Chapter 151 Dragon War

"Earth Dragon? Two branches of dragon species?" Xuan Kong heard his words frowned, and he had never heard of such divisions among dragons.

The dragon King seemed to have completely restored his calmness. He smiled. As soon as he waved his hand, a table and chairs flew in front of them.

Dragon King said: "Sit down and say."

The three of them sat down, and the Dragon King continued: "There are many types of dragons, but they are mainly divided into dragons and Earth Dragons. Dragons such as divine dragons and giant dragons are born to fly. And the Earth Dragons, you know, the dinosaurs in your description are not able to fly dragon species. Earth Dragon species are not flightable regardless of their level.

And the prophecy of 'Earth Dragon Appears, Dragon Nest Destroy' is also related to the two major dragon species. "

"Can you please tell us the details, My Excellency Dragon King?" Xuan Nv asked.

"Sure!" Said the Dragon King: "Because the Dragon family is divided into two branches, in the long distant era, two powerful kings appeared in our Dragon family, and together ruled the entire Dragon family.

However, one area cannot co-exist two tigers, and therefore the dragon race has a contradiction. Both the Heaven Dragon King and the Earth Dragon King want to become the only King to rule the entire Dragon family. At that time, the Heaven Dragon King was stronger and more popular.

Therefore, the Heaven Dragon King became the supreme King of the entire dragon family after fighting with the Earth Dragon King, and ruled the entire dragon family.

However, at that time, the Earth Dragon King refused to accept it. He launched a rebellion with some loyal dragon species and his pterosaurs.

The internal war of the Dragons broke out, and as a result, you also saw that our Heaven Dragon won the victory, but it was also a terrible victory, or that both had lost in the civil war.

The Earth Dragon King and his diehards are very powerful, and some of them are beyond the expected. At the beginning of the civil war, the Earth Dragon King almost won the war. If not, God is helping us, maybe the Earth Dragon King has overthrown the rule of the Heaven Dragon King at that time! "

"God is helping you? What do you mean?" Su Yu asked.

Dragon King said: "At the time, it was the last battle. The scale of victory has tilted to the side of the Earth Dragon King. The chance of our Heaven Dragon King winning is less than 10%.

However, when the Earth Dragon King gathered the Earth Dragon Army to kill the Heaven Dragon King, extremely huge meteorites flew through space and hit the Earth Dragon King's army.

Suddenly more than half of the Earth Dragon King's army was killed and injured, and the scale of victory instantly tilted to our side.

At that time, our Dragon King saw the opportunity, and immediately led an army raid to the Earth Dragon.

After a long battle, the Earth Dragon King, including its army, was all killed! "

Su Yu narrowed his eyes and said, "Is this the real reason for the extinction of dinosaurs?"

At the same time, Su Yu was amazed that the luck of the Heaven Dragon King, it was a bit of destiny.

"Well, so! The natural disaster is only part of the reason, the main reason is because of the civil war of the Dragons!"

The Dragon King sighed: "Although our Heaven Dragons won, we killed the Earth Dragon King and its men.

However, our side also suffered heavy losses, and our dominance at that time fell down directly, withdrawing from the stage that dominated the world.

At that time, the Dragon King saw this situation, So he led the remaining dragons to the Dragon Nest, the birthplace of the Dragon Clan.

This is why the dragons have rarely been seen outside the dragon's nest ever since. "

"My Excellency Dragon King, I just saw the existence of a lot of Earth Dragons on this continent. Isn't the sentence of "Earth Dragon Appears, Dragon Nest Destroy!" inaccurate !?" Su Yu said.

"No, the Earth Dragon in this sentence does not refer to the Earth Dragons in the Dragon's Nest, but to the Earth Dragon outside the dragon's nest. In that year, all the Earth Dragons outside the dragon's nest all died. There are no Earth Dragons outside the Dragon Nest.

Now that the Earth Dragon is resurrected, the prophecy has been fulfilled. "Dragon King said.

Su Yu and others eyes exchanged a bit, Xuan Kong said: "My Excellency Dragon King, do you know the reason for the resurrection of the Earth Dragon?"

"It should be Plan B of the Earth Dragon King. The ancestors said before the death of the Dragon King, it said that in the future it and its people will be resurrected, come back to this world, and destroy the Dragon Nest.

In fact, after so many years, nothing happened, and even the former King almost thought that it was what the ancestors said at will, which is not true.

I didn't expect that the Earth Dragon really reappeared! "Dragon King said.

"Do you know what Plan B is prepared by the Earth Dragon King?" Su Yu asked.

Dragon King shook his head and said, "I don't know!"

Su Yu and others were a little disappointed, but the Dragon King seemed to suddenly think of something at this time, saying, "However, I have some speculations. The Earth Dragon who died for many years must have a blood sacrifice if he wants to resurrect. Then resurrect the dead Earth Dragon through the blood sacrifice!

As long as you find that thing and destroy it, maybe you can prevent Earth Dragon from resurrecting.

Of course, this is just a guess from me. As for whether there is that thing, I am not sure.

I hope this is useful to you! "

Xuan Nv said: "Thank you, Your Excellency Dragon King. These words are very useful to us."

Xuan Kong also arched the hand: "Thank you, Dragon King, we will not continue to disturb, so we will leave!"

"You three are leaving now? Why not stay in the Dragon Nest for a few more days?" Dragon King said.

"Thank you for your kindness, but now we have a task. It is really inconvenient to stay now!" Xuan Kong said.

"Oh, I know. Then, after you three leave, I will also have to respond to this. I will never let the prophecy come true!" Said the Dragon King.

"Oh, I have a word to remind you that the resurrected Earth Dragon is no longer a dragon, they have abandoned the faith and pride of the dragon, and are the same fallen as the corpse dragon. They have no faithful at all. If you encounter them, don't be deceived by any of their promises! "Said the Dragon King again.

"Thank you for your reminder, we will remember!" Xuan Nv nodded and thanked.

The Dragon King nodded, and then said to the outside of the cave: "Ao Tian, send your three human friends away!"

"Yes, Father!" Ao Tian's voice passed into the hole.

Dragon King looked at the three and said, "Please forgive me, I can't send you three people away in person, but Ao Tian can send you back!"

"Thank you!" Xuan Kong said quickly.

Even if the Dragon King really wanted to see them off, they didn't dare let the Dragon King really see them off. It is enough to see the Dragon King and get an answer from the Dragon King. The identities of the two sides are too unequal.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv were satisfied. They also knew the identity gap.

In addition, the three of them will not care about this matter.

In addition, Ao Tian, the dragon prince, sent them, and their treatment was absolutely extremely high.

At the metal altar, in the reluctant eyes of Ao Tian, lights wrapped the three of them, and the figures of the latter three disappeared in the Dragon Nest, as if they had never been there.