Chapter 147 Dinosaur Resurrection

"Hello everyone, this is the morning news section of Hua TV. Welcome back. It's 8:30 in the morning!

Next, we will focus on a mining site.

In September 2018, dinosaur fossils were found in multiple places in Wuling, Weizhong City, Xia Ning Province. After careful identification by experts from the Institute of Paleovertebrate and Paleoanthropology of the Hua Academy of Sciences, it was initially determined that the geological age of the dinosaur fossils found was of the Cretaceous.

According to the site's topography and early excavation studies, there may be dinosaur fossil groups and there are many types.

After a year, all work has been fully prepared. The Hua Academy of Sciences and the Xia Ning paleontology fossil protection research center will jointly carry out a large-scale systematic excavation of dinosaur fossils. The specific work has begun. Below we will connect our site reporter Xiao Fei. Report live.

Hi, Xiao Fei! "

"Hello, Zhang Qi, everyone, I am Xiao Fei."


At the desk, Su Yu had no tasks. Su Yu, who had just finished his morning exercise, was holding a mobile phone and watching the live broadcast.

This is an excavation site of a dinosaur fossil group. Su Yu has been interested in dinosaurs since he was a child. Any news report about dinosaurs will attract his attention, and this time there are no exceptions.

But looking at it, the mobile phone suddenly turned black, the live broadcast disappeared, and quickly switched back to the studio.

Supporter Zhang Qi said: "Dear viewers, I'm sorry, there was a glitch in the device in front, and the live broadcast was temporarily suspended. Next, we follow other news ..."

"What?" Su Yu frowned, "The device problem? Impossible!"

For the explanation from the host Zhang Qi, Su Yu just doesn't believe it. How can a TV station like Hua have problems like this?

Moreover, although the host was trying to cover up, Su Yu was still able to see Zhang Qi's hands trembling, and her eyes flashed a little fear.

So Su Yu instantly judged that the sudden interruption of live broadcast is by no means as simple as a problem with the equipment.

However, specific circumstances are unknown.

Su Yu reluctantly put down his mobile phone, came to the training room and started to continue practicing.

But just after the warm-up exercise, Xuan Nv appeared in the training room: "Xuan Zhen, there is a task, the meeting room meets!"

Su Yu was a little stunned, quickly put on his equipment, and came to the conference room. Many people, including Xuan Nv, Xuan Huo, were there.

Immediately after Su Yu sat down, Xuan Laogua walked in, with a solemn look: "The dinosaurs are resurrected!"


Su Yu felt a little bit amazing, He never thinks that he would come to the live broadcast just after watching the live broadcast.

That's right, here is the site where the Wuling dinosaur fossils that Su Yu just looked at were excavated.

Su Yu and a group of colleagues from the Monsters Detective Bureau came over to the place.

"Hello, all the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau, Mr. Xuan Zhen, we meet again!"

While he saw an acquaintance came out from the crowd, Su Yu smiled and said, "Hello, are you still take charge of this case this time?"

Su Yu greeted to the square-faced staff who had cooperated in the case of the Crocodile-Lizard.

"Yes!" The square-faced staff nodded.

"By the way. It is in a hurry last time, I haven't asked your name yet?" Su Yu laughed.

"I'm Wu Kun!" Wu Kun said.

"Wu Kun, hello, can you show us what's going on here? What exactly is the resurrection of the dinosaurs?" without many greeting, Su Yu went straight into the theme.

Wu Kun said, "Follow me, I will take you to the scene of the resurrection of the dinosaurs and hope that you will find valuable clues."

Soon, everyone came to a huge pothole, Wu Di said, "Here is the place where a dinosaur was resurrected.

At that time, there were workers and experts excavating and repairing a dinosaur fossil. No one expected that the dinosaur fossil suddenly burst into sharp red light, and then the dinosaur was resurrected. "

"That's it? What about the excavators and experts?" Xuan Tu said, raised an eyebrow.

Wu Kun shook his head and said, "Unfortunately, those workers and experts were killed. Under the shroud of that red light, all those experts and workers have vaporized and disappeared. Even the clothes and articles on their bodies have instantly vaporized, leaving nothing... "

Su Yu and others heard this news, their expressions changed, and their mood was instantly down. The last thing they wanted to hear was that someone was killed.

Su Yu took a deep breath and said, "How many dinosaurs have been resurrected, what kind of dragons are there? Is there any information on these?"

"Yes!" Wu Kun nodded: "According to expert analysis and survivors, there are eight resurrected dinosaurs, namely the Apatosaurus, Pterosaur, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Megalosaurus, Allosaurus. And Tyrannosaurus. Three herbivorous dinosaurs, five carnivorous dinosaurs. "

"What kind of dragon is the Apatosaurus ?" Xuan Tu asked, with an eyebrow raised, Xuan Nv and others were also confused. They have heard the names of other dinosaurs, but the name of the Apatosaurus is completely absent in their impression.

"Apatosaurus is Brontosaurus!" Wu Kun said.

Xuan Tu and others heard that they were all amazed. The name of Brontosaurus is more popular, after all, Brontosaurus is a giant of the dinosaur family.

As for Su Yu, his heartbeat faster. Since he is interested in dinosaurs, he is naturally very familiar with these eight kinds of dinosaurs.

And just because of the familiarity, Su Yu know that these eight kinds of dinosaurs are powerful, and let alone five kinds of carnivorous dinosaurs, three kinds of herbivorous dinosaurs. There are strong enough to cause them a headache problem.

And the most important thing is that since the relevant departments handed over the case of the dinosaur resurrection to the bureau, this case is definitely more than just a dinosaur resurrection.

Su Yu touched his eyebrows and said, "Mr. Wu, do you have any other information here? For example, what are the special features of these dinosaurs?"

"Yes, these resurrected dinosaurs are all able to speak, and they also have strange abilities, some can spit storms, and some can spit lightning!"

"This is not an ordinary dinosaur resurrection. It seems that these dinosaurs have super power!" Xuan Kong said.

"Mr. Wu, is there anything else? For example, where did all the dinosaurs go after they were resurrected? Isn't the live broadcast today? Is there a live video? It is best to give us a live video!" Su Yu asked.

Wu Kun smiled bitterly: "Mr. Xuan Zhen, if there is one, I have given it to you already. Why would I waste so many words?

Just before the resurrection of the dinosaurs, a special wave appeared here, destroying all electronic equipment.

This is why the broadcast was suddenly interrupted. "