Chapter 148 Videos

After hearing the words, Su Yu sighed. There was very little useful information just from listening to the description of the parties.

Because under tension, fear, and other emotions, many people see and hear are not true.

Though Wu Kun said lots of things, everyone is now the only thing that can be certain is that a resurrected dinosaur has super powers.

As for why the dinosaurs suddenly resurrected, and for what reason, etc., they are unknown.

No special traces were left on the scene of the resurrection, and useful clues were infinitely close to zero.

If they can see the video of the resurrection of dinosaurs, maybe they can get more useful clues.

"Captain Wu, Captain Wu, come here, we have made a new discovery." Then someone shouted from a distance.

Wu Kun expressed a happy expression and shouted, "What new discovery?"

"A DV recorder has not been damaged, and the video inside is completely preserved!" The man shouted.

Everyone present was stunned. After Wu Kun just said that all the electronic equipment was damaged, someone found a good video recorder. Is this a smack himself in the face?

Wu Kun blushed and said over there: "Be quick, bring it to me!"

A young man in uniform holding a DV video recorder trot all the way from the crowd, and handed the video recorder to Wu Kun in both hands and said, "Captain Wu, the video recorder!"

Wu Kun took it, and said angrily: "How did you find out? Didn't you say that all the electronic equipment was damaged?"

"..." The young man was stunned, didn't you just let me search around carefully and slowly? Why are you mad at me now?

The young man said in his heart, but on the surface, he was calm and even apologized actively: "Sorry, Captain Wu, it is all my fault, and I didn't expect to have a good electronic device preserved... "

Wu Kun immediately gave the young man an admiring look. This kid has a bright future!

Wu Kun was happy, but the surface was calm. He waved his hand and said, "Well, go, see if there are any other findings, and be more careful."

The young man saluted, "Yes, Captain Wu!"

Then, the young man trots away and left.

They didn't care much about it, they all focused on that DV camera.

After the camera was handed over by Wu Kun to Su Yu, he left, and he didn't need to participate in some things.

Su Yu took and played it. After skipping the previously seen in the live broadcast, and played the later.

The video suddenly became dark, and then recovered again. There was a sound coming out, and the video was shaken badly, and it was messy.

After a while, the video became normal.

This video is facing the deep pit in front of everyone's eyes, but there is a huge fossil skeleton in the deep pit in the video. Many people are turning around this skeleton as if they are performing a mysterious ritual.

On the fossil skeleton, as everyone turned, it gradually began to emit a light red light.

The red light was reflected on those people around the fossil skeleton,  showing a strange atmosphere form this video.

The next moment there was a scream.

Because at this moment, those who surrounded the dinosaur fossils made amazing moves. They cut the veins of their wrists with their nails, and blood flowed out from those people's wrists and dripped on the fossils.

The moment the blood dripped on the fossil, the red light on the fossil suddenly flourished, red and dazzling.

Afterward, Su Yu saw horribly that those who surrounded the fossils were disintegrated one by one and become bloody mist rushed into the fossils.

At this time, the video content changed. The DV should have fallen from the owner's hands to the ground, and the video seen were all red light on the ground.

Then the sound of heavy breathing, heavy footsteps, and huge roaring sounds, and the thunder and thunder at the same time.

The picture shakes violently and becomes extremely blurred.

The screams kept coming and going, and someone shouting what the dinosaurs were alive.

"% # ¥ &&% …… & ……%"

Suddenly, a loud, loud voice sounded like a human voice but not a human voice.

Then the video returned to calm, and then remained the same until the last darkness.


"Leader, what do you think?" Su Yu exhaled a stale breath.

"Those people should have been controlled by some kind of power, held a ritual, sacrificed themselves to bring those dinosaurs back to life!"

Xuan Tu said: "Sure enough, Wu Kun's description is lacking. Fortunately, there is a video, otherwise, a large section of real and useful information will be missing!"

"What I care about is what the meaning of the resurrected dinosaur said! Who can understand?" Xuan Kong said.

Xuan Huo thought for a moment and said, "What the dinosaur said should be a very old Dragon language. Few people understand it now. We can only go back and ask about the boss. Our boss is probably the only one who can understand it. "

Everyone nodded after hearing the words. Xuan Laogua is definitely the most knowledgeable in the bureau. Maybe he knows a little about the ancient Dragon language.

Xuan Nv said: "Six of us acted separately. Xuan Kong, me and Xuan Zhen returned to the bureau, find the boss to translate the words that the dinosaur said. Then we came back here. Xuan Huo, Xuan Tu, Xuan Dian, you guys continue here Investigate and track the whereabouts of those dinosaurs! "

"Okay, just do it!" they looked at each other. Xuan Huo nodded in agreement, and Xuan Dian and others had no opinion.

Then the six separated and split into two teams. Su Yu and others returned to the Monsters Detective Bureau with the DV, and they found Xuan Laogua.

However, to the disappointment of the three, Xuan Laogua didn't know what the dragon said.

"What should we do? Boss, I think what this dragon said is very important, maybe it is the key to solving this case, is there no other way to decipher the meaning of this dragon language?" Xuan Nv frowned and said anxiously.

"Don't worry, I just said that I didn't understand, and didn't say that others didn't understand.

This dragon language is very old, and it is not even the language of the dragons now. If you want to find someone who can understand the ancient dragon language, you have to go to that place! "Xuan Laogua waved his hand to signal Xuan Nv not to rush.

"Boss, the place you said is Dragon's Nest!" Xuan Kong's eyes flashed.

"Dragon's Nest?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow. This is the place he has heard of this place several times.

Xuan Laogua nodded and said: "The dragons have a very long life. We don't understand the ancient dragon language. There are definitely many dragons in the dragon nest who can understand the ancient dragon language. As long as you find a Dragon who lives long enough, this ancient dragon language can be cracked! "