Chapter 150 Dragon King

"A task?" Ao Tian muttered, and said, "Since it is a task, I will not ask anymore. You came here through a golden pass, then we will do what you ask.

Su Yu lightly whispered in his heart, some days disappeared, Ao Tian seemed to have grown-up a lot.

"Xuan Zhen, I'll take you now to see the dragons who know the ancient dragon language, follow up with me!" Ao Tian continued.

Then he swung his body changed into the five-pronged dragon, and flew towards the floating island.

The five dragons with different looks immediately followed Ao Tian.

They never look straightly at the three from the beginning to the end. The attitude was the same as that of Ao Tian when they first met them, very arrogant.

Su Yu and others also rose up and followed Ao Tian. After a while, the six dragons landed on a huge floating island.

Ao Tian turned into a humanoid again, and then waved to the other five dragons: "Five of you, go back first, and I will take them to see my father."

The five dragons looked at each other. They said, "Yes!"

Then, the five dragons moved away instantly.

"Oh!" Su Yu quipped: "Ao Tian, are you the leader in the Dragon family? Are you the son of the Dragon King?"

"I'm not the Dragon King's son!" Ao Tian quickly waved and denied.

Ao Tian immediately said: "Let's go, Xuan Zhen, I will take you to see my father. My father knows the ancient dragon language. If you come later, maybe I can translate it for you. My father recently is forcing me to learn the ancient dragon language! "

Speaking, Ao Tian took the three of them to a huge mountain on the floating island. This mountain had a huge cave, about 300 meters in diameter, and a huge snore came from the cave.

"Let's go, my father lives in this cave." Ao Tian said, stepping into it, the three of them glanced into it, and soon knew the cause of the snore in the cave.

It was a breath of a huge golden dragon, and a huge snore sounded every breath.

Compared with this golden dragon, Ao Tian's body size is really very small, maybe less than one-tenth of this dragon.

When entering, this golden dragon should be sleeping. It closed the huge dragon eyes tightly, but when Su Yu and others just approached, the huge golden dragon opened its eyes.

Su Yu felt a great deal of horror at once. There was a feeling of awful beast awakening in front of him, but this feeling immediately passed away.

But just for a moment, Su Yu knew the power is form Ao Tian's father, and he owns an unparalleled strength.

"Ao Tian? Who are the three humans around you?" Ao Tian's father's voice sounded like thunder.

"Father, don't you say, if you have the chance, you will see the human beings who once protected me? The three, and one of them has not come!" Ao Tian replied, giving Su Yu and others a very well-behaved feel.

"Oh? These friends have protected my son? Dragon...  I am here to thank the three!" Said Ao Tian's father.

"My Excellency Dragon King, we just here for a task!" Xuan Kong nodded to show his respect and then said.

"Well? You know who I am?" Dragon King heard the words in surprise and asked, and the golden light on his body turned into a majestic middle-aged man wearing a gold robe.

"It's not hard to guess. Although you are trying to lower your Dragon Coercion, the dragon with the five-clawed dragon body has such powerful strength, I can't think of any other dragon except the Dragon King. In fact, I knew it by the time I saw Ao Tian! "Xuan Kong laughed.

"Hahaha, humans are really smart." Dragon King smiled: "Anyhow, you protected my son, I really gratitude.

Say it, what do you want? As long as it doesn't exceed the standard, I will try his best to satisfy you! "

Su Yu was a little dumbfounded. He did not expect that Ao Tian's father turned out to be the Dragon King of the Dragon Nest. To be exact, Su Yu did not expect that Ao Tian would be the Prince of the Dragon Nest.

Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, who had not spoken, and looked at Xuan Kong, and suddenly understood that only himself did not know Ao Tian's identity.

Su Yu was speechless, secretly saying that he would go back and read more books. He knew that he knows little about dragons.

Xuan Kong didn't know what Su Yu thought, after the Dragon King said it, he arched: "It's our pleasure! We are not demanding, you only need to translate a sentence of the ancient dragon language for us!"

Dragon King asked in curiosity, with an eyebrow raised slightly, "It's that simple?"

"It's that simple!" Xuan Kong laughed, but his heart is bleeding, he roared in his heart: It is too waste!

"Okay, then tell me that ancient dragon language!" The Dragon King said.

Xuan Kong opened his mouth and said: "% # ¥ &&% …… & ……%"

Su Yu's eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at Xuan Kong with surprise, this guy even said the ancient dragon language!

However, the biggest reaction at the scene was not Su Yu, but the Dragon King. When Xuan Kong spoke this ancient Dragon language, the Dragon King suddenly changed his facial expression and unstoppable coercion erupted from him.

A loud noise rang through the cave, and the void seemed to collapse.

Suddenly, the three of them in the cave flew out, even Ao Tian. With a muffled sound, they stopped when hitting on the wall. They spite out blood by the oppression of this powerful coercion. Fortunately, the Dragon King recovered the coercion in time and did not let the three of them suffered a lot.

Powerful, too powerful!

Su Yu was horrified. At that moment, the outburst of the power of the Dragon King gave Su Yu a sense of horror. Su Yu was deeply skeptical that it was only part of the power of the Dragon King.

"Sorry, I was too shocked to hear that sentence!" The Dragon King took a deep breath, and try to calm down. "Humans, can you tell me, where did you hear this sentence?

Ao Tian, you go out first, and I want to talk to your three human friends. "

Ao Tian did not dare to disobey. After looking at the three of them, he bowed and retreated: "Yes, Father!"

Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv looked at each other. After Ao Tian completely left, Xuan Kong said: "We heard this sentence from the resurrected dinosaur. My Excellency Dragon King, what exactly does this sentence mean? Why are you so shocked? "

"Sure enough, have those Earth Dragons been resurrected? Did the prophecy really start?" Dragon King sighed: "The ancient Dragon language just now is a prophecy of our dragon family, which means Earth Dragon Appears, Dragon Nest Destroy! "

"Do you mean Earth Dragons?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Well, dinosaurs are just the names of your humans. According to the classification of our dragon species, we can be divided into two kinds: Earth Dragon and Heaven Dragon. The dinosaurs in your human mouth are one of the branches of our dragon family!" Dragon King nodded.