Chapter 152 Stohm

"Your Majesty, those three humans have left!" a man, coming from the behind of the room, said.

"Ok!" Dragon King nodded slightly, then looked at the man: "Daniel, do you have anything to say?"

"Your Majesty, the Earth Dragon King must have a fate tablet in order to resurrect himself? Do we send someone to find and bring back that fate tablet? Stop the Earth Dragon King's resurrection?" Daniel said.

"The fate tablet was once a treasure of my dragons. Naturally, I want it to return to my dragon family. When the fate tablet was lost, we have long suspected that the Earth Dragon King did it. At this time, proved!"

"So, Your Majesty, how should this be done? The humans ..."

The Dragon King interrupted and said, "You don't need to worry about the humans. You send dragons to follow those humans secretly. Once those humans find the fate tablet, you should grab it back and don't hurt their lives.

The fate tablet is of great importance, and we must not let more people know that it is in our hands, otherwise, it will likely cause even greater disasters to my dragon family! "

"Yes, Your Majesty, Daniel knows how to do it!"

"Well, go, don't let me disappoint!" Dragon King waved his hands.

Daniel's figure spread out and disappeared. Dragon King's eyes glanced distantly from the entrance of the cave. And then he appeared that he continued to sleep in the cave, but his breath gradually began to become condensed.


In the Monsters Detective Bureau, three people appeared, and then found Xuan Laogua, and told him what they heard from the Dragon King.

Xuan Laogua said: "Well, it turns out that these dinosaurs were resurrected because of a mysterious treasure?

Then, what you have to do is to find that thing and bring it back if you can.

If it can not bring back, destroy it directly. We can't let more dinosaurs retrieved.

In addition, after you guys left, I took a careful look at the video footage, with some other gains.

The strange behavior of those people should be the blood sacrifice said by the Dragon King, and that mysterious treasure was the key to the resurrection of the dinosaurs.

However, it is not possible to resurrect the dinosaur with that treasure directly. The resurrection of dinosaurs requires energy. It also needs the energy to restore its previous strength. The blood sacrifice provides energy.

It 's okay if you can't find that mysterious treasure, you just need to ..."

Xuan Kong replied: "What do you mean, even if we can't find that mysterious treasure, we can stop the resurrection of the dinosaurs by stopping the blood sacrifice?"

"Yes!" Xuan Laogua nodded and said, "And if the resurrected dinosaurs want to recover stronger, they must have more blood sacrifices. The dinosaurs that were resurrected first should be the first to resurrect in order to collect the energy of the blood sacrifices.

As long as the eight resurrected dinosaurs are wiped out, you can basically stop the Dragon King from resurrecting. Go and stop them! "

"Yes, boss!" The three responded simultaneously, leaving Xuan Laogua's office, but then contacted the three, and the three went forward to converge with Xuan Tu and others, and exchanged the information obtained by both sides.


In a mountain forest, a strong man with blue hair punched a tree with a fist: "Damn it! What is the situation? How can the blood in this mountain forest be so scarce?

When do I regain my strength?

How can we get enough blood sacrifice energy for a larger resurrection ceremony?

How can I complete the task that my King gave me? "

The strong man very upset, he walked around the mountains and forests, only to find that this world is completely different from its era.

The trees have become shorter, the main thing is that there is less food in the mountains.

This is very depressing for those who want to quickly recover their strength.

After being depressed for a while, the blue-haired strong man looked at the glorious city under the mountain forest, feeling the countless blood and its fluctuations in the city.

He licked his lips and said, "It looks like we can only go to the cities of human beings to see. Is humanity now the master of this world? Oh, it is ridiculous that such a weak race can become the master of this land!"

Alas, then, the figure of the blue-haired man has headed towards the city below.

The young blue-haired man just left, a figure appeared here, and looked at the broken tree: "Damn, is it one step late? Where is that guy going next?"

This person is not someone else, and Su Yu is chasing.

Not long ago, Su Yu and Xuan Huo and others met at the excavation site. Xuan Huo and others also had some gains after Su Yu and others left. They identified the directions of those resurrected dinosaurs leaving, and the approximate strength of each dinosaur now.

Because the eight dinosaurs left in six directions, the six ones acted immediately.

Su Yu was in charge of chasing the strong man with blue hair.

As for the blue-hair man belongs to which type of dinosaur, Su Yu and others could not distinguish.

Because the breath that these resurrected dinosaurs are very similar.

It's really difficult to tell what kind of a dinosaur of which man.

But that's okay, no matter what kind of dinosaur the other party is, there is only one way to deal with them.

"Damn, why did the guy go around and go back to Weizhong City again?" Su Yu couldn't help cursing after carefully sensing the remaining breath of the other party in place.

Su Yu think this man was sick. After going through a large circle in the forest, then ran back to Weizhong City.

Of course, though scolding, Su Yu did not delay a little time, still chasing along with the breath left by the other party.

Soon, Su Yu came to the center of the lively Weizhong city.

Immediately, Su Yu's face became even more serious because the other party's breath disappeared here.

No, it should be more accurately said that the monster's breath covered by the dense human breath.

Su Yu has somewhat upset. The urban area of Weizhong City is not small, with a population of millions.

It is not a trivial matter to find a monster in such a dense population.

However, what Su Yu didn't know is that when he had a headache, Xuan Nv and others also faced the same situation. The targets of their respective killings all entered the city and lost their tracks.

"Wow, a lot of flash and blood. Is there so much humanity now? If they are all killed, it should be able to resurrect a large number of compatriots, and I can recover my strength soon!"

When Su Yu and others are losing their directions, the other side has entered the city center, watching the crowds on the street became extremely excited!

Because in Stohm's view, the humans in front of them are all readily available blood and can be harvested at will.