Chapter 145 Experience

Xuan Nv and others looked at the anaconda. They felt a headache.

The mutant anaconda is very strong, and its danger level has reached the Black level eleven.

At this level, attack and destructiveness are extremely strong.

But that is also relatively speaking, for the three people, the mutant anaconda is at most opponents of the same level.

It stands to reason that in the case of three to one, it will be won very quickly.

However, don't say that they won it soon. If they continue this way, their power will probably be consumed by the mutant anaconda.

The layer of mud on the outer layer of the mutant anaconda monster has a strong defense ability beyond imagination, and it is like a Bug.

All three naturally tried various methods to remove the muddy defense layer on the surface of the mutant anaconda.

But no matter what method the three people use, they cannot do it.

The only one who can restrain the mud a little bit is also the ice power of Xuan Nv's, but the effect is also very poor.

"Damn, do we have to find Xuan Kong? Using his space power to wipe should be able to restrain the monster's mud." Xuan Shui said and avoided the attack of the mutant anaconda. He suggested that the ability of the mutant anaconda could be best restrained by Xuan Kong's super power.

"Fuck, it's shameful!" Xuan Mu murmured when he heard the words. It was shameful to call someone for help.

However, Xuan Mu also knows that this may be the most effective way to solve the mutant anaconda.

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she pondered, considering whether they might be able to solve the monster quickly. After a few seconds, Xuan Nv decided: "Okay, let Xuan Kong come, don't delay time!"

"Em!" Xuan Shui nodded, and he starts to notify Xuan Kong.

But at this moment, the mutant anaconda, who had been fiercely attacking them, stopped suddenly, and then made a loud roar.

The huge body tumbling in the lake, agitating huge waves.

"What's wrong with this monster? It seems to be very painful?" Xuan Shui looked for a moment, and stopped calling for Xuan Kong.

Xuan Nu shook her head, and the change of the mutant anaconda also made her confused.

Huh! Kaka Kaka ~

"Well? Do you hear any noise coming from the monster's body? Am I  heard wrong?" Xuan Mu frowned.

Huh! Kaka Kaka ~

"No, you didn't hear wrong!" Xuan Shui shook his head and pointed at the mutant anaconda tumbling in the lake water: "Look, there seems to be something coming out of its body!"

When Xuan Mu heard the words, he really saw a bulging big bag in the abdomen position of the mutant anaconda. The big bag was getting bigger and bigger, and the sound coming out was getting clearer.


At the next moment, a loud noise came, and the big bag on the abdomen of the mutant anaconda suddenly burst open. Numerous sludge and flesh flew from the mutant anaconda at this moment.、

A huge hole appeared on the waist of the anaconda.

"Howling ~" The mutant anaconda made a painful hissing sound, and its huge body slammed into the lake, setting off a monstrous water wave. The mutant anaconda suffered unprecedented severe harm.

Soon the mutant anaconda was motionless on the lake, and its breath was quickly dissipating.

The three were startled by this scene, and looked at the huge wound a little bit stunned. What exactly came out of the mutant anaconda?

"Ha ~ I come out. Why you swallowed me, you are really in bad luck! If you are a Princess Iron Fan, then I am the Monkey King!"

A sound of joy spread into the ears of the three. They looked at each other.

Xuan Zhen?

All three heard Xuan Zhen's voice. How could Xuan Zhen's voice come out of the monster's belly?

Alas, the next moment, a blood-stained figure rushed out of the huge hole. Exactly is Su Yu!

"Yeah? Leader, you are also here. What a coincidence!" As soon as he rushed out of the mutant anaconda, Su Yu saw the three and greeted them with a smile.

Coincidence? What a coincidence—Xuanshui, Xuan Mu said in his heart.

"Xuan Zhen, why did you come out of this monster?" Xuan Nv asked.

"Monster? You mean this mutant anaconda?" Su Yu glanced back at the dying anaconda, said.

"It's an anaconda monster? How could it mutate into this?" Xuan Shui said in surprise, totally not expecting that the monster's body would be an anaconda monster.

"Stop talk about the reason, I found those who were devoured by it!" Su Yu raised his hand.

"Have you found it?" Xuan Nv heard for a moment and looked at the mutant anaconda. "Those people are inside the anaconda's body? Are they alive?"

Su Yu nodded: "Well! They are in the monster's body. Please lead them to get out, I am not good at doing this ... eh? No, its pretend to die?"

Just when Su Yu was about to let the three rescues Ma Xiaoyu and others from the mutant anaconda, Su Yu was shocked by the mutant anaconda.

The anomalous mutant anaconda suddenly moved, and flicked its tail to flee away at a very fast speed.

"I've noticed you for a long time. Wanna escape? Leaving people back, Xuan Shui and Xuan Mu started to save people! " Xuan Nv snorted when the mutant anaconda moved, and the gravity broke out, acting directly on the mutant anaconda.

Invisible gravity is like a big invisible hand, which directly grabs the mutant anaconda from the lake and fixes it in the air.

Xuan Mu and Xuan Shui moved at the same time.

Numerous vines burst out from Xuan Mu's body and flying towards the mutant anaconda. The mutant anaconda was wrapped in layers in an instant to help Xuan Nv frozen the mutant anacondas in the air.

Xuan Shui's power erupted, and the lake below was boiling, and the water columns rose into the sky, turning into a huge palm, drilling into the body of the mutant anaconda from the hole.

The screams kept ringing from the mutant anaconda, and some people were rescued by Xuan Shui from the mutant anaconda's body.

In less than a minute, Ma Xiaoyu and others were rescued by Xuan Nv and others.

Su Yu was stunned, "You guys already knew it was pretending to be dead? Why shouldn't you tell me?"

"Ha ha!"

Xuan Shui said with a grin: "Although Xuan Zhen's level has been improved quickly, the experience is still lacking. Today we will give you a lesson. Don't underestimate the monster. They are more cunning than you think! "

Su Yu: "..."

"Small nonsense, kill it! Don't give him a chance to breathe!" Xuan Nv whispered coldly, chopped out with gravity sword, and blasted at the wound of the mutant anaconda!

With a bang, the mutant anaconda was cut into two by Xuan Nv!