Chapter 153 Found It

Although Stohm believes that these humans in front of him are the blood that can be harvested.

But Stohm didn't do it immediately. He was a little daunted. He always felt a dangerous breath. Someone was following him all the time.

Stohm didn't want to cause a riot to attract those who were following him.

Its strength has not yet recovered, and Stohm has no confidence to survive when fighting with those who follow him.

In addition, he also knows that human beings are a weak race, most of them are weak, but the human race is not without super mam.

This is why after the resurrection of Stohm and others, they did not kill all the people at the excavation site.

They worry that they will attract the attention of super man.

Same now. Stohm is not sure if there is a super man in this human city.

So Stohm resisted the temptation, and at the same time prepared to secretly restore strength, understand what the current human society is, and then plan further.

Of course, Stohm's so-called resisting the temptation is just not wanting mass killings, causing great confusion and great attention.

Secretly harvesting the blood of one or two human, supplementing his energy. Stohm thinks it is still possible.

The next moment, Stohm walked into a building.

He didn't understand the characters of the human race, so he didn't know what was written on the neon lights on both sides, but just walked into a bar hall at will. In this bar, he felt a lot of vibrant and agitated blood. It's quite attractive to him.

When Stohm entered the bar, he was startled by the deafening and manic music. He looked at the humans dancing on the dance floor, and he was a little hesitant: ‘Are all humans crazy now? '

Seeing this scene, Stohm took a moment to make a reaction. Then he walked towards a seat, sat down there, listened to these human conversations, learned the language of present humans, and also searched for the aims.

Stohm is burly and masculine, with blue hair and arrogance temple, which attracts the attention of some girls.

So, just a short time after Stohm sat down, a few beautiful girls came to chat with Stohm.

"Little brother, alone, would you like drink with us?"

Although Stohm looks down upon the human female, he didn't refuse. He was just worried about what target he chose to kill. Then someone just came here voluntarily.

Stoke smiled. "Okay, but I think we should find another place. It's too noisy here."

There are too many people here, he can not kill directly!

A few girls glanced at each other, and their faces were a little reddish: "Okay, go."

A girl took the arm of Stohm and walked outside the bar, other girls followed with a smile.

When he came outside, Stohm glanced and found a good place. He saw a dark alley.

Stohm smiled and pointed at the alley: "Crossing there, I remember there is a quiet place to drink, absolutely no one disturbs."

"Huh? Really? Why don't I remember there?" A girl asked.

"Just go and have a look. It's a long night anyway! We have enough time!" A girl laughed.

Then Stohm took a few girls into the dark alley.

Several girls walked ahead.

Stohm followed, saliva was about to spit out, and he couldn't resist and rushed up from behind.

Ah ~ A scream rang from the alley, but it came to an abrupt end. It was too difficult for such a scream to attract the attention of the people on the bustling street at night.

Ten seconds later, contented Stohm wiped his mouth, walked out of the alley, and re-entered the bar.

He now likes these human females.


"Huh? I can feel it? Has it gotten heavy?" Su Yu, who was looking for Stohm's trail on the street, suddenly felt the broken breath reappeared.

Su Yu was very happy, but also full of doubts. He did not understand why that Stohm's breath would suddenly become so heavy.

Su Yu had a bad hunch.

Pulling out the mask and clasping it on his face, Su Yu's presence became extremely low instantly. If someone did not see Su Yu directly, it would be easy to ignore Su Yu.

The next moment, Su Yu ran at full speed in the direction of the breath, and the people on the street felt only a strong wind passing by.

"Is it right here?" Su Yu came to the door of that bar, and the breath from Stohm was very heavy.

Su Yu did not rush in immediately, but took out the Enchanted Ball to activate it instantly.

The moment Su Yu came to the door of the bar, Stohm was instantly alert, and he suddenly stood up, trying to escape. But Stohm felt something changed, only a moment, the noisy environment just calm down. Humans disappeared instantly.

"What's going on?" Stohm's face changed.


The answer to Stohm was a loud noise, the door of the bar was smashed, and the fragments flew into the hall, making a banging noise against Stohm's body.

"I've found you, you bad-smelling guy!" A figure stepped forward and struck Stohm.

Su Yu chose to take a shot directly outside, not prepared to give Stohm a reaction time.

"Super man? How did you find me?"

Stohm exclaimed, and punched to against Su Yu's fist.


A muffled sound resounded, and the horrific wave broke out between the two fists, like a steel knife, shattering everything around.

The ground under the feet of the two also shattered and collapsed in the roar.

Huh! Boom! Boom!

Both of them couldn't help but stepped back and made deep pits under their feet.

Su Yu couldn't help but grin, and the power of the Dragon tribe was powerful.

Stohm is very strong. With this fight, the opponent's strength is not weaker than him. Su Yu can't imagine how powerful Stohm will be during his full strength.

It should be noted that the earth dragon that can be transformed into a human is at least entered into the Black level.

Therefore, Su Yu's determination to kill Stohm was more firm. He had to kill him while Stohm didn't recover.

Otherwise, he will inevitably become a major problem if he gets recovered!

"Go to hell!" Su Yu said coldly without any other nonsense. He starts to attack Stohm again.

"You're looking for death!" Stohm also gave a cold shout and rushed towards Su Yu. After punching Su Yu, Stohm's got a rough idea of Su Yu's strength and rest assured.

Only at the Yellow level one, it's not a problem to Stohm!

So Stohm wanted to kill Su Yu, swallow Su Yu to restore his power with Su Yu's blood, he felt that Su Yu's physical power was thousands of times stronger than ordinary humans.