoky and black robe man said, "Well, you, kid wants to play, your father will accompany you to play, and then go after Xuan Nv. It won't be late "

"Then you have to play with me!" Su Yu's voice sounded. Su Yu waved his hand fiercely, blowing off the smoke, staring at the man in a black robe with a trace of blood on his lips.

Having said that, Su Yu rose to the sky again, throwing his fist at the black robe man.

"Is this the only trick you can use?" The man in black robe said lightly: "The guy who can't fly is really pitiful and hate, can't fly, even dare to jump in the air? Humming, live target.

The black robe man stretched out a palm and grabbed at Su Yu. A huge smoky palm was formed in an instant, and he grabbed Su Yu, who was unable to fly, just like the moth that fluttered to the fire in his eyes.

However, the next moment he was shocked. The man in the black robe looked at his smoky palm and was about to grab Su Yu in his palm, but Su Yu's figure disappeared.

Then he felt danger coming from above his head, and the subconscious was about to raise his defense, but it was a little late.


The black robe felt that his head had been hit by a hammer, his head was a little cyanosis, and his body fell from the air like a shell on the ground.

With a bang, another large pit appeared on the ground, and the dust just rose, and was blown away by powerful coercion.

"Abominable boy, how dare you to hit me? Very good, this time you really anger me!" The black robe stood at the bottom of the pit, looking up at Su Yu in the air.

Angry and shocked at the same time, it was clear that Su Yu could not fly, but was able to borrow power in the air, and could stand in the air.

the black robe didn't understand how Su Yu did it.

"Boy, how did you do that? Why can you stand in the air?" The black robe couldn't help asking.

Su ~ Yu felt surprised and laughed, "Wanna know, I can teach you, if you come over and kneel, I will consider teaching you!"

"... go to hell!"

The black robe heard silence for a moment, and then the power broke out suddenly. Alas, the figure flashed, and Su Yu saw that the black robe had appeared in front of him.


He had not enough time to make any response, Su Yu felt as if he had been hit by a Mercedes-Benz train. At the same time, his body was in pain and he flew out uncontrollably.

Boom boom ... Rocks and trees along the way were constantly crushed by Su Yu.

Fly straightly out and go hundreds of meters away, Su Yu stopped.

"Wow ~" Su Yu knelt down on the ground, spitting blood, the black robe's blow was very powerful.

"Fuck, this guy is stronger than imagined, who is it?" Su Yu secretly said, standing up, and tickling his figures at the black robe: "Come on, this can not be called as a fist, so powerless! "

"Huh?" The black robe immediately saw Su Yu stand up and said slightly, "boy, you are more resistant than I thought!"

"Hey!" Su Yu smiled. "You are weaker than I thought. This punch just tickled me to laugh."

"Huh, the dead duck has also a hard mouth!" The black robe snorted coldly.

Sa ~ The figure of the black robe disappeared again!