Chapter 15 Cave

After Xuan Mu said, the three pairs of eyes were all bright, and Xuan Nv groaned. "It's very possible. Although there is a lot of blood in the village, if you carefully think about it, it doesn't match the population of Xiaoyan Village."

Then she looked at Wang Tiezhu and said, "Wang Tiezhu, what about the men in Xiaoyan Village? Did they let the Giants eat? Where are they? Why didn't they find them in the village?"

"Tomb, big tomb, there is a big tomb in the mountain, getting rich, ha ha ha, we're going to be rich, the village chief is taking people into the mountain to find treasure, and money, I'm getting rich. No one came back, everyone did not return! "Shouted Wang Tiezhu.

After hearing these words, the eyes of the three were light up, they finally asked for some useful information, but that's all. Wang Tiezhu was insane and said those words were already the limit. No matter how they lure him, he was repeating the same words.

Xuan Mu outside the hospital analyzed: "Although Wang Tiezhu didn't say much, it was extremely useful. Li Zhangu, the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, and all the men in their village went to the tomb, and they were not in the village when the incident occurred.

Although the time when Li Zhangu and others went out to dig the tomb and the time of the Xiaoyan Village incident did not exactly match, I felt there was an inevitable connection between the two. "

"You mean that these monsters who committed the crime in Xiaoyan Village may be something ran out of the tomb?" Su Yu suspected.

"Maybe true, maybe wrong, we should go and see!" Xuan Nv decided, the three drove back to Xiaoyan Village again, and the closest mountain to Xiaoyan Village is Xiaoyan Mountain. The three guessed that the mountain with the tomb should be Xiaoyan Mountain.

The three men climbed up the mountain and soon found sporadic traces. The traces were very inconspicuous. If these traces were not observed by Xuan Mu carefully, the three may not find it.

Xuan Mu pointed at a shrub saying: "There are things passing here. These shrubs are different from other shrubs. Well, there are also in front, just connected into a route."

Su Yu glanced at a glance. How could he not see the difference between these bushes?

Xuan Nv looked for a while and said, "Well, it's really a little different. These bushes have been moved away, and then moved back!"

"???" Su Yu: I am so curious about the bushes, how could you see the differences, grandmaster?

"Dig it out!" Xuan Nv said, flipping her palms, and a long sword came out from somewhere unknown. There showed a cold light, and then the ground was cracked, a huge crack that was half a meter wide and a dozen meters long.

Su Yu was startled. This woman was too violent and too powerful. Just a slight wave of the sword could cause such a result. Su Yu could not imagine what this woman would do with a full blow.

He was more certain of the thought in his heart, this woman is not someone to be trifled with, the consequence might be miserable.

"There is blood! Sure enough, these monsters were in this Xiaoyan Mountain!" Xuan Mu interrupted Su Yu's thoughts.

Looking at it, Su Yu can really saw scattered blood in the cracks. Although not many, it was enough to explain a lot.

Of course, Su Yu couldn't see anything deeper.

"These monsters should have the ability related to the earth and soil system!" Xuan Nv said.

"???" Su Yu felt more confused about Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu's words, but how did you see that thing with bare eyes?

However, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu apparently did not have the thought of taking care of Su Yu, and did not explain it at all. Xuan Nv stamped her feet gently, and the crack was closed with a bang. She said, "Go, these monsters are not far away from here."


Xuan Mu and Xuan Nv all along the way, based on the obvious traces, soon came to the place where the landslide of Xiaoyan Mountain yesterday, but at this time it was completely different from when Li Zhangu and others came.

The exposed hole had disappeared and was covered by thick earth and rocks again.

Xuan Mu looked at the hillside in front of him: "These monsters are inside this hillside. I can already feel the fluctuation of super power. Wait a minute, I'll find where the entrance is."

Xuan Mu's hand was lifted, and the green light dots waved out and fell on the hillside. A green plant grew on the hillside. After a few seconds, Xuan Mu said loudly, "I found it, and I was there, Xuan Nv, it's your turn! "

A green plant suddenly grew, and in the blink, it grew into a sturdy little tree.

"Okay, I will finish this!" Xuan Nv said, and the sword in her hand came out of the sheath again. In Su Yu's horrified eyes, the hillside shook involuntarily, rumbling, and the earth and stones flew under an invisible force.  Then he fell down aside.

In a blink, a huge cave appeared in front of him, with a diameter of about ten meters.

As soon as the cave was exposed, rancidity and bloody smell would come out, and there was a power that made Su Yu's heart tremble.

"Su Yu,  be careful, this time these monsters are not easy to deal with!" Xuan Nv faced Su Yu and said.

Su Yu almost burst into tears: Sister, do you still remember that I am here?

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded his head, then hid his body behind Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, you guys are strong, you go first!

Xuan Mu looked at Su Yu, interesting! Then he said, "Xuan Nv, I go ahead to explorer. You are in charge of the alert. Su Yu is behind you. Be careful"

"Lead on, leader, I will obey orders!" Su Yu replied that he was happy.

"Haha!" Xuan Nv smiled coldly, and Su Yu shivered.

When Xuan Mu saw this, he shook her head gently and then stepped into the cave. The green light spot fell on the ground, and a small vine grew out, spreading out to the depth of the cave first.

These vines are like a probe for Xuan Mu to perceive information.

The cave is obliquely downward, but the slope is very slow. After walking for ten minutes, the three did not reach the end of the cave. At this time, the three were completely in the dark. The three turned on the lighting tools carefully, watching everything in this cave

"There are murals here!" Su Yu first discovered and said to Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu: "Come on, the above description should be the scene of ancient human life, but I felt something weird? Are ancient humans live in that way? "

Upon hearing this, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu came to Su Yu's next and illuminated the light source on the mural, which was more conducive to observation.

Xuan Mu observed it with a serious look for a while and said, "No, the painting on this mural is not human."

"Not human?" Su Yu said in surprise: "Are you kidding? Why isn't this mural painting human? Isn't it exactly the same as a human?"

"Well, it's true, it is not human. Ancient legends may be true." Xuan Nv also said with a heavy voice.