Chapter 155 Man in Black Robe

Stohm became irritable, his eyes became redder, like dripping blood. He can feel the diminishing power in his body.

Stohm moved, changed the attack method, and no longer attacked Su Yu with the breath of the ball.

There was a sudden wind under Stohm's feet, and for a moment, his huge body was moving at an unbelievable speed.

Like teleportation, Stohm appeared in front of Su Yu, opening a big mouth is to bite at Su Yu.

With a loud noise, Stohm bit towards Su Yu, who had paid attention to Stohm's every move, noticed when the opponent changed his moves. When Stohm attacked, he flashes and fled away.

Of course, Su Yu was shocked and sweated. Stohm's broke out is a bit faster than he imagined.

If it was not because he kept paying attention to Stohm's movement, Su Yu might have been bitten.

Since he did not been hurt, Su Yu also seized the opportunity. When he avoided the bite of Stohm, his fist was punched out.

Then, Su Yu's fist banged heavily on Stohm's huge skull.

The terrifying punch penetrated Stohm's powerful defense and attacked Stohm's head directly.

Immediately, Stohm spites out blood and almost fainted, but after all, Stohm was a strong dragon on the Black level. Although he did not recover to his best strength, his ability to resist attack was also terribly powerful. It was just an instant effort, and Stohm was awake.

"Human ..." Stohm shouted, trying to fight back.

However, at this moment, the force power on Su Yu 's fist surged, the sound of cracking and crackling of the glass continued to sound, and cracks were densely spread around Su Yu 's fist as the center, wrapping Stohm all over.

KA ~ the air shattered, the land shook rumblingly, the ground beneath Su Yu's feet, and the sky all shattered.

Stohm's huge body was directly flying up.

With a bang, Stohm fell heavily on the ground, and blood flowed from Stohm like a stream.

"Damn ~ How can I be defeated by a human, this is impossible, this is not true!" Strom struggled to stand up, the blood flowed, opened his mouth, and numerous wind whirled very fast like blades gathered in his mouth, where the void is distorted.


A fierce storm ball was blown out by Stohm, and turned into a storm ball with a diameter of three meters and struck towards Su Yu.

Instead of retreating, Su Yu moved forward, rushing towards the storm ball. When he approached the storm ball, Su Yu lowered his body, drilled through the gap between the storm ball and the ground, and continued to rush towards Stohm.

"What?" Stohm saw this, startled, and wanted to spit the storm ball again.

However, Su Yu had arrived at his front, and once again punched Stohm's huge head, and Stohm was bombed again.

This time Su Yu didn't give Stohm any chance to recover, he continuously gave fierce attacks on Stohm.

Huh! Boom! Huh ... it sounded like dropping the beats.

Tens of punches?

Thousands of punches?

Su Yu didn't know how many punches he had thrown, and stopped when he felt that Stohm's breath was about to disappear.

It's not the time to kill Stohm, Su Yu's feet stepped on Stohm's head. Then he asked, "I ask you, what did you use to resurrect? Where is that thing? Say it."

"Hahaha, do you think I will say it? Humans, don't say I don't know what you are asking, I won't tell you even if I know, I am defeated today, and I will never be defeated next time. I, Stohm will kill you!" Stohm laughed.

"Huh, you have no next time. Since you don't say it, then you just have to ask you to die!" Su Yu coldly hummed and gave Stohm a final blow, and Stohm had no life-breath now.

Su Yu just about to seal Stohm's body. However, Stohm's body has undergone amazing changes. His flesh is melting at the speed of express delivery, and soon there is no bone left, as if Stohm never appeared.

Su Yu frowned, wondering why.

However, Su Yu didn't have too much time to entangle, and he put back the enchantment ball and return to the real world.

When Su Yu was about to contact Xuan Nv and others to inquire about how they were there, the watch just shook. It was a message from Xuan Nv with just a few words: Come here, we have found that thing!

There is also positioning information.

Seeing this, Su Yu was slightly surprised, and then chased towards the place without any hesitation.

At the same time, Xuan Huo and others also received news from Xuan Nv. After solving their respective goals, they headed for Xuan Nv to gather.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv are not too far away, so Su Yu soon saw Xuan Nv who was chasing several people completely enveloped in black robes.

Su Yu ran faster and soon came next to Xuan Nv.

Su Yu asked, "Leader, who are they? Who are those in black robes? What is that thing? Where is it now?"

Xuan Nv approached Su Yu slightly, left Su Yu to flight, and said, "It's a yellow clay tablet that I found on Allosaurus. Allosaurus said that the clay tablet is called the destiny clay tablet. They resurrected by it."

"Destiny clay tablet? Where is it now?" Su Yu asked.

"In the hands of those in black robes, when I was about to get it, these people in black robes suddenly appeared and grabbed it directly!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu looked ahead, an earthy yellow thing in the hands of a man in a black robe, and there seemed to be strange special patterns on it, which gave him the feeling that this thing is not ordinary.

"Fuck, these guys are really unreasonable, how can they took it away halfway?" Su Yu was furious. He rushed towards the black robe man at a very fast speed and punched.

"Stop!" Su Yu growled. You guys wanna take it away after we beat the dragons?!

The horror fist broke out and hit the black robe man!

"Hum, you can not stop me!" A black robe man snorted coldly, and black smoke wafted from his body, and that black smoke instantly condensed into a huge fist and punched at Su Yu.


The two fists collided and exploded violently in the void. Su Yu fell back to the ground, and the two stood still, facing each other.

"Who the hell are you? Why are we robbing it, we are members of the Monsters Detective Bureau. What are you trying to do? Say? Otherwise, don't blame our men for being ruthless." Xuan Nv sneered.