Chapter 144 Open

"Ah ~"

Su Yu said, and a scream sounded. A man rolled and yelled, covering his arm with pain.

The crowd was taken aback immediately and didn't understand what was going on, but they all knew that it was definitely not a good thing.

"Hold him down and see what happened to him?" The strong man yelled at several men.

Then they pounced on and held the man, opened the palm of the man, and saw the situation of this man, taking a deep breath. The flesh on the man's arm was corroded by the acid, exposing bones.

"This ... what's going on? How can this happen?" The strong man couldn't help but pout his lips, how could this happen?

Su Yu looked up at the "ceiling" and said solemnly, "Is it so fast? Damn it, I hope it's not too late."

Su Yu roared loudly and said, "Don't wait anymore, find a place to hide, protect your body, and don't let the acid spill!"


Everyone heard the words, after a while, and then someone finally smelled the strong sour taste in the air. Although they don't know why this happened, combined with the misery of that person and Su Yu's words, everyone knew that something bad happened.

Boom ~ Everyone messed up instantly, and began to look for shelter.

Su Yu felt a headache suddenly, and then roared again: "Doubt run around, in order, what's the matter? First, find shelter for the elderly, children, women ..."

Su Yu grabbed and grabbed the strong man and said: "You! Go to maintain order, whoever disturbs the order, give him a lesson, don't mess, the acid doesn't come down so quickly."

"Boss..." The strong man almost cried. What was he doing at this time? I also have to take refuge.

Su Yu shouted, "Don't talk nonsense, you have to do whatever I ask you to do, go!"

Roared by Su Yu, the strong man can only obey and hurriedly lead people to organize orders.

"Ma Xiaoyu, you also find a safe place to hide, then I don't have time to take care of you!" After the strong man left, Su Yu said to Ma Xiaoyu who was walking beside him.

"What about you? Why are you going to do?" Ma Xiaoyu asked, grasping Su Yu's clothes in her small hand.

"I'm going to open a passage for everyone, and take everyone away. You can't help, go, find a safe place to hide, and I can quickly open a passage." Su Yu rubbed Ma Xiaoyu's head and said.

Ma Xiaoyu loosened Su Yu's clothes and trot all the way, finding a place to hide.



The acid began to fall continuously from the 'ceiling', dripping on the wreckage, corroding it, and the pungent white smoke began to diffuse. The crowd's coughing gradually increased, and everyone covered their mouth and nose with wet clothing to relieve symptoms.

Su Yu did not waste time. After Ma Xiaoyu hid, Su Yu stepped on his feet and rushed towards the 'wall' on one side.

Su Yu is going to open a hole in it and go out from there.

The blue halo and blue electric light on Su Yu's body appeared at the same time, and the dual powers burst. The acid dripped from the air and was blocked by Su Yu's super power. Su Yu's body seemed to be covered with a shield.

Zizi ...

The sound of corrosion is constantly sounding, and the acid is also corroding Su Yu's super power.

The whole place has been quiet at this moment. Except for the raindrop and corrosion sound caused by the dripping of acid, the crowd has quieted, hiding aside to pray for peace, while thousands of eyes looked at Su Yu.

Then, Su Yu rushed to the 'wall' at a fast speed, and then punched.

"Big shock fist!" Su Yu growled!

There was a muffled sound, and Su Yu's fist banged fiercely on the "wall".

Visible to the naked eye, the wall suddenly sunken inward, forming a huge pit with a diameter of dozens of meters.

It's not over yet, the buzzing sounds, and the shock power erupts in the next moment!

The sound of cracking of the glass clicked continuously. With Su Yu's fist as the center, dense cracks began to appear, covering dozens of meters.

Alas, the air broke apart, and huge cracks appeared on the 'walls'. The smelly, red blood immediately burst out, dyed a large area of ​​the ground, and dyed Su Yu red.

At the same time, a painful roar sounded in everyone's ears, the sound was deafening, and the coercion was spreading.

Some children immediately fainted and some adults were directly scared to urinate their pants. The strong-willed person was also pale and shivering.

"What? What is this, terrible!"

"Why does the wall bleed? How could the wall bleed?"

People who can think still have various problems emerging in their minds.

Su Yu didn't know what everyone thought. He heard the painful cry of the mutant anaconda. Su Yu wasn't shocked, and said, "Let you eat vigorously, and you are in bad luck! You ate me into your stomach."

At the same time, Su Yu kept punching, and soon opened a deep blood hole in the "wall".


"Howling ~" The anaconda twisted its body and shattered the frozen ice, opened its mouth to bite Xuan Nv, but failed.

The Xuan Nv escaped early. At the same time, Xuan Nv cut out with a sword, the huge sword light swept out, and fell on the skull of the anaconda. With a bang, hitting on the head of the mutant anaconda. However, the thick layer of sludge absorbed most of the damage.

Xuan Nu retreated with a quick breath, avoiding the smash and the coming to the tail.

"Damn, if we don't deal with the sludge on the outer layer, our attack will hardly cause any substantial damage to it!" Xuan Mu said, his chest also fluctuated violently, and after a fierce fight, the mutant anaconda seemed to have no change, but the three of them are tired enough. Su Yu is missing, making them feel that it is more difficult to kill this mutant anaconda.

Xuan Shui heard it and showed a bitter smile and said, "How to get rid of it, tell me?"

Xuan Shui also knows that it would be easier if they can get rid of the outer layer of mud. So they have used many methods to try to remove it, but failed.

Just blown that layer of mud away, and soon the mud will fly back automatically.

Although their attack will consume some mud, in terms of the overall amount of sludge, the sludge that is consumed at that point is only one percent.

In addition, the mud will grow out of the mutant anaconda's body, and the loss of mud is not growing fast.