Chapter 143 Revenge

Su Yu's original intention was to collapse the space door to expand the entrance and take everyone out from here.

However, although the space door was broken, it did not appear at the entrance that could accommodate human beings. Moreover, his head was hurt severely as shocked by a hammer. The pain was so severe that Su Yu screamed.

"Hiss ~ It hurts, what are these things? Memory?" Su Yu held his head in his hands and sucked in the air. A blurry and strange picture appeared in Su Yu's mind. Su Yu's mind suddenly had more than one unfamiliar memories.

"Uncle Xuan Zhen, are you okay?" Ma Xiaoyu used both hands and feet and climbed towards Su Yu's side and asked anxiously.

Listening to Su Yu's scream, she was worried. Su Yu is a good man. She didn't want Su Yu to have an accident.

"It's okay!" Su Yuqiang put up with the pain in his head, smiled at Ma Xiaoyu, and then began to "read" the unfamiliar memory in his mind.

Ten minutes later, Su Yu exhaled a long sigh. He scanned all the unfamiliar memories and felt sad.

This is the memory of an anaconda monster, and this anaconda's mission objective of this task is also the muddy water monster.

The anaconda monster has such an ugly appearance because of the mutation.

Of course, mud is just a layer of protection, and it is part of its power.

This anaconda monster was originally just an ordinary anaconda in Lake Osawa. One day, it suddenly turned on its intelligence and evolved into a monster. Then it began to carefree life and play in Lake Osawa. Except for this fearful waters, this monster knows each corner of the Lake Ozawa is like knowing its scales.

When it thought that its life would continue like this, many humans began to appear in Lake Ozawa, and a huge sound of iron golems began to float on its head all day.

The Anaconda monster is very displeased with this. It feels that its peaceful life is disturbed, but it does not conflict with humans.

It has a natural fear of humans.

It chose to live quietly in the lake.

But it can feel that the environment in which it lives is getting worse and worse, there are many things discarded by humans in the lake, exuding a feeling that makes it extremely uncomfortable.

In this feeling, it evolved again, and fell into a deep sleep.

At this point, the anaconda's memory has become chaotic because of environmental impact and just in time for the second evolution of the anaconda, the anaconda begins to mutate.

After waking up, the muddy look in Su Yu and others' eyes.

Of course, at that time, the anaconda's body was very small, and the level was not very high, only Yellow level seven.

The mutated Anaconda has no clear minds, and almost has only instincts left. The only thing left is hate, hatred of garbage, and hatred of humans.

Then the mutated anaconda began to devour garbage, and after it was mutated, garbage became its source of strength. As it continued to devour garbage, its body size became larger and larger, and its rank became higher and higher.

By the time the lake's rubbish was almost devoured, its level had risen to the Black level.

At this time, the hatred of the anaconda towards humans had reached a peak.

So it put the target it swallowed on the human cruise ship. It still felt a little scared of the human anaconda instinct, so at first, it just destroyed the cruise ship and did not attack humans.

But after a few times, it found that those humans who fell into the water would only cry and screaming, and there was no threat at all. The fear of humanity that persisted in the instincts quickly disappeared.

Then it finally attacks humans!


Su Yu rubbed his temples. All the anaconda's memory made Su Yu understand the cause of the whole thing.

The reason why Su Yu sighed, because the culprit in this incident was actually human beings, both victims and perpetrators. All caused by their inattentiveness to the environment.

What is this? Is this a revenge on nature?

Su Yu thought so, but didn't want to think too much, stood up, Su Yu no longer struggled with this matter, he was ready to go out from here.

Su Yu is already known where they are now, according to the fragmented memory of the Anaconda.

Not underground, but in the belly of the anaconda.

After mutation and evolution, the anaconda has evolved such a skill. With such a body space, it functions to store what it swallows, and then accumulates to a certain amount. Then it is digested once and it continues to grow.

"Hurry up!" Su Yu looked up, faintly can see the thick yellow-brown water droplets condensed on the 'ceiling', and took a breath, Su Yu could still smell the slight acidity.

It's time for the Anaconda to digest the objects in this space and turn them into energy.

The people who were swallowed up this time, including Su Yu, were the targets of the Anaconda's digestion.

"Leave, kid, it's time to go out!" Su Yu grabbed Ma Xiaoyu who showed a blank expression and walked towards the settlement.

On the tick, acid liquid dropped from the top of the head and onto the wreckage, and there was a white smoke rising there, making a loud noise, and the wreckage was corroded into a small pit.

By the time they settled, the acidity in the air had increased significantly.

However, the people in the settlement did not seem to notice the change. The piles of bonfires on the ground were burning, and they were grilled with fish, shrimp, and crabs.

"Boss, you are back!" When Su Yu returned, the strong man came to Su Yu in front of him and greeted him.

He immediately brought the grilled fish, shrimp, and crabs to Su Yu. He said pleasedly: "Boss, you taste, this is a barbecue we made especially for you."

Su Yu looked at these people, gently shook his head, and then said loudly, "I'm not eating, don't eat anymore, get ready, we're going out from here!"

As soon as Su Yu said this, everyone was stunned and looked at Su Yu. Go out? How to get out of there?

After the silence, there is noise.

"Go out, can we go out?"

"Just kidding? We've searched here and found no way out. How can we get out?"

"Nonsense, right? I don't think this person's spirit is normal!"

Listening to the noise of the crowd, Su Yu frowned, and then yelled: "Shut up, listen to me if you don't want to die, we must go out! Otherwise, we will all die here, we can't stay here for a long time. Has anyone noticed a change here? "