Chapter 154 Radical

If he hadn't fought with Su Yu before, Stohm still hesitated and wanted to escape.

However, after realizing Su Yu's strength, Stohm not only did not plan to run away, but even looked at Su Yu greedily.

Stohm can feel the power of Su Yu's blood, Stohm has a feeling that if he can swallow Su Yu, he can improve his strength at least to the Black level.


The two banged fiercely like an angry bull.

Their shadows are intertwined, and the two fight close to each other, attack each other with their fists, make a roar, and the shock wave of terror continues to spread from the two to all directions.

The bar was destroyed in a short time.

However, this is just the beginning. The two are fighting faster and more fiercely, leaving the afterimages of the two people in the bar.

With a bang, Su Yu punched, rubbing against Stohm's cheek, the horrible fist wind directly against Stohm, and at the same time, the punch broke out and banged on the wall.

With a bang, the wall shattered.

Stohm also punched him and went straight to Su Yu's chest.

Su ~ Su Yu responded very quickly, holding the palm of his other hand against his chest and grabbing Stohm's fist.

However, the next moment, Stohm's other fist also start to beat, went straight to Su Yu's head.

At this moment, Su Yu stepped back and kicked Stohm's fist against the sky.

The two punched very fast.

"Big Bang fist!" Su Yu sighed angrily at the same time, his dual powers broke out at the same time, and a punch hit Stohm's chest.

Stohm thought that Su Yu's punch was just a normal punch, so he didn't care. He sneered: "Human, just punch? It just made me warm up a bit, haha"

The next moment Stohm's laughter came to an abrupt end, and the two fists collided together. It was also at this moment that Stohm felt the crisis and immediately wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

The humming force rushed out of Su Yu's fist, and the sound of cracking and cracking of the glass continued to sound. The dense cracks began to spread out in all directions around Su Yu's fist.

Then the air broke apart, rumbling, and shaking, the air-ground shook at this moment, and huge cracks appeared on the ground and walls.


The next moment, the building where the bar hall collapsed, the smoke was rolling, and the ruins buried Su Yu and Stohm directly below.

Huh! Huh!

Before the smoke and dust had dissipated, two figures rushed out from under the rubble, and fragments of masonry blasted away in all directions.

Su Yu was scratched with blood on his face, but with a smile on his face, the sudden assault and fist punches made Stohm suffer a lot of trauma.

At this moment, Stohm's body was stained with blood, with cracks on his body and blood flowing across his body. One of his arms disappeared out of thin air and was directly beaten into the mud by Su Yu's big bang fist.

"Human, how dare you!" Stohm looked at his disappeared right arm, his eyes were red: "I want to kill you, eat you, roar ~"

Stohm gave out a huge roar, the rolling sounds spread out in all directions, and the glass of the projected building within a few kilometers was shattered instantly.

At the same time as Stohm snarled, Stohm's body swelled in an instant, and in the blink of an eye, he turned into a big man six meters high and twelve meters long.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stohm's real body turned out to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

However, it is slightly different from the Tyrannosaurus rex seen in books and on the television network. Stohm's scales turned out to be cyan, like the cyan-colored glass, and a whirlwind was born around Stohm.

"Human beings, dare to hurt the great Stohm, you should be dead !!!" The first time Stohm showed his real body, he launched an attack on Su Yu. He opened his mouth wide to spray a ball.


The ball exploded at the place where Su Yu stood, blasting a large pit of 50 meters in diameter and 10 meters in depth directly on the street.

Seeing this, Yu Yu sweated coldly. If he did not escaped succeed, he might die without even have slag left.

Su Yu ran quickly around Stohm, avoiding Stohm's ball, and kept approaching Stohm.

Boom! boom! boom!

The roar rang continuously, and the central block of Weizhong City projected into ruins soon.

"Damn!" Stohm cursed, always unable to attack Su Yu, making Stohm gradually irritable.

His breath of Stohms is not endless, and it consumes super power.

After spitting out dozens of balls, Stohm had felt the shortage of his super power.

"Humans, can you dare to fight directly?" Stohm shouted.

"Don't dare!" Su Yu moved to avoid the attack, and responded directly to Stohm's words.

"..." Strom felt speechless, guessing that Su Yu might refuse, but did not expect Su Yu to refuse so confidently.

"Coward, man, you are a coward. Do you have the courage to fight me directly?" Stohm continued his words.

Su Yu still hid, he had no confidence to defeat Stohm.

"Hehe!" Su Yu sneered, and he was not stupid, how could he fight with him directly?

The strength of the dragon-shaped Stohm has already soared to the Black level, and the balls are even more terribly strong.

How could Su Yu fight against at only the ranks of the Yellow level?

You can fight head-to-head unless he had an extreme outbreak.

However, Su Yu does not dare to rush out of his limit. If there is a situation of force outbreak, Su Yu can not guarantee whether he can survive. It is better to be careful. Until the moment of life and death, Su Yu will not use the final outbreak.

As for Stohm calling him a coward?

Su Yu didn't care about it at all. No one else heard about it except for the two of them. Though Stohm was scolding as much as he wanted, Su Yu had made up his mind not to fight against Stohm.

Now Su Yu's tactic is to delay and consume his physical strength!

Su Yu doesn't believe that Stohm can continue to fight like this, there are limitations to break out this power.

And that's when he fought back.

Su Yu is slowly accumulating energy, ready to pinpoint the opportunity, and then launch an attack.

Even if he can't be killed with a single shot, Stohm will be seriously injured.

"Ah, shit!"

Stohm kept snarling in his heart, and watching Su Yu who was unmoved, Stohm became even more irritable.