Chapter 146 Frightening Thoughts

Bang, a huge broken tail fell from the air, slammed into the lake and made a huge sound, setting off a monstrous water wave.

"Hou ~" The mutant anaconda screamed in pain, but at this moment it was so helpless.

However, everyone did not show mercy, including Su Yu. Although Su Yu sympathized with its encounter, Su Yu still have to kill the mutant anaconda.

Anaconda's mutation is irreversible.

Su Yu, who has a memory of mutant anaconda, knows even more that the hatred of humans in mutant anacondas cannot be eliminated.

If we let it go, and its ultimate choice is to retaliate against human beings. Naturally, Su Yu would not make such a mistake.

Su Yu himself has a scale in his heart. He can have sympathy for different kinds of things, but he must not sympathize blindly or hurt others.

"Kill!" Su Yu said. what he can do now is better to kill the mutant anaconda with only one shot so that it needn't suffer too much pain.


Su Yu stomped on the lake, and the lake water splashes. Su Yu rose to the sky and killed the mutant anaconda!

Xuan Mu's body has already moved. He splashed numerous green light spots, flying into the mutant anaconda's wound into its flesh, and thick thigh green vines grow out of flesh.

These vines were bleeding red, terrifying.

These vines are madly drawing blood from mutant anacondas and growing wildly.

Between several breaths, Su Yu felt the life-breath of the mutant anaconda weaker and weaker.

Seeing this, Su Yu took a sigh. He did not expect that Xuan Mu had such a horrible attacking skill, and it is very scary.

Su Yu headed straight for the mutant anaconda's head, and a big strong punch it.

The mud was directly blown away by Su Yu's punches, and then became more finely broken under the shock power. The anaconda had become much more difficult to recover its mud.

In addition, Xuan Nv kept releasing the ice power to freeze the mud into ice cubes, delaying the speed of the mud being taken back by the mutant anaconda.

Although the mutant anaconda can regenerate rotten mud, due to the severe damage, the speed of the new generation of mud can not keep up with the speed of Su Yu's punch. After dozens of punches, Su Yu saw the real body of anaconda.

The body of the anaconda is undoubtedly much smaller than the body covered with mud.

Of course, Su Yu think it is still a behemoth, and its head is like an enlarged version of a locomotive.

"Ah ~"

Seeing that Su Yu had found its real body, the mutant anaconda uttered a frightening roar, struggling fiercely.

But at this time it was trapped by Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, and it couldn't move at all.

Pa ~ Su Yu landed on the head of the mutant anaconda. There was no extra bullshit, and a big punch was hit again.

The scaled armor shattered, blood-splattered, shock power and horrifying punches penetrated the mutant anaconda's defense and acted on the mutant anaconda's brain. After a few breaths, the mutant anaconda died finally,

At this time, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu withdraw their powers, and the huge body of the mutant anaconda fell into the lake.


The water waves spread towards the outside.

The mutant anaconda was dead, and the mud on it was out of control and flowed into the lake. Soon, only half of the giant corpse floated on the lake.

"This is the mutant anaconda's real body? It's actually at least half smaller than before, no wonder we can't always beat the muddy defense!" Xuan Shui shouted, looking at the mutant anaconda's body.

"Xuan Mu, sealed it and brought it back to the bureau." Xuan Nv said.

Xuan Nv glanced at Ma Xiaoyu and others who were held in the air by Xuan Shui, and then said, "Xuan Shui, you can take these victims  back, and hand over the personnel to the local relevant department to do aftercare."

"Okay!" Xuan Shui responded, and took Ma Xiaoyu and other victims fly towards Lake Osawa Village. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu faintly heard someone shouting Xuan Zhen's name.

Su Yu knew that it should be Ma Xiaoyu's voice, but Su Yu didn't go to say goodbye. Ma Xiaoyu was quickly modified by Xuan Shui's memory, and it would be difficult to have an intersection in the future.

Xuan Nv continued: "Xuan Zhen, go with me to look around and investigate where the mutant anaconda came from and why it mutated."

"Leader, there is no need to investigate. I accidentally received a memory of the mutant anaconda. I already know where the mutant anaconda came from, and I also know why it mutated." Su Yu said sadly.

Xuan Nv heard the words and thought for a moment, looked at Su Yu for a while, and said, "Okay, then this task report will be entrusted to you to write. After you go back, write it, and write things down in detail, especially your experience inside the body of the mutant anaconda. "

"Em!" Su Yu nodded.

"Okay, we can go back now!" Xuan Mu lifted the seal stick in his hand, and the anaconda's body had been sealed by him.

Su Yu glanced at the seal stick, and some felt it was a pity that if the mutant anaconda was not hostile to humans, it would be a very valuable monster.

The ability to devour garbage is definitely too scarce. If use it well, in the future, there will be a place for the disposal of garbage generated by humans.

But Su Yu also know that it was impossible.

Keeping mutant anacondas alive is definitely a big danger, let alone letting them eat up the garbage.

With its ability to quickly become stronger after devouring garbage, if the garbage is enough, this monster can be upgraded to a powerful top Black level, in a short time.

It must be noted that just the garbage from Lake Osawa allows it to quickly raise the level of danger to the Black level.

And how big is Hua, how big is the world, and how much garbage do humans produce.

If you think about it carefully, if it isn't for the mutant anaconda exposed too early, if it waits for enough garbage, then the mutant anaconda's grade will grow to a terrible extent.

Even Su Yu suspected that that would happen. No one could defeat the mutant anaconda, which would bring great disaster to the world.

Thinking about it that way, Su Yu's regret also disappeared.

Instead, it was a little bit fortunate to be able to kill the mutant anacondas here.

"What are you thinking, Xuan Zhen?" Xuan Mu patted Su Yu's shoulder, awaken Su Yu from his deep thought.

Su Yu said with a smile, "Nothing? Just wondering if humans will one day perish in our own hands."

Xuan Mu: "???"

Because he has been swallowed once, so he becomes weird? Why should he suddenly think about such a profound problem?

Xuan Mu said: "I don't know if humans will perish in our own hands, I only know that if you don't leave, Xuan Nv will probably destroy you!"

"???" Su Yu suddenly felt a cold gaze staring at him, and hurriedly smiled: "Leader, we can go!"

"Hmm!" Xuan Nv snorted coldly, and walked ahead quickly.

Su Yu was speechless. Is Xuan Nv in her special period? Why angry?