Chapter 149 Dragon Nest

Xuan Kong heard it, showed a bitter smile and said, "You are right, but the dragons are very xenophobic. It is not possible for us to enter the Dragon Nest. This way is not ..."

Slap ~

Before the Xuan Kong words were finished, Xuan Laogua patted a golden token on the table.

Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "It is enough to have this thing!"

"This is it?" Xuan Kong yelled, and he felt a strong sense of dragon coercion coming from this token.

"Dragon's Nest Pass!" Xuan Laogua smiled faintly: "If you have this thing, don't say how can you entered the Dragon's Nest, maybe dragons will treat you as a guest!"

"This Dragon Nest pass? How can there be such a token, boss? And it is even the highest golden token!" Xuan Nv said, there was an inconceivable surprise in the voice!

"Xuan Nv, you also know that this is the highest golden Dragon Nest Pass, was your father telling you?" Xuan Laogua looked up at Xuan Nv with a smile.

"Em!" Xuan Nv nodded slightly.

"Haha, your father tells you everything! Hold it, you can use this to go to the dragon's nest. It's easy for you guys to crack the ancient dragon language!" Xuan Laogua said lightly.

Xuan Kong stunned. He also knew about the Dragon Nest Pass, although he only saw it for the first time, he also knew how precious the golden Dragon Nest Pass was.

Only used to crack the meaning of an ancient dragon language? Xuan Kong feels that it is a waste.

Xuan Nv does not hesitate, picks up the pass and walks out of Xuan Laogua's office.

Su Yu and Xuan Kong keep up.

"What is the Dragon's Nest Pass?" Su Yu finally asked, when he came outside. Su Yu naturally understood the meaning of the Pass and its purpose. But he was surprised to see Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong's expression. So that Su Yu think the meaning of this Pass is definitely more than this.

Xuan Kong said: "Although the Dragons are proud and exclusive, they are not disjointed with other races. The Dragons will treat other races kindly if other races treat them with kindness.

And most of the dragons also have gratitude, and according to a different kind of kindness, the dragons will give different levels of pass orders to those who have favors to them. Through this pass, they can enter and leave the Dragon Nest once.

And according to the level of the pass order, the person holding the pass order can propose corresponding conditions to the dragons of the Dragon Nest, as long as it is within the standard range, the dragons will meet.

Of course, no matter what level of the pass is used, it can only be used once. "

"That really valuable!" Su Yu's eyes glared slightly. Although the pass can only be used once, it is extremely high value. He said, "Is it too wasteful to ask for the deciphering of the ancient dragon language? "

"Yeah, but do we have any other way now? This pass can only be wasted!" Xuan Kong spread his hands helplessly.

"Near me, let's go to Dragon's Nest now!" Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

"How to go? Where is Dragon Nest?" Su Yu said, walked over.

"We don't need to know where the Dragon Nest is, as long as the pass token is in hand, we can pass at any time!" Xuan Kong smiled.

Click ~  Xuan Nv shattered the golden passage order in her hand, and Su Yu saw countless symbols burst out from the broken passage order, forming a mysterious light ball shrouded to the three of them.

"This is it?" Su Yu stunned, in this sphere, Su Yu had a feeling of crossing the space door.

Then, he felt a strong sense of weightlessness.

It took a while for Su Yu to feel down-to-earth again. The scenery in front of him had completely changed. Looking at the surrounding scenery, he exclaims: "Here is the dragon's nest?"

"Well, it should be Dragon's Nest, and Dragon's Nest has such a reckless and magnificent scenery!" Xuan Kong nodded, looking at the scenery in the distance is also a shock.

The three of them were standing on a large metal altar, and a metal avenue extended into the distance.

In the distance, there are huge floating islands, clouds, and mists, looming the floating islands, like a fairyland.

In the distance, dragon roar burst into the air, and the mighty dragon coercion came faintly, and powerful dragons traveled in the void.

Looking down at the altar, there is a vast continent, mountains and rivers, ancient trees, and everything.

"Is there no one here to guard? Aren't they afraid of bad people coming in?" Su Yu said and frowned. They have been here for a few seconds, but there are no guarding dragons appeared.

Xuan Kong heard, showed a smile and said, "No one can break into the Dragon Nest. The location of the Dragon Nest, except for some senior members of the Dragon Nest, is unknown to outsiders.Even if someone can luckily find the location of the dragon's nest, there is also a strong protective cover outside the dragon's nest. It is almost impossible to break through。

So Dragon's Nest is a very safe place, there is no need to guard at all.

In addition, there are millions of dragons in the Dragon Nest, and many of them are terribly strong. If some people break-in, they are only looking for death.

Do you think the dragons here don't know we are here? When we just crushed the golden pass, our information has already passed to the Dragon Nest. Hey, look, they are here to pick us up. "

Su Yu glanced down through Xuan Kong's sight. Sure enough, there were several huge figures in the sky coming quickly to this side.

Those are the six dragons, headed by a five-pronged claw dragon with a golden body, which looks noble.

The remaining are five dragons of different colors!

Su Yu stunned and asked, "Do you know me?"

"I am Ao Tian! It is not been a long time! Have you have forgotten me?" Ao Tian said and turned his body became a human figure.

"Whoa, it's really Ao Tian!" Su Yu was surprised. The reason he didn't recognize him was partly that he hadn't seen Ao Tian's real body, there was also a great change of Ao Tian's breath. So, Su Yu can not immediately distinguish.

"Of course it is me, otherwise who would have such a noble figure?" Ao Tian raised his head.

Well, the look of this narcissistic is undoubtedly Ao Tian.

This time he didn't come to play in the Dragon Nest, so Su Yu didn't have any time to greeting with Ao Tian. He was anxious to know the meaning of that ancient dragon language.

So Su Yu grabbed the arm of Ao Tian and said, "Ao Tian, we are here to do something important. Do you know any of your dragons who know the ancient dragon language?"

"Ancient dragon language?" Ao Tian said in confusion, "Why are you asking about this? There aren't many of us who know the ancient dragon language."

"That's it. We're working on a case now, and the target of the mission said the ancient dragon language. We want to know what it means. This may be crucial for us to complete the mission!" Su Yu said.