Chapter 142 Memory

"Boss, do you have any questions?" Said the strong man, rubbing his hands and smiled charmingly.

Su Yu looked at the charming smile and felt speechless. "I ask you, do you know this place?"

The strong man looked solemnly, knowing what Su Yu asked, saying, "I've searched here with someone before, this huge tunnel.

It is nearly 10,000 meters long, 300 to 400 meters wide, and about 100 meters high.

Other than that, no exits or entrances have been found, as if we were here out of thin air. "

"No exit or entrance?" Su Yu frowned. Hearing the same words again, Su Yu was a little upset. This is not good news.

"No way out, we may be trapped here forever. We can only hope that someone can find us!" Said the strong man with a grin. Though he said so, he did not expect someone would come to rescue them.

"I heard that floods often happen here? Did the floods occur out of thin air?" Su Yu said.

"Yes, we observed it deliberately, and the flood came out of thin air." the strong man said.

Su Yu heard and keep silence, felt a headache, waved his hand to let the strong man leave, and then beckoned to Ma Xiaoyu.

"Uncle Xuan Zhen, do you have anything to do?" Ma Xiaoyu jumped to Su Yu's side, looking good.

"Do you know where the flood appeared?" Su Yu asked. He wanted to take a look personally. He didn't believe that the flood really appeared out of thin air, and the strong man and others didn't find anything, which did not mean that he could found nothing.

"Oh ~" Ma Xiaoyu muttered: "Okay, it seems to be the place where you found the food, the flood came from that place."

Hearing that, Su Ya guess there may be entrances and exits that place, but only strong men and others can't find them. The entrance was probably where he appeared.

"Do you want to go back there, uncle?" Ma Xiaoyu said.

"Don't call me uncle!" Su Yu blushed. What is going on with this girl, why does she always call him uncle?

"It's not important, uncle, if you go back there, will you take me with you? I will along with you wherever you go!" Ma Xiaoyu said, not wanting to leave Su Yu's side, and stretched out his hand to grab Su Yu's clothes.

No important? Su Yu felt speechless

Su Yu rubbed Ma Xiaoyu's head vigorously, and said, "We can't be trapped here all the time. We need to find the entrance. Since the floods all come from there, there must be an entrance there. As long as we find out, we can start from Get out there. "

Bang ~

Su Yu's voice had just fallen, he heard a roar. The ground under his feet shook slightly as if an earthquake had occurred.

"What's going on?" Su Yu frowned.

"Quick, Uncle Xuan Zhen, hold on to the solid thing and don't be washed away by the flood! The flood is coming." Ma Xiaoyu cried loudly.

Ma Xiaoyu's voice had just finished, and the rumbling sound sounded from a distance, followed by smell with a moist breath. A waterline appeared in the distance and rushed towards this side.

"Is the flood here?" Su Yu saw this.

The people who have fallen here before obviously have experienced this kind of thing once or twice. In the face of the flood, they responded much faster than Su Yu. When Su Yu just saw the flood front, everyone had climbed to the huge wreckage nearby and fixed themselves up.

Su Yu grabbed Ma Xiaoyu and jumped to the wreckage beside him.

Immediately after completing this action, the flood has rushed to the wreckage. In an instant, the waves crashed and shattered.

Rumbling, the wreckage trembled as the wreckage hit, making a creaking sound.

The flood came fast and quickly, and the water level was visible to the naked eye. All of the water penetrated into the ground, and after a few minutes, the ground was exposed again. Fish, shrimp, and crabs existed in the puddle on the ground.

"There is a fish, go pick it up!" Someone said excitedly. But immediately realized, this time is not before, and now Su Yu has the final say, Su Yu does not speak, he dare not move.

Everyone set their eyes on Su Yu.

"Collect all the food!" Su Yu waved his hand, and before finding a way out, collecting food was still the top priority.

After receiving an order from Su Yu, the crowd cheered and began to collect things that could be used as food.

Su Yu was not idle, and took Ma Xiaoyu, who seized him, towards the place where he first appeared.


"No? Did they really appear out of thin air?" Su Yu carefully searched the surroundings where he appeared, but have any gain. He frowned.

"Or that the entrance can only be observed when there is a flood or something? Is the entrance a space door similar to Xuan Kong's power?" Su Yu guessed, and did not give up the idea of searching for the entrance because he did not find it.

Su Yu has decided that he will stay here and wait for the next flood.

About a few hours later, the place was shaking again, and the flood appeared again. Su Yu raised his perception to the highest level and felt everything around him.

Bang Rong ~ A waterfall emerged out of thin air, fell to the ground, and formed a flood that rushed away.

"Sure enough!" Su Yu sensed, not because there is no entrance here, but because this entrance is a kind of space door similar to Xuan Kong's power. When it is opened, things on the portal side will flow here.

The reason why Ma Xiaoyu and others couldn't see it, and thought that the floods appeared out of thin air, is because Ma Xiaoyu and others are just ordinary people. They can not feel the fluctuations of  super power. Similarly, ordinary people cannot see or touch.

The waterfall gradually stopped flowing, and the door that was not visible to ordinary people was shrinking rapidly. At this time, Su Yu jumped up suddenly, punched out, and hit the door of that space.


The shock power erupted, and the sound of the cracked glass crackling sounded, with Su Yu's fist as the center, and the cracks spread in all directions.

The next moment, the air broke up.

Rumble ~ The sky and the earth began to tremble at this moment as if a large earthquake had occurred, and Ma Xiaoyu screamed and hugged the firm objects around her tightly.

Alas, at the same time, a muffled sound sounded, and Su Yu's body flew back like a cannonball and smashed wreckage of the cruise ship before stopping.

"Ah!" Su Yu clutched his head in pain, feeling that his head was hit hard with a heavy hammer, and screamed. There were many blurry pictures in his head, a section that did not belong to his memories appeared in his mind.